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  1. I'll have to pay around 400,000 to carmart for registration if im doing the service with them . is it worth it ? Or is it better to go with ideal motors?
  2. Im planning on ordering one too. how do you find the vehicle? and did you find a place to service it except carmart?
  3. How to calculate import tax and fees If im going to import a vehicle from japan personally (ex: Toyoyta Allion, Honda grace..) How do I calculate tax and other charges according to new tax? Im sorry if the quection is too broad but please bear with me and help on this matter. . Thank You!
  4. Well, I'd rather go for cheaper one to run. but its hard to find good one.
  5. is GDI that bad? what are the main problems with it?
  6. Thanks and yeah Im lookig for a diesel one too, my budget is around 58-60m.
  7. Thank you very much, and its hard to find one lower than 100,000km. Petrol or diesel one is better?
  8. What are the pros and cons of buyig used Mitsubishi Montero, YOM 2000 - 2003 Petrol or Diesel one is better? How is service cost, insurance cost, parts etc. Will it be reliable? What are the difference between normal and limited version or others? Thank You!
  9. well, thanks. I needed to change the car because my axio is at 116,000km millage now, and yes i could spend money in suspension and etc.. and use the car bit longer. but its going down in second hand value because its X grade. That's why I thought of buying new one. And I thought of Grace because its features and price is lower than other models with that features. Any recommends hybrid or non-hybrid around that price? (lower than 5.5m) Anyway thank you for your opinion,
  10. I currently have Axio 2010 X grade car and I'm planning on buying 2015 Honda Grace EX for 5.5m after selling my Axio. Is it good decision or is there any better options?
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