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  1. Since MG Suv vehicle has been there in the market for almost 2 years (i think it was released in 2017 if im not mistaken), i would like to know from the users of that vehicle, what their opinion on it... Users can touch the following areas when if they wish to share their experience with that vehicle. 01. Usual Maintenance Costs 02. After sales service quality from its Agent 03. Any Mechanical / Electrical Problems which kept on annoying you (even body corrosion issues) 04. How the overall performance of the Engine (Any issues when driving in hilly roads) 05. Average Fuel Consumption 06. Interior Items / plastics discolouring / deterioration. I dont expect anyone to comment on the 2nd hand market cz i think its too early for that. But i hope at least to get a basic idea on the other matters. If anyone has anything more to add please feel free. PS : Im posting this since i couldn't find any posts on this car when i searched the forums. Thanks
  2. NFC

    DFSK 580

    Wow !!!! i was the 1st to reply to the OP in this Legendary Thread.......... Hope to see some genuine feedback on this vehicle by the users as they reach 30K + mileage.
  3. Hi, Can someone recommend me a place to replace my key battery. Both my smart key batteries are really low. Thanks.
  4. NFC

    DFSK 580

    I went and checked the vehicle. I guess its more of a copy of Honda CRV. Im interested in this vehicle, but there isnt much information available apart from what the company says regarding this so im waiting till someone who is knowledgeable on this comments.. One notable thing i saw was that there is no engine guard and that worry's me a alot cz knowing our local roads you will never know what will go and knock on the engine compartment and its parts.
  5. NFC

    DFSK 580

    Is there anyone that can comment on glory580 ?
  6. NFC

    Mitshubishi Outlander 2.4 Liter Fuel Consumption

    I know its an old thread, but since i have been using the 2.4L patrol version for close to a year now i thought il mention the fuel consumption rates in different scenarios which i have experienced regularly so that t will help in case someone is looking for this info. Millage of the Vehicle - approx 52,000 KM 01. Driving mostly in constant slow flowing traffic with AC with an average speed of 20-40 Km/H (Rajagiriya / Col 03 / Duplication Road / Dehiwala / Wellawatta / Nugegoda / Fort) : 5.6 to 6.0 KmPL 03. Driving on Sundays with really less or no traffic at all within Colombo city : 6.25 to 7.14 KmPL (Rajagiriya / Col 03 / Duplication Road / Dehiwala / Wellawatta / Nugegoda / Fort) 02. Highways (avg vehicle speed 80Km/h): 12 KmPL 03. Highways (avg speed 100Km/h ): 13 to 14 KmPL 04. Out of Colombo but not highways during day time (Chilaw / Avissawella / Negombo) : 10 to 11 KmPL (avg vehicle speed 60-70Km/h with less traffic ) 05. Nuwara Eliya and back (1st time driving to N'Eliya) : Trip Average 11 KmPL (with AC) **Did some testing by switching off AC in city limits / highways on couple of occasions cz my friends who use hybrid Axios and Vezels always say they save by switching off AC , but i didnt notice any considerable difference in fuel consumption in my vehicle. Tbh such Insignificant difference which is not worth the suffering under hot sun and the getting the dust and dirt into your vehicle due to opened windows which you might have to again spend money / time cleaning the interior ?
  7. Thanks for the replies @Davy & @vag2 I went to UM today and they did the scan and detected the issue was that when they have done the front wheel Tyre rotation along with the wheel alignment the onboard computer had detected a change in the steering wheel center degree measurements compared to the actual wheel measurements (its hard for me to explain. from what i understood basically there was a issue with the steering wheel centering when the wheels are directed straight) . Hence the sensors went out giving the errors 4WD Service Error + ASC Service Error. Further they told me both those alerts are monitored under same section so both types of errors pops up when the vehicle computer detects something related to ASC/Wheel Speed Sensors. So they did another wheel alignment and fixed the Steering Wheel Centering issue and did a calibration through their software which fixed the error. They told me that the system calibration in the on-board computer needs to be done if there was significant change done during the wheel alignment and otherwise the system detects it as a fault and service indicators comes up. I hope i wont get any more heart attacks
  8. While driving, suddenly i got the above mentioned 2 indications popping up. I did a front wheel tyre rotation few days ago. This issue came after driving roughly about 100Km. Could that be a reason ? I have attached the pics for further clarification. I would like to get some idea abt this from anyone who had this issue before. Also, can someone recommend a place to get this checked up ? Or should i used Unit#d Mot#rs ?
  9. NFC

    KIA SORENTO 2010-12

    What about Spare part availability & the general price level of the spare parts for this vehicle?
  10. NFC

    Vehicle for 6 million

    Thanks machan Btw did you buy a new vehicle or still looking for one ?
  11. NFC

    Vehicle for 6 million

    Im planning to buy a Harrier , Prado or a Sorento. - Budget 7mil. @bid87 - Could give me some information regarding the Harrier since you have experience with it. (Fuel Consumption / Spare parts availability/price and if there are any known recurring problems which require maintenance after a certain millage? Thanks... Also for urinfo request regarding Sorento > Thanks
  12. Can someone help me with some information regarding Defenders ?
  13. Thanks guys for all the info... Id like to see someone who has used defenders chipping in as well , cz id really like to see what they have to say
  14. Hey guys.. Im planning on purchasing one of the following which i have identified that matches my budget of 8Mill - 9Mill. : Defender110 (2008 / 2007) - Prado (2005) - Montero (2006/2007) But this is the first time il be using any of this kind.. Can someone help me out to get a rough idea about what sort of maintenance or running cost i will have to expect if im to buy a Defender / Prado / Montero ? ( Im more interested in knowing the defender info ) . So i have broken down whats in my mind in to 3 questions. 1 - Anything you would like to highlight about the significant risks with regard to potential problems with mechanical parts / known issues & recurring repairs ? 2 - Average maintenance cost of using one of these vehicles ( Which type is costly spare parts compared to each other ) 3 - Do yourl have any better suggestion of vehicles which yourl think that i should pay attention to. I searched alotof websites for these info , but only UK websites are available with regard to maintenance cost and such for defenders. Also i used the search function of this website to gather info as well , but didnt come across anything suits my need, hence im making this kind request through this post.. Thanks