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  1. chehanr

    Ke72 4age swap, Is it possible?

    Thanks for the reply. As for the type of the 4age it doesn't really matter, either a Silver or Blacktop would be ok. What sort of fabrication should i look forward to? How much do you think a good unit would cost excluding the transmission? and is it possible to know where I can source one?
  2. Hello. Was wondering whether it is possible to put a 4age engine in a ke72 wagon. At first i was planing on buying a ke70 sedan but it is proving to be a challenge to find a good one that's for sale. From what I've read and heard I believe that both the ke72 and the ke70 share somewhat the same structure. So I resorted to pursue a wagon as a project car. Your opinion on this is highly valuable. Thanks. PS: It is also highly appreciated if you could point me at place where I can find a good 4age in SL.