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  1. Here is the news about this ....... http://www.colombopage.com/archive_12/Apr02_1333338423JR.php
  2. makom

    Vehicle Duty Going To Increase This Friday ?

    May be due to one year limitation.
  3. makom

    Vehicle Duty Going To Increase This Friday ?

    As I heard from a clearing agent, last time with tax increase, there was a court case requesting 'old' tax structure for already open LC and won the case. But need to be confirmed this, may be some of you remember..... There are many more than one year old cars to be cleared, (LC opened), there should be a solution for these cars also.
  4. makom

    Importing A Toyota Vitz Scp 90

    Agree with you calculation, CIF value can be some what low and possible 850 000 Yen.
  5. makom

    Indian Toyota Cars

    It would be nice to see cheap Indian toyota here, it will open new option for 'toyota craze' customers
  6. makom

    Micro Panda Geely Lc 1.3

    Nam of the technology is something and final product is something else.
  7. makom

    A New Way Of Cheating At Fuel Sheds In Sl !!

    Valuable information....
  8. Japan vehicle traders issued this statement expecting more restriction in the budget. Nothing changed, that is good, and same good business will continue.
  9. Well, It seems nothing has happen with budget now, same tax and same permit......
  10. makom

    Import Of Van

    www.customs.gov.lk for more information
  11. makom

    Purchase Vehicle And Imporation Tax

    It seems you are not correct, CIF value (1,975,000) need to multiple with some value to make your tax value.
  12. makom

    Importing Car

    I heard that at least for permit holders, now need not to go to Inland Revenue, custom will do all.
  13. It is possible and people are doing it. You can easily find vehicle just registered for export in Japan, called 0 km (most case less than 10km). People do it as business, buy car and register and sell as 'used' car for high price in Japan. It is not difficult to find car regi last month with 2 km. I know few permit holders import 0km cars.
  14. makom

    Vehicle For The Permit

    Considering second hand value.....