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  1. ajm

    Grace system warning

    something with performance restriction due to a charging issue. difficult to say without the letters covered in the white part. you couldn't find a better photo(definitely not upside down!)
  2. ajm

    Japanese Car News

    Toyota finally passing the hybrid bridge and reaching the full-EV turf. Must have ben a lot of work to get through their Design quality gates (DRBFM etc) ,so should not flop like the Leafs in our climate. https://global.toyota/jp/newsroom/toyota/30063152.html range:100km price?
  3. ajm

    Lost Deed

    does the full government tax as in a regular transfer apply in this case or only a fraction?
  4. 10years is a long time for even a japanese kei with smaller 660cc Engine. Would be time for engine repairs and also transmission (AT version).
  5. ajm

    Geely Panda v Tata Nano

    yes Bajaj had to fight many years in court to get approval in India, now release under different category. wonder if it can be driven with a light vehicle license here (or 3-wheel licence needed?) looks like a handy runner for short errands in all weather and safer than bikes or 3-wheelers in my opinion.
  6. it is possible that a short in the motor can cause overcurrent through the FET and damage it. So even if you connect a new ECU, the same problem could come back. The damage can occur at once or over-time(ageing). But since the FET is already damaged (latched), you have to change the ECU anyway. Maybe its possible to check the motor for faults without opening it..
  7. ajm

    Geely Panda v Tata Nano

    arent there any Korean small cars for this price range, albeit a bit older? I would go for a 10year old Korean car than a 5 year old Chinese car!
  8. ajm

    Kdh 2012(201) desel

    maybe the EGR plate got some holes now due to continuous heat?
  9. ajm

    DFSK 580

    LOL the Donkey marketing team at Un#Mo are going to be fired when the Boss sees how off-topic this thread has gone unexpectedly (and even promoting competitors products), Kudos to everyone who contributed!
  10. ajm

    Benz A class sedan

    I second Kush
  11. ajm

    DFSK 580

    Dude, Autolanka forum is around for almost 20years now. This "Donkey" is not the first "new" model that came to the Market since then. There were Altos, Pandas, Kias, Daewoos, Hyundais and what not. But those of you pushing this topic have earned particular attention, because we know Guerilla marketing by reading just one or two comments. This Donkey may be the best price vs performance vehicle to enter the SL market until now, but let time prove how it survives our climatic and road conditions. PS: If Unimo was serious about bringing an Indian competitor to the market, they should have introduced something that challenges the maintainability, price, after sales service of the Maruti Alto first. Just go tell you marketing boss that starting with a "high-end" model which requires a significant investment was a bad idea for anyone who is even willing to switch from Maruti to DFSK. Forget about competing with Japanese or Koreans, DFSK popularity stands below Maruti at the moment.
  12. ajm

    VW Polo vs Suzuki Swift

    here is a good comparison (scroll down) https://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/test/ford-fiesta-suzuki-swift-sport-vw-polo-blue-gt-dreikampf-der-kleinwagen-renner/
  13. ajm

    which battery i should use

    Any battery would not do well in our hot temperature, my Panasonic with "5 year" warranty had only 50% left after 2.5 years! I think no one is giving the 5year warranty any more now.
  14. 2nd hand market point of view would be Lancer>Kia>Ford. Driving pleasure+Handling+Comfort would be in the other order
  15. ajm

    New Defender Design??

    Sorry, had to push the Donkey post down. Hopefully will not come up again next monday when the Donkey comes to his sales office.😃
  16. ajm

    Sedan Car for permit holder

    Sell the permit and get a Donkeyfeng80, two birds (donkeys) with 1 stone!
  17. ajm

    Premio car importing

    Premio is out of date, Donkey Feng 80 has the best technology up to date
  18. Go for the Donkeyfeng-80, its the best deal in town which you can sell for double the price you bought after 1 year.
  19. ajm

    New Defender Design??

    you fools, at the end of the day nothing can beat the off-road capabilities of the DonkeyFeng-80 (stuck "off" the roads in the workshop all the time)
  20. ajm

    Axio warning

    "operate while parked"
  21. ajm

    New Defender Design??

    Recalls are a common thing for Automakers these days, even Toyota is not immune as shown by the issues in 2008 (Accel Pedal SW) and 2012 (Prius). The problem is the Defender can go to places a LC cant, due to off-road capability limits. They are different segements.
  22. ajm

    New Defender Design??

    JLR did have quality issues in the early 2000s. But after the change of ownership in 2008, things have improved quite a lot. In terms of new models, innovation, and of course quality
  23. ajm

    VW Polo vs Suzuki Swift

    I thnk a better comparison would be VW-Golf and Suzuki swift. Polo is 1 class smaller
  24. ajm

    DFSK 580

    and its Monday again, sigh..😴