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  1. Only a Subway system can transport thousands of people during rush hour efficient and cheap. Although the construction cost is high, there are savings in prime land acquisition, traveling time reduction and passenger capacity compared to overground systems like monorail, buses.
  2. wonder if the Ban applies to Ministers and Doctors permits. otherwise it will be not effective because most of these permits end up selling in the black market.
  3. Everytime the current flow changes in the spark plug cable, it will induce a voltage at the gate of FET. However the zener will ensure it doesn't go above 5V (5.10 X 100/101.8) or the FET may get damaged! It could be why your FETs fail often, maybe the zener has already failed. Check the FET datasheet for max gate voltage allowed. Did you think of simulating your circuit with LTspice first? It will help to choose better resistor values at the FET gate.
  4. Nyquist isn't the solution to every problem🙂 What's the sampling rate used in Arduino? I don't think Arduino can't sample a ignition signal in this range due to sampling speed. Software Sampling time used in Automotive sensors is rarely smaller than 1ms( Unless you are measuring special signals like knock or needle closing)
  5. yes, Automotive electronics is a very "noisy" environment, many EMC disturbances coming from high frequency PLL clocks to high current low frequency actuators.you need special methods such as twisted/shielded cables, filtering circuits, coils, optocouplers etc when making measurements on a car with non-automotive equipment like Arduino. he is talking about noisy signal measurements, not signal processing issues. I dont think Nyquist frequency has anything to do with it.
  6. is that the Facelift or the Original jayasuriya model?
  7. ajm

    Corvid 19 and your car

    I have used alcohol sanitizer spray for a long time for personal hygiene, also in car. No complaints
  8. wonder what is the status of these electro mechanical systems under our weather after 26 years. I would expect at least 3 million additional needed to get it to reasonable running quality. lovely car though..
  9. The performance and safety depends a lot on the local conditions ( Driving habits, Road signs, Lane markings..). Wonder if these "self driving" cars will be tested in Sri lankan traffic BEFORE selling them.
  10. unlikely. The more errors means the less critical, because one part that provides information to all these different systems has to be faulty. Most possible starting point, did you get the wheel speed sensors checked for damage to wires or mud?
  11. Basically differently dressed Audis and VWs with outgoing technology/ platforms. Could be successful here if the Agents dont blow it when it comes to reasonable maintenance costs and after sales.
  12. I heard that Mahindra was almost about to close the factory and leave Sri Lanka, because the approval from RMV and Authorities to sell the vehicle in SL was taking ages. Hope they changed their mind.
  13. now i am also curious from where the Electricity for hydrogen production comes from, where the efficiency seems to be <80% does it make economic sense? Another question is the storage, safety and Transportability of Hydrogen, compared to liquid fuels.
  14. but its has a bigger Engine than the Kwid ne? I hope the diesel version is also introduced here.
  15. noted and updated the choices, but wont it be in a tad higher "jeep" segment?
  16. thanks for pointing out, updated the choices. (You ended up in the Alto/Celerio category, may be its possible to correct that if you dont agree?)
  17. http://biz.adaderana.lk/මිල-ලක්ෂ-30-5යි-ශ්‍රී-ලංකාවේ-න/?fbclid=IwAR3x86rcmSOvVXqpEIagp5jfTQ1RxQPCFNRUrLS05N0EjBuytpA0he5Dx7o
  18. Toyota seems to be moving away from hybrids to turbocharged direct injection in the standard segment. Reason could be high system cost of Li-ion batteries and additional parts does not make a good business case unless for premium segment.
  19. Without any significant charging infrastructure development, i dont think they will be popular soon, maybe only in city limits first.
  20. Another Nail on the coffin of Ozzie Manufacturing Industry. Thank god the mines will feed them for a few more centuries..
  21. with 20Mn you could easily get a BMW X7, Lnadcruiser Prado, Audi Q7, Merc S-class etc
  22. oh, i thought the first ever Audi was the A4 that Jayasuriya got after winning the 96 World cup.
  23. probably got links to the car import business?
  24. ajm

    Rover Car

    what a beauty, may be possible to restore if you have contacts in the UK who can help you find parts. But people will laugh at you spending money on this, because "no 2nd hand market"
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