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  1. 2nd Vehicle Option

    what are you currently driving? If i were you i would give my boring car to the wife and get myself something interesting(an older Euro,Subi etc)..
  2. Can disable get driving licence

    yes,there cant be a "generic control lever" because disabilities vary,for some its the legs and others its hands or hearing,color blindness etc. In case of fingers,it might be even not so important for driving a modern car. Any companies or individuals doing the modifications for motor-skills compensation in SL? just curious.
  3. Can disable get driving licence

    I think the type of additional control levers should depend on the type of disability isnt it? for examplke for the OP, the car should have a substitute lever/switch for the tasks he is not able to perform well without fingers in right hand. for Japanese vehicles,that would be the winker switch.But if he has a Euro the Winker and Wiper switches are in opposite direction,so it should be easier to negotiate with the examiner , given that Wiper is less important than Winker lever(or even Automated in modern cars)
  4. Wagon R is already quite popular among Tourist Drivers,others are fairly new so no idea.

    These Chinese [email protected] are not designed to run even 5000kms without something breaking. My neighbors Panda needed a new brake caliper after 3000km,and no one has the parts,not even the agent.
  6. parts fot fiat 1950

    If you take a wheel as sample and take a walk around Panchikawatte you will something that fits(but be carefull with Brokers on the street and Pickpockets,who might rip you off)
  7. I think the new law will only apply to new imports. Neither those unregistered ones at car sales nor the already registered ones. It's a good move to improve the safety of at least those using passenger cars,not intended as a law that police could fine you for. But ABS should be mandatory for ALL vehicles in my opinion,because so many accidents happen because of skidding.

    if you REALLY ,DESPERATELY need to buy from Micro, I suggest to at least restrict to a Ssangyong model.
  9. Buying a 2008 Kyron

    aren't Micro Jeeps of this era famous for the AT-gearbox shifting issue? It was fixed after a certain year(Australian supplier=>Japanese upplier), but dont know the details.
  10. If you want drive experience,the comfort AND fuel economy, buy a EURO diesel. You might even get a 2008ish Pug for this budget.
  11. Dear All, I need to keep the car idle for a few months because I could not finish the Engine overhaul during my vacation. Engine was removed from vehicle and the the block is mounted back on the vehicle with new piston rings,bigend bearings etc. The head could not be completed because the workshop made a mistake with the height of vale seat position,which needs to be adjusted again. at the moment its sitting in the open garage at home. Do you have some hints how to store the car/engine for about half a year? What should be taken care of(Corrosion,Insects,Rats...) Many thanks
  12. Engine Life span

    Apart from low center of gravity and the counterbalancing of engine vibrations,is there any advantages of Boxer engines that improve durability/reliability?(its Two, not just one head gasket that could leak)
  13. Engine Life span

    because they are driven continuously on highway,the stress levels are would be lower than the same car driving over potholes in traffic and sitting parked at the office.
  14. Any Audi S4`s or RS4`s in Srilanka?

    sounds like a wild idea! However as a current owner of a B5(Diesel) I am with you. Real S4 B5s are hard to find even in Germany.RS4 B5 almost impossible. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Audi-S4-B5-Quattro/232609857384?hash=item3628a0bf68:g:1OEAAOSwl9RaQqrd But "S-line" mods maybe less complicated. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Audi-A4-8D-B5-2-8-S-line-Benzin-Bj-1999/253361491622?hash=item3afd858ea6:g:B4sAAOSwHYpaP91T I think you have to change many things from Engine to Brake disks.you will source them from Germany? and skilled mechanics? or you are already handy with Tools?
  15. Any Audi S4`s or RS4`s in Srilanka?

    oh,I thought you were going to do the conversion in SL!