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  1. of course they do. New cars are bought only by Taxi,Rentacar and Other Fleet operators. Roadworthy certifications are not issued even for a 20 year old vehicle with a single Dashboard warning light ON, a Check Engine Light is a big No NO.. Basically a Prius with Check Engine light is useless and cant even be sold. So you are saying the people who design and build these Cars should change these safety rules, because some Smarta$$es in Sri Lanka have invented that they can drive with the Check engine Lights ON? 😇
  2. Basic SW knowledge. A proper scan Reads the ROM, with live Frames can even read the RAM. Therefore you can see errors that are not yet confirmed as leading to a unhealable system failure (Check Engine Light). Before a Check Engine error is shown to the driver, many real-time errors discovered while driving are filtered/debounced. But it doesn't mean these Errors are not important, they are indicators of a disaster waiting to happen. for most raw-errors the steps before showing a Check Engine Light are as follows. IC detects Hardware Error -> HW-filter -> Error Debouncing (event Counter and Time-based) -> Writein RAM -> Write in ROM at end of driving cycle -> same error detected in n (=3 usually) driving cycles -> illuminate Check Engine Light So saying that its OKAY to drive with check Engine light ON is wrong and unsafe. As an Engineer you should discourage people from doing so, its even an illegal state to drive in US,EU and Japan(like drunk driving).
  3. not all Faults trigger Check Engine, it is important to do a proper scan which can identify problems for preventive maintenance. Oh boy, if you were a Toyota Engineer giving such kind of "Advice" on internet, they would have immediately fire you from the Job and no one else will hire you after that (permanent blacklisted) except for Janitor jobs. Thank god you are a Sri Lankan Engineer with no morals.
  4. ලන්කාවෙ නම් දූවිල්ලත් සැපයි නේ . එයා ෆිල්ටර් බ්ලොක් වෙන්නෙත් නැහැ. හතිය,පිළිකා හැදෙන්නෙත් නැහැ.😇
  5. Lol, you are basing your judgement on that Airquality in colombo, Kandy etc is same as Tokyo. OSAKA. End of discussion, you have not been to Japan or any other developed country to experience the difference of Air Quality (not only Particles , also Duuvili/Dust). They sweep the roads every morning with big cleaning trucks, no vehicles above Euro4 standard are allowed to drive in streets where as most our diesel vehicles are not even Euro0 (dont even have an Lamda/O2 exhaust sensors)
  6. have you ever been to Japan? how can you say the Air quality and amount of Dust has nothing to do with Airfilter service time and blindly apply the recommendations for a JDM vehicle being driven on Japanese roads? If you check the Airfilter for correct reassembly just a few hundred kmS after service, you will see a fair amount of dust and debris.
  7. Replacement battery cost around 4lakh. Plus keep another 1-2lakh standby for other repairs
  8. ajm

    MG ZS EV

    Well Borgward died in the 60s and was a zombie until the Chinese bought the brand name and put it on one of their cars. Never seen one yet in European roads. However the cooperation between geely and Volvo seems to be going well. They have even hired some German managers and engineers at double salary.
  9. ajm

    Looking for a LEAF

    Half-baked bullsh!t from a guy who even claims to be a "doctor"? God help the Sri Lanka hybrid car owners that go to such morons for advice! True story, and the customers WON a settlement with Nissan for this design failure in 2011-12 Leaf! https://www.autoblog.com/2015/07/20/2011-2012-nissan-leaf-class-action-lawsuit-settled/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAA8JdKVPL7-vC6-izPiMlbi3MEsqPpsJgCiVMQnM7wdWCvAGbsdNnAFn_AWENT-5sCikFidOkIJNQbQ3VCCFIlNwcGGJFWpBvClxRr6NATULJ9ZAzE12K8TIaT5kS91l8eQC_uEZdPQguWwHCbbifLlZ0rsAuv4SYMzOW3j5sH3X Wonder if any law experts can advise on getting compensation in Sri Lanka, despite not being released for our country some parallels can be drawn to the climate in California and Arizona where this legal settlement happened ...
  10. ajm

    Looking for a LEAF

    What is the range, 5km per full charge?
  11. Audi's are more comfortable, front wheel drives whereas BMWs are sportier, rear wheel drives. Each has its own soul. Personal experience, I think Audi handles better whereas BMW delivers more pleasure to drive for an advanced driver. Look for oil leaks from engine and turbo, suspension noises, and maintenance history.
  12. The thing about German cars is they need attention. Always fix properly with the original parts and never skip service intervals, and you won't be let down. So maintenance history is important. Otherwise just forget it and go for a jap or Korean shoebox which gets you from A to B.
  13. Good decision if you don't plan to sell soon. Differently aged cells with different capacity will not be optimal and provide less power. What is current age, mileage?
  14. Only a Subway system can transport thousands of people during rush hour efficient and cheap. Although the construction cost is high, there are savings in prime land acquisition, traveling time reduction and passenger capacity compared to overground systems like monorail, buses.
  15. wonder if the Ban applies to Ministers and Doctors permits. otherwise it will be not effective because most of these permits end up selling in the black market.
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