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  1. ajm

    Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery issue

    absolutely correct. Not a good idea unless you just want to get rid of the car immediately after repair. Wow,out of stock? all the Prius imported around 2013~15 under tax breaks start giving battery troubles at the same time?
  2. need to be careful with these headlights on ebay/alibaba etc. They don't do well in our climate and develop cracks within a few months. also need to check if the vehicle is RHD or LHD, otherwise will end up not seeing the off-side well at night while getting headlights and horns from blinded oncoming traffic!
  3. ajm

    Advice on importing a damaged vehicle

    keep whatever money you save on the initial costs for fixing problems that may come a few months after water damage
  4. I has a small accident recently, where the right side of bumper got some pressure. Externally there is no damage, but the opposite side end does not lock properly and is sticking out. It seems some of the locking mechanism on the bumper inside surface are cracked. Is it possible to repair these without replacing entire bumper? Any recommended places?
  5. You get what you pay for
  6. looks like prices for some vehicles already reduced, about 2 million loss for those who imported Hilux already?
  7. yes after leaving university. What about older professionals who have been working already for a while?
  8. Hey Experts, Does anyone know some professional who has switched from private sector career to the armed forces (+ Police). What are the age limits, recruiting rank of University graudates such as Engineers,Doctors for example? Do the other requirements ( Medical, Height) similar to cadets also apply?
  9. ajm

    Scam Seller on Popular Free Classifieds Site

    Has anyone tried the "certified" reconditioned imported vehicle program offered by TL itself? How is the price difference compared to Car Sales people?
  10. nothing will go down, we are a very progressive nation when it comes to new car pricing. ("Punchi-car" vaersion 2?)
  11. ajm

    Japanese Car News

    it looks like Honda is parting with the other JOEMs and going back to the retro designs from the 60s. Similar to their new EV concept. https://www.engadget.com/2019/09/10/honda-e-electric-car-pricing/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAKCv-lUoc9gZpx0xpp0qsFUUsHnwLzdoGmSI9Ojiy2Au2bhbRrp7XV4wxAxBPUqcjOGKIg5cv-BLkisf-nsNBYngfyhBtUaS9JRZdN1JwVH7LRhK7816QHD3S6j9N_CzF-6G4tXZLcD-kBTo7aGxQoO-mVU6bWCmYi8kLcSjSnlH
  12. ajm

    Grace system warning

    something with performance restriction due to a charging issue. difficult to say without the letters covered in the white part. you couldn't find a better photo(definitely not upside down!)
  13. ajm

    Japanese Car News

    Toyota finally passing the hybrid bridge and reaching the full-EV turf. Must have ben a lot of work to get through their Design quality gates (DRBFM etc) ,so should not flop like the Leafs in our climate. https://global.toyota/jp/newsroom/toyota/30063152.html range:100km price?
  14. ajm

    Lost Deed

    does the full government tax as in a regular transfer apply in this case or only a fraction?