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  1. ajm

    Vezel Hybrid 2014 DCT Issues

    who told you that,a Car salesman? This Vezel was never intended for the SL driving conditions. Just because their is no official recall by Honda in Japan,does not mean it will run smoothly under our harsher environment and Traffic conditions.
  2. ajm

    Mecedez Benz E220

    Hmm I dont think there Lexus and Mercs have ever been competitors. Mercs had always a very loyal customer base, even in Japan. On the other hand, a big chunk of those who were buying Crowns and Mark-X s switched to Lexus. Its a dilemma for Toyota in JP market.
  3. by the way why not any German luxury brands in your list?
  4. ajm

    Engine knocking in civic SR

    No Diagnosis? Hope this Typical trial and error treatment does not create more issues in you engine. I doubt if he has adequeate knowledge about 1.0L Gdi Turbo engines.
  5. ajm

    Engine knocking in civic SR

    is this 95 the so-called"Euro-3"? These highly efficient 1L turbocharged Direct injection comes at a price. very sensitive to fuel quality.
  6. sorry for off Topic,how are "eBikes" picking up in SL? They are getting quite popular in other countries now.
  7. recently it's getting more difficult to find a bicycle repair place than a service station isn't it?
  8. ajm

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    in other words,dont drive in Sri Lanka. looks like some marketing gimmick to sell DCT transmission Hondas stuck in car sales😁
  9. ajm

    Budget 2019

    🍌 🍌Republic 😂
  10. ajm

    CAN BUS Signals feed on Electric power steering ECU

    This looks right since not so advanced.The thicker wires are power supply or also motor control output signals? Whats on the other side of PCB,you have a photo? First need to confirm what type of speed input is used, analog,digital,serial..in order to confirm before fitting if it works at all,you have to Provide a suitable impulse to the sensor input and see if the motor responds.
  11. ajm

    CAN BUS Signals feed on Electric power steering ECU

    This looks like just analog inductive sensor,isn't it? The speed has to be processed to a digital signal which the EPS computer can understand. Which signal type depends on the EPS unit you select. It could be frequency,PWM modulated or both. Or if its a new EPS, might have a serial communication interface which can be CAN,LIN,SENT protocol or something unique to the EPS manufacturer. It might even require special permission from Another computer to be activated, since steering is a safety critical function. It would be better to select one of the very early EPS, since such additional features will be much less.
  12. ajm

    CAN BUS Signals feed on Electric power steering ECU

    you need a circuit which would convert the wheel speed into a voltage that corresponds with the voltage curve adjusted by the knob. Easier said than done because 1.wheel speed of wheels can be different depending on if the vehicle is turning,so which wheel speed to select? Assuming you got the wheel speed issue sorted out, 2.what is the correct assistance level for a particular wheel speed so that it would feel natural? (too much or too less assistance can be un-natural and the former can even lead to an accident) If you only need a solution during parking, then a manual system like this would be best IMO. with an additional feature to cut power supply during speeds>20km/h or something might be semi-automated digital solution(only If the EPS column does not generate unnecessary resistance when not powered) Good luck and let us know how it went! BTW this might be a simpler solution if it works. https://americanpowertrain.com/i-8580036-ez-electric-power-steering-for-street-rod-and-customs.html
  13. ajm

    Subaru XV and the BMW X1.

    none of these entry segment mini SUVs(X1,XV,Q2..) are off roaders. But the suspension should be designed to handle above average bumps during on-road driving better than a sedan.(At the cost of stability at high speeds) Although the body kit makes it look low, it might never be a big issue as you fear.
  14. ajm

    Subaru XV and the BMW X1.

    parts would be easier for the X1 to find,since its a more established model compared to the other. Also haven't heard of any major engine,gearbox issues. Technology would be similar despite the age gap,since the Euros normally are 3-5 years ahead of Japanese. On the other hand haven't heard of issues with the Subaru either,although it doesn't seem very popular like the vesels and outlander...
  15. ajm

    Is the Grand Vitara worth it?

    is the RPM meter working? its completely different max limits for diesel A4. And the immobilizer is in the cluster which makes the conversion difficult. As from Tilvins story, it might work or might not, depending on the compatibility of the parts and the knowhow of the technician. I would neither take the risk nor recommend anyone to buy a vehicle with a conversion.