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  1. ajm

    BMW e90 vs Audi A4 B8

    diesel: You would be looking at common rail engines in case of BMW. Audi introduces common rail only after 2008 models. Until then they had the pump injectors driven by cam shaft. Not many mechanics know how to work on these, and ask where is the diesel pump(which doesn't exist) both diesel and petrol:The afore mentioned BMW engine problems(timing chain tensioner issue and turbo vanes breaking and going to the intake) did not affect all engines and would have come up already and been fixed now if the car was affected . Second hand market is also better. But the rubber hoses(coolant, air) in the bmw engine would be developing cracks at this age. Audi is a VW inside, with cosmetic and other mods to make it more luxurious looking and feeling.
  2. ajm

    micro kyron-5 speed

    scan done or not possible?
  3. ajm

    BMW 520d

    dimensions,power,leg room, comfort ,ground clearance wise is 5series superior than the little sibling
  4. don't know, is there some legal background? Until recently the SL citizenship was lost when acquiring another,now retention is possible (if the other country allows)
  5. theoretically similar situation as a Sri Lankan while owning property renounced his SL citizenship. BTW anyone heard of property transfer issues the other way(ex-Sri Lankans' property transfer to a SL- citizen descendant)?
  6. usually kids have to decide between 18~22 if a dual-citizenship is not allowed in the "other" country. What is the legal age in SL for acquiring property under own name,18 or is it higher? So in theory,if the SL parent faces no untimely death, his or her property could be transferred to the child after turning 18 ,before the child renounces SL citizenship?
  7. you mean changes regarding ex-Sri lankan 1.buying new property without paying foreigner Tax or 2.being allowed to keep property which was acquired before losing SL citizenship? have you seen/heard something on the news, inner circles?
  8. I heard that foreign spouses of Sri Lankans have to renew their spouse visa every 2 years until they die(Even if they are 100 years old, and need a recommendation letter from SL spouse or Child) By the way do you personally know anyone who is ex-Sri lankan or a foreigner married to a Sri Lankan facing difficulties from SL Immigration formalities point of view?
  9. ajm

    Budget 2019

    so Luxury tax on CIF value will be imposed in addition to the Tax on Engine Capacity or whichever is higher to be imposed?
  10. ajm

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    if its a problem before/during shipping, ask the car-sales bugger who sold you to pay for it. Maybe the gas has to be removed during shipping, since it seems to be flammable compared to R134a.
  11. ajm

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    maybe Gas leaked during shipping?
  12. I think Perodua is ahead of these 3 Indian made ones when it comes to build quality,strength and reliability. The new models even have a 1KR Toyota/Daihatsu engine.
  13. ajm

    Vezel Hybrid 2014 DCT Issues

    who told you that,a Car salesman? This Vezel was never intended for the SL driving conditions. Just because their is no official recall by Honda in Japan,does not mean it will run smoothly under our harsher environment and Traffic conditions.
  14. ajm

    Mecedez Benz E220

    Hmm I dont think there Lexus and Mercs have ever been competitors. Mercs had always a very loyal customer base, even in Japan. On the other hand, a big chunk of those who were buying Crowns and Mark-X s switched to Lexus. Its a dilemma for Toyota in JP market.
  15. by the way why not any German luxury brands in your list?