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  1. ajm

    Sedan Car for permit holder

    Sell the permit and get a Donkeyfeng80, two birds (donkeys) with 1 stone!
  2. ajm

    Premio car importing

    Premio is out of date, Donkey Feng 80 has the best technology up to date
  3. Go for the Donkeyfeng-80, its the best deal in town which you can sell for double the price you bought after 1 year.
  4. ajm

    New Defender Design??

    you fools, at the end of the day nothing can beat the off-road capabilities of the DonkeyFeng-80 (stuck "off" the roads in the workshop all the time)
  5. ajm

    Engine stopped suddenly with a short warning

    buy a DonkeyFeng-80, its the unbreakable super car selling like hot cakes in colombo now
  6. ajm

    Axio warning

    "operate while parked"
  7. ajm

    New Defender Design??

    Recalls are a common thing for Automakers these days, even Toyota is not immune as shown by the issues in 2008 (Accel Pedal SW) and 2012 (Prius). The problem is the Defender can go to places a LC cant, due to off-road capability limits. They are different segements.
  8. ajm

    New Defender Design??

    JLR did have quality issues in the early 2000s. But after the change of ownership in 2008, things have improved quite a lot. In terms of new models, innovation, and of course quality
  9. ajm

    VW Polo vs Suzuki Swift

    I thnk a better comparison would be VW-Golf and Suzuki swift. Polo is 1 class smaller
  10. ajm

    DFSK 580

    and its Monday again, sigh..😴
  11. ajm

    New Defender Design??

    Looks fatter and less rugged, albeit with some original curves. Similar to old vs new-mini redesign?
  12. ajm

    Vacuum leak

    what about the non-return valve at the servo, in my case replacing it solved the problem.
  13. ajm

    DFSK 580

    who are "they"? the Chinese in general or the Engineering team of this big-ass bridge? You are arguing that if the same bridge team designed a Donkey it would be same quality? Civil engineering is not such a high tech industry like Defense/Automotive/Electronics, which are heavily reliant on Processes as well as Innovation. All the developed countries have the technology to build such bridges, but the reason you dont see such structures is they are not willing to waste money on show-off projects like Chinese or Arabs. So that is not an argument to buy a Chinese vehicle or Aircraft. FYI:To release one car model takes about 1000 Engineers from R & D, Testing, Production, Quality control.
  14. ajm

    DFSK 580

    What, seven donkey-fengs in one neighborhood? I feel so jealous and want to move to such a posh area immediately!