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  1. yes the only difference here is instead of a few thousand rupees we are talking about a few Million. But people still seem to go to these shady places offering Useless warranties to save a few thousand rupees instead of thinking of the risk of buying a vehicle with new technologies not yet released for SL conditions!
  2. I think its high time that buyers of such vehicles like Leaf,Xtrail duped by these "mudalaali warranties" get together and file a class-action lawsuit against the responsible individuals(is it the old Japanese "ojichan" for Sterl!ng?).
  3. sorry to hear that it can come at such low mileage. The solution is to replace the CVT from 1D to 4D type(in part number) which has an improvement,but also not 100%.. https://minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/2723972/car/2305655/4638865/note.aspx 19970km vehicle had same issue,in Japan(Nissan has admitted the design issue and gives free CVT gearbox replacement during warranty period)! https://minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/2723972/blog/41178536/
  4. ajm

    Toyota aqua ????

    people here have jobs and private lives just like you, and no one is on standby or obliged to answer a "VVIP" like you within 20 minutes. so search the forum before showing your stupidity.
  5. ajm

    Audi A1 or the Honda civic 2018 hatch

    the new generation Civic(after 2015) is using German Direct injection system with Turbocharging used in many European models like Audi,Seat,Peugeots. So its quite powerful,even the 1L 3Cyl engines.
  6. ajm

    Toyota Axio 2013 Hybrid Error Message

    車Rパルス are you sure about this,it makes no sense
  7. ajm

    Honda Grace - Questions

    is it a new thing that at idling , the engine runs longer,more often or higher revs? Then the hybrid battery maybe losing ability to hold charge. The jerk may hint to upcoming DCT gearbox issues known for this model year. Did you change transmission oil recently? Best thing is to take to a good workshop and do a scan with original Honda software, Battery system and Powertrain scan. It will show in case of major issues. ps: People in this forum also have jobs and private issues just like you, no one is obliged to give answers in a short time. And you could have searched the forum before whining.
  8. ajm

    Honda FIT HYBRID or Suzuki Wagon R

    there are many Hybrids out there with gadgets fixed or computers reset to show fake/good battery capacity %. Since you are new to cars and probably not able to spend times at Workshops, its better to get a brand new one with lower spec/Power/size than a used one with higher spec/Power/size. However dont forget that brand new Wagon R also has a design issue with an alternator tensioner pulley, you can find information in the forum.
  9. ajm

    Toyota Rush seven seater

  10. Did you see what kind of inspection they did? did it include a scan with Honda Diagnosis software? If such a scan didnt show errors, you should not worry too much assuming 1000km mileage is accurate. Sometimes transmission oil viscosity degrades when its parked for a long time in hot temperatures. you can change it ans see if that makes a difference.
  11. ajm

    Honda vezel 2018

    I think Toyota is the champion of quality in your list, although you will have to sacrifice driving pleasure.
  12. ajm

    Good van for tourism 4.4mil-4.6mil

    did you think about ride quality? I think the only van that would even get close to what western tourists are used to would be a Super GL or Voxy hybrid.
  13. Get it scanned by original Honda software, it will show if there are major issues to worry about.
  14. is it your first hybrid? usually when you decide to buy a japanese hybrid you are agreeing to live with these funny "thud" and "dub" sounds? But better take to the agents or a proper workshop to make sure it's not a specific problem to your vehicle, to avoid big gearbox damage by driving like this.
  15. Chinese cars are continuously improving, last week was a news that Geely will invest in Toyota to develop hybrid and EVs. But produced 5 years agi, I would avoid the Geely at any cost . The 20 year old japs will still give you problems,especially corrosion should be checked. What about Korean or even European models? Korean quality is in par with 20years ago Japanese and you could get a newer one. European ones have hardly any issues with corrosion or paint, even if you go for a 90s vehicle with good maintenance history.