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    LOL,which vehicle did you have before the BAIC, a Bullock cart? people used to Japanese-used quality have a hard time with these "adjustments" you mention(could you elaborate?), from a "Brand-new" vehicle.
  2. Mercedes C 160

    lol,no one said they do not, and EU car makers are not technologically deprived compared to JAP so they cant even fit a Reverse cam. But its not standard equipment unless the buyer specifically orders it if he has insecurities about reversing with parksensors/without a camera. For European drivers(including me), the sonar-image provided by parksensors(they cover also the front and sides,in comparison to a "reverse" camera) is more than enough.
  3. Mercedes C 160

    The awful lot of money is paid for the Mercedes Logo,everything else is an customizing option. Anyway Reverse Cameras are not popular in Europe like in Asian vehicles. You may not even find them in an S-class,7-series or A8, because 1.Drivers have very good driving license training and can reverse while turning their head backwards or only with rear-view mirror 2.the function is better covered with having more Ultrasonic sensors around the body. It is more effective at detecting small objects near to the Ground, compared to having to look painstakingly in to the view of Reverse camera while manoeuvring the vehicle. Manual is also preferred choice compared to AT, because european drivers and roads are also looking for Agility,Response and Driving-Fun. Is this your first Euro vehicle?
  4. what happened to the Colombo Metro-Subway,still not started?
  5. Carmart, Peugeot

    or 3250/= per CC between 1000-1500cc?
  6. Tropicalisation - German Brands

    leather cracking:yes,if you dont maintain, other upholstery issues:mostly no fuel quality issues:mostly no, SW will be adapted for local market when it comes through agents.
  7. GP 1 performance issue

    Could be possible that the Motor-Generator will demand more Torque from the Engine to charge the battery if it discharges faster than usual. Then the Injection nozzle-open time will be increased(without changing RPM),during Low-power situation(Idle), which can lead to more fuel being injected=>giving more deposits to clog the pistons with weak ring design. The discharge of the battery does not necessarily need to be caused by a weakness of battery charge level. it could be due to an additional current demand from another worn-out system(El Power Steering,A/C,Audio..). So unless the real root-cause is fixed, the same chain of problems will repeat again. Yes, Hybrid systems are so complicated to maintain when they age.
  8. Tropicalisation - German Brands

    The leather upholstery will crack anyway under our heat,unless it is frequently maintained. Other concern is fuel quality,which could cause Injector,DPF issues prematurely. Reprogramming of the ECU might help(It seems Bosch-service center @ D*MO is doing this now,also for personal imports)
  9. Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    you didnt do a Scan including Battery health before buying a used Hybrid,what was the Year of Manufacture? 62000km was the mileage when the battery issue came up or when you bought it?
  10. Toyota Premio 260 GearBox Repair

    All these JDMs with CVT for cost-cutting, not suitable for our hot and City traffic conditions. Especially when the people want to change CVT oil at intervals recommended for Japanese driving conditions.
  11. Importing a Brand New vehicle from UK

    so if one buys brand new in UK and exports to a third country(like Germany) and re-export to SL, then no UK VAT required?
  12. Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    the Hybrid system consists of not only Battery,also the Inverter with cooling system and Traction Motor-Generator. All of which require maintenance during the vehicle life cycle. I know some people who already had the Inverter replaced at <100,000 kms.
  13. it seems at "Bosch Service",they are specifically handling non-Agent imports. http://www.dimolanka.com/vehicle-repairs/bosch-service-center/
  14. I doubt they are full-series production vehicles. Most of the time,the traction for the test vehicle comes from external rollers,belts etc. So no need to even have the hi voltage battery inside,while 12V system can supply the Airbags and seat belt tensioners.Crash tests provide insight into the protection offered by the vehicle from an impact itself. They do Not test the real-life scenario of secondary failures like fire,explosion resulting from the impact. This is usually handled on the design phase, by safety reviews like FMEA,FTA, 8D. And fire risk would be wiped off as a "multiple/double" failure case.
  15. Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    yes,just noticed its a bit cleaner . Was a bit suspicious because of people who sell 2nd hand parts removed from local used vehicles as brand new these days