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  1. Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    yeah,and dont buy a 2nd hand hybrid again until you can afford a fresh import from Japan. Batteries dying in 3,4 years of usage in Sri Lanka,because of abuse.
  2. 1 series BMW

    its quite spacious and fast 0- 50kmph in 3s. After that you a bit slower. https://bmwi3owner.com/2014/05/acceleration/ are there any i3 s in the country yet,what about prices? probably only the pure electric version(160km) makes sense to import,because with the Range extender version(240km,650cc engine) the electric tax subsidy will not be given(?).
  3. 1 series BMW

    i have heard many issues with the battery and gearbox in CRZ, at least with the 1-series no such worries because its still Robust like other BMWs. But dont expect same performance,Handling like the bigger models. Based on my experienxe its the worst car made by BMW. Mini is also BMW with front wheel drive.
  4. 1 series BMW

    Wonder if one can still call it a BMW. Short wheel base+Rear wheel drive= poor handling and cornering. (Get a Mini!)
  5. Honda Civic 2017

    well basically its a smaller 3 cylinder cousin of the 4 cyl 300+PS 2015 Type-R, with engine technology from Germany. In the beginning they had some issues with the Mitsubishi Turbo under extreme conditions,but should not be an issue if you dont plan to give the pedal to the metal too often. but if you put 2nd hand price over the youth-image and riding pleasure, get a Premio or Prius. is it a manual?
  6. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    The problem with fuel cells at the moment is cost,weight and space. This could be an interesting combination from Austria, an fuel cell/ battery plug-in vehicle. http://canada.autonews.com/article/20170918/CANADA/170919736
  7. ECM measures the pressures at the inlet and outlet side of DPF. the readings are calibrated in a way to detect if DPF is blocked above a certain percentage,and then the Regene mechanism is activated. Instead of regular 2~6 injections during normal driving , REGEN-mode has about 6~9 injections one Piston cycle,but added at the very late phase towards BDC and very short needle opening times(~500uS per Injection) compared to the regular driving(500uS~2.5mS per Injection). So I doubt if it has any big impact on Fuel consumption if the sum of needle open times during REGN mode increases only by about 1mS.
  8. the messages are not clear enough(if they are not normal),some photos would be better
  9. Are the Japanese messages showing in the centre console new or normal?
  10. Import used Hybrid car directly

    you have Trsutworthy contacts in Japan,who will not disappear with the money once you send it?
  11. Good observation. that should explain why many bus drivers stop in the middle of the road suddenly to pickup passengers despite having some one directly behind. Because the poor drivers cant see someone is behind, not because they care about avoiding accidents less than making money.
  12. I saw a car with a " SAITM Epa!" sticker taking one half of the rear-windscreen and the "Doctor" Sticker taking another Quarter,apparently there isnt such a law(or does not apply to Doctors). But If you count on the rear-view mirror as an important safety feature during driving,some common sense should remain when deciding how much you cover.
  13. Need help, regarding an Issue

    you don't even feel ABS during normal driving,either you need to break very hard or moderate hard on a wet surface to make the wheels lock. It could be a vacuum /break booster issue if you need more force now. Anyway get a proper scan done,wheel speed sensor failures can also throw such many errors of ABS,Handbrake,VSC systems simultaneously.
  14. 7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    technically it should be possible to swap a diesel power-train(Engine,Gearbox,Exhaust system) in to a non-diesel version,since the Gasoline,Hybrid and Diesel versions(unlike Prius,Harrier etc) share the same Chassis right?
  15. 7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    wow,if it had a diesel engine would have gotton about 13~19kmpl with the Renault R9M power plant. https://www.carshowroom.com.au/reviews/2015-nissan-x-trail-diesel-review/ for this weight class diesel is still the best solution,although Our people/Car salesmen seem to have placed their bets too high on Hybrid technology which is still in development.