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  1. ajm


    yes there is a depreciation based on age, for brand new parts only up to 60% covered by Insurer. I also see no special reason for continuing Full insurance, better fix at own cost (no more hassle of going after claims) if something happens. The Toyota is the daily runner, and the Euro for driving experience/comfort.
  2. ajm


    By the way i have a general question. What is recommended, Full or 3rd party insurance for a vehicle 1.used as 2nd car for private use 2.usually less than 3000km per year 3.20 years old Will there be complications with 3rd party compared to Full, if some accident/damage is done to public property(Highway guard rails etc.)
  3. 2.is a hard load condition for the EPS system if its powered. Any hard load condition on any system would reduce the lifetime. Automakers don't make the systems to be operated at hard conditions continuously these days, because overengineering bites on the thin profit margins.
  4. ajm

    Nissan leaf

    some innovative ideas until you get the battery issue solved
  5. the main differences should be for 2016 "safety"(key start, no multifunction steering wheel) and 2019 "safety"(push start, multifunction steering, LED lights ). In the end, the buyer should decide if they are necessary options.
  6. The MP injectors of GDI+MPI engines have no significant benefits for power or durability, they are just a trick to optimize the emissions and avoid having to add otherwise a costly gasoline particles filter(disadvantage if pure GDI).
  7. should be same as driving a bus or prime mover eh? Not so bad for going outstation. Parking and reversing would be the biggest challenge if you are not used to driving with a trailer. Also some barriers to stop bikers from creeping into the space between car and trailer needed to avoid catastrophic accidents. And, need a PROPER diesel engine for towing, no girlish petrols or hybrids😁
  8. in Europe there are trailers which can carry passengers. Are they legal in Sri Lanka?
  9. ajm

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    Did you ask them if they will buy a Geely Panda again? the Alto is a better choice when it comes to durability and reliability, although it has less features.
  10. ajm

    Viva Elite Community

    is this brake problem also affecting the follower model Axia?
  11. ajm

    IMA battery warning on GP1

    it says "charging system check", could be battery, motor generator..or even a loose connector /rat damage to hi-voltage wiring(don't touch before visual verification of the orange insulation!)
  12. Hey guys, I am expecting some registered local post in next month. Due to work and other commitments no one will be available during this time at home. 1.what happens to registered post if not possible to deliver, sent back to sender or discarded? 2. Is there some kind of auto forwarding service like we have in other countries? 3.not possible to assign a neighbour to sign and collect it?
  13. ajm

    BMW e90 vs Audi A4 B8

    diesel: You would be looking at common rail engines in case of BMW. Audi introduces common rail only after 2008 models. Until then they had the pump injectors driven by cam shaft. Not many mechanics know how to work on these, and ask where is the diesel pump(which doesn't exist) both diesel and petrol:The afore mentioned BMW engine problems(timing chain tensioner issue and turbo vanes breaking and going to the intake) did not affect all engines and would have come up already and been fixed now if the car was affected . Second hand market is also better. But the rubber hoses(coolant, air) in the bmw engine would be developing cracks at this age. Audi is a VW inside, with cosmetic and other mods to make it more luxurious looking and feeling.
  14. ajm

    micro kyron-5 speed

    scan done or not possible?