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  1. No 5AT model exists , as far as the homepage shows. https://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/sp/every/detail/ 5AGS is a manual gearbox where clutching, shifting done automatically (no torque converter).
  2. Micro privilege seems way better than the Qute. With 800cc engine should be OK for highway driving also. What about Spare/Body parts availability?
  3. I doubt if they will survive even one year. You will waste labor and gas refill cost. You are talking about the nobrand ones, right? In that case I would get the used original.
  4. The compressor will go bad if you use with low gas pressure, regardless of brand. My compressor went bad 1week after I had to drive a few hundred meters on a road flooded about 1foot. I think that was the price for removing the underbody cover due to noise on the highway.
  5. If i were to keep the car for a while, would stick to Hella german in best case. AC will work like brand new and no worries later. Japanese /Denso is also ok but the lifetime and performance would be a bit less.
  6. In Some vehicles the high power electronics systems like Brake boost, AC, power steering are supplied by the High voltage battery. So they may also not work.
  7. Thats BS. Parts are available and even probably being manufactured by Audi, since these cars are still running all over the world. Try panchikawatta (Darshana enteprise, Golf motors and other..). In worst case, it can be replaced by a Japanese vehicle part, with minor modifications. These cars are still somewhat less complicated with older technology.
  8. This is also visible in other vehicles such as 2010 BMW 3. But no engine problems reported there.
  9. It is a known fact that direct injection process causes more soot buildup than manifold injection. If there is excessive soot buildup then must be either fuel quality or design issue in this model.
  10. good decision, hope the shady car dealers will be completely wiped out of the earth..
  11. I heard the Head office at Borella junction still operating. Normally they close outstation branches to save Rent, but keep head office open for Loan recovery etc.
  12. Looks like the con artists have "vanished into thin Air"
  13. Vezel: Japanese product, check for DCT Problem and hybrid battery issues, MG: Chinese product with lower interior quality, maybe petrol direct injection problems if they use the same system as CHR..
  14. Any idea how they prove the identity at exams, With foreign passport or NIC( if possible to apply)?
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