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  1. ajm

    Buying BMW 318i 2018

    means also that they know how to cut costs by means of parts sharing and common platforms with low cost brands like VW,Seat,Skoda. Can go both ways for the end-user, since BMW and Mercs have no low-cost brands and have to always give the best and proven technologies. The unique but problematic pump duse-injectors and recent emissions scandals are some examples.
  2. ajm

    Co-Operative Insurance Review

    any experience about their claim handling?
  3. ajm

    Audi A1 or the Honda civic 2018 hatch

    would be true if the civic was a JDM . But the 1L civic is the little brother of the 2L type-R civic. The TypeR engine was developed in Germany,and the manufactured in UK. So not much difference would exist to the European made A1 in my opinion when it comes to parts availability.
  4. ajm

    Qashqai, CHR, Vezel, Peugeot 3008

    Is that so, what kind of issue? Anything to do with SL conditions? Pugs are known as quite reliable in Europe. Qashkai also source the engine from Renault, who owns Nissan.
  5. ajm

    Peugeot 2008

    1L? what about prices?
  6. ajm

    Qashqai, CHR, Vezel, Peugeot 3008

    CHR and Vezel are JDM models. Qashkai, Peugeot are European models. In case of an accident, you won't be able to find used body parts easily,if you don't have full insurance.(But there are a handful of niche importers who bring parts from UK scrap yards at reasonable prices)
  7. is he driving a new-gen 1L Turbo? I have a strong doubt if this is from Mr.Potato-estate 😁
  8. white color,gasoline,Rental car, 1.0F safety sense, Grade S, first time in auction, with Spare key(!) ,user manual, insurance. Floor AT,Airbag,floor mat,side visers...
  9. Actually 3cyl PFI NA engines run less efficient,and produce more particles/CO2 compared to a similar 4cyl delivering same power. But with direct injection,turbo,VVT,Vtec and gasoline Particule Filter they manage to fulfill Euro 6 standard while pulling reasonable HP with 1 cylinder less! Hope the European Direct injection system in the Civic does not fail like the Mitsubishi IO/Pajero system under our conditions. It's somewhat survived in 4cyl European cars in SL for about a decade now.
  10. ajm

    Nissan qashqai

    yes, Nissan is a subsidiary of Renault group. Quashqai lead assembly plant is in UK and the same platform as Renault vehicles(Scenic,kadjar...) Only body parts would be different.Mercedes A and B class also share the same Engine+Transmission. Soon Mitsubishi vehicles will also be built with same platforms, resulting from the acquisition of Mitsubishi by Renault in 2016. Engine and Gearbox parts are mostly sourced from Europe, due to Renault being keen to save costs by synergies.
  11. any Rat smell in the car? These bastards go everywhere and select the worst wires to bite.
  12. ajm

    How is Peugeot 306?

    at best who has no relationship to the current owners who will give you his honest opinion 😉 and a proper diagnosis scan
  13. ajm

    How is Peugeot 306?

    Sorry I have only experience with old Euros. But use the "Search" function in the forum and some other members may be able to support you with suitable older JDM,Korean,Malysian models. Not only budget, you should mention other factors like space,fuel consumption you expect.
  14. ajm

    How is Peugeot 306?

    2 wrong reasons to buy a 15 year old Euro. But if you buy it you will get the driving pleasure,ride quality,Handling,Attention that most Japs wont bring you. You will lhave to spend some time in the workshops,looking around for parts. But you will learn a lot about how cars work and the 0.5-1 million spent on repairs would be equal to what you pay for interest on a Lease for a newer Jap car. In the end, you will have to find someone fanatic enough about Euro cars to sell it to.
  15. ajm

    How is Peugeot 306?

    you are thinking of a 15years old Euro and your biggest concern is the cost of Service? Don't buy because its cheaper than the competition of AE110s. If you really fell in love with the car, would suggest to have 0.5-1 million aside to bring it back to showroom condition. In these early 2000 models,I think there was an issue with Auto transmissions overheating. You can search more in the forum about joints that repair this.