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  1. Are the Japanese messages showing in the centre console new or normal?
  2. Import used Hybrid car directly

    you have Trsutworthy contacts in Japan,who will not disappear with the money once you send it?
  3. Good observation. that should explain why many bus drivers stop in the middle of the road suddenly to pickup passengers despite having some one directly behind. Because the poor drivers cant see someone is behind, not because they care about avoiding accidents less than making money.
  4. I saw a car with a " SAITM Epa!" sticker taking one half of the rear-windscreen and the "Doctor" Sticker taking another Quarter,apparently there isnt such a law(or does not apply to Doctors). But If you count on the rear-view mirror as an important safety feature during driving,some common sense should remain when deciding how much you cover.
  5. Need help, regarding an Issue

    you don't even feel ABS during normal driving,either you need to break very hard or moderate hard on a wet surface to make the wheels lock. It could be a vacuum /break booster issue if you need more force now. Anyway get a proper scan done,wheel speed sensor failures can also throw such many errors of ABS,Handbrake,VSC systems simultaneously.
  6. 7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    technically it should be possible to swap a diesel power-train(Engine,Gearbox,Exhaust system) in to a non-diesel version,since the Gasoline,Hybrid and Diesel versions(unlike Prius,Harrier etc) share the same Chassis right?
  7. 7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    wow,if it had a diesel engine would have gotton about 13~19kmpl with the Renault R9M power plant. https://www.carshowroom.com.au/reviews/2015-nissan-x-trail-diesel-review/ for this weight class diesel is still the best solution,although Our people/Car salesmen seem to have placed their bets too high on Hybrid technology which is still in development.
  8. Mercedes-Benz S320 1999

    unless you are genuinely into cars and mechanics these cars are not for the Prius,Acqua,Fit crowd who consider driving as passionless transport from point A to B.
  9. if its good as brand new it should have brand new manufacturers guarantee of 8-10 years isn't it? Simple example is what will happen if you use a pentorch with half aged and new batteries. Eventually all batteries will degrade faster than usual.
  10. Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    yes,good things are rare. and also The Bighorn is a robust "real" SUV,but maybe a bit out of budget .
  11. The Ford Focus Thread

    if its an electric fan maybe the brushes are worn out? it may be possible to replace the brushes and use for some more time,although the housing is sealed.In my case it has worked for almost 2 years now(Audi),so didnt bother to replace although I have found a recondition unit in the mean-time. If its the mechanical fan with gel-type clutch used for Radiator cooling etc,I think no other option but to replace the Clutch.
  12. probably because they are too big for Japanese roads,and diesels are not popular. In Europe they have stronger competition from European models (smaller,faster,more comfortable and practical SUVs like Q7,X5, Cayenne,Toureg,Evoque,Discovery,Cherokee,Jeep,XC90..) and the heavy muscular design like Landcruiser is also not popular. And in both places, someone who needs a 7 seater has many mini-van/MPV models to choose from.
  13. Honda Civic Vtec Swap

    oh my bad,please replace manual with 4AT in my last comment. you need to compare the pins and functions of the two engine ECUs and decide. You have more chance to success if the Engine ECU has no directly transmission related intefaces(but Tranmission and Engine control functions are combined nowadays in one Control unit to save space/costs) As Davy said,google if it has been done by someone else before and the result.
  14. Honda Civic Vtec Swap

    I am not sure in general if an engine ecu for cvt can work like original in a manual vehicle.the input,output signals of the two systems would be different.in best case the transmission ecu would be doing the cvt related computing, connected by CAN to the engine ECU. But you can still get some error codes /limp home mode activated when the engine ecu sees that no transmission ECU available,or the torque /speed output of the manual gearbox doesn't correspond to the expected values.but if you are lucky,everything might work well.
  15. Joke of the Year (a.k.a the X-Class)

    yes,there is less leg room in the back. compared to Hilux etc.