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  1. Back in AL after long time :)

  2. GihanFX

    Happy New Year 2013 !!!

    Happy New year guys
  3. GihanFX

    Formula 1 - 2012

    true that
  4. GihanFX

    Tool Cabinet Build

    Thanks a lot for the info
  5. GihanFX

    Tool Cabinet Build

    any idea how much they charge for 15Kg stuff
  6. GihanFX

    Trip To Thiland- Help

    True that tuk tuks are expensive than regular Taxies they knows how to take around and charge, same with normal taxi guys as well, if they feel like we dont know the town well then disaster same with hookers, they take you to their hotels/motel and overchareg, like you said for 1st timers its bit risky
  7. GihanFX

    Tool Cabinet Build

    i also brought some stuff last time but the weight is an issue, my uncle got a Sears Discount card so can buy most for cheep
  8. GihanFX

    Trip To Thiland- Help

    are you the same cseguide in Equity ? anyway Baiyoke sky is a nice place to stay and for hookers step out of the hotel and look around
  9. GihanFX

    Tool Cabinet Build

    i do see lods of craftsman tools, imported of brought them from SL ? if so where
  10. GihanFX

    Happy New Year 2012

    Happy New Year !!
  11. GihanFX

    Colombo Road Race

    yeah nice shots Peri and i +1 it, now people are kinda lazy to comment, even my youtube channel got more than 3000 views in past 3 days but not even a single comment
  12. GihanFX

    Colombo Road Race

    Colombo Night Race Volkswagen Event Crash
  13. GihanFX

    Colombo Road Race

    No matter what Ashan is the True winner