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  1. I doubt how that can work in our corrupted system. More middlemen, more deals...
  2. vag2

    rat damage insuarance

    one argument against customers is that technical failures are not covered by insurance. So if a rat gnawed your door-beading, you have a better chance than if it gnawed some wires in the Power Window motor. Even in that case , the cost of replacing the wires should be covered IMO.
  3. vag2

    rat damage insuarance

    what about damage by other big animals like elephants, buffaloes, peacocks? Since they are covered, no reason why Rats should not be.
  4. Should be like transformer operation.
  5. there are kits available with the signal generation unit and sensors for the motor control. It would be easier and safer than trying to do by yourself since you are asking for suggestions here. https://www.ebay.com/motors/blog/convert-your-classic-to-electric-power-assist-steering/
  6. HP inkjet printers are cheaper, but the Cartridges are expensive (almost same price as the printer)
  7. 2.5 Litre Direct Injection providing only 178PS? Not Turbocharged or not able to calibrate optimally?
  8. oh god, first the DFSK donkey, now this. .....Too much funny Virus to deal with these days...
  9. Perhaps you are referring to General maintenance safety requirements, yes. But for the design safety of these electronics systems performance: Consumer > Automotive > Medical/Defence robustness and reliability: Medical/Defence > Automotive > Consumer Civil aviation components are included in the defence category.
  10. yes, medical electronics is in same safety category as military, even higher than automotive. There are failure mechanism reviews(FMEA,Safety integrity level checks ) that need to be done before bringing them to the market. That is one reason that commercial ventilators are so expensive. Small design failure/ malfunction can cause irreversible damage to the Lungs, more than the virus itself.
  11. Maybe the EC has better combustion control or better/more frequent after treatment? Mitsubishi performance Vs Toyota reliability.
  12. It's a dream restoration project I would like to do, along with an S-class.... after I retire.
  13. Most regular cleaning liquids like Dettol do not kill viruses like HPV, HIV, Corona etc. Only the alcoholic sprays do, after about 30secs exposure ( source Google)
  14. Does UV light kill viruses or only bacteria and fungi? AFAIK viruses are harder to kill with conventional cleaning solutions
  15. Service intervals depend on many factors IMO. Driving conditions, fuel quality and air quality etc. The last two are less ideal in Sri Lanka compared to manufacturing countries, therefore the filters could get clogged sooner here.
  16. What about interest from our "Baappas"?
  17. I think the rextons would have the well known gearbox issues
  18. ボデイ ウスキズ ~ light Body Scratch
  19. exactly, no one cares..so go ask a professional(in this case importer) if you dont get any feedback within a few days.
  20. no one is obliged to provide you information, go ask a car sale or the agents if you are impatient..
  21. Well the generation of hydrogen seems less sustainable than crude oil, isnt it?
  22. I think both are same as far as the powertrain is considered. But vitz has better "2nd hand market" (for some strange reason no one knows)
  23. What trouble, opening a thread and asking questions? I wonder how you can handle roaming around cross lanes of panchikawatta looking for parts while the old Euro is "kota-uda". It takes more effort and dedication to keep an old Euro in good running condition, not everyone finds it worth it although some are addicted to them .
  24. if you ask these questions, just buy a used vitz or wagon-R.
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