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  1. vag2

    Honda Civic 2018

    100k for a condenser? Original or no-brand? Any changes of performance after switching to cheaper gas? It seems the two gases operate at different pressures..
  2. vag2

    Landcruiser Prado 2014

    exactly, so its not suitable for this test with 2.2L¬3L common engines. But only 276HP, really?
  3. vag2

    Landcruiser Prado 2014

    The Toyota 2.8L produces only 170hp and 450NM while the VW with 3L provides 260HP and 580NM?
  4. vag2

    Ignition problems

    what was the error code with imobilizer system? you should not just swap immobilizer control units. There is software with seedkey inside which is identical to the vehicle. your vehicle will not start unless the authentication of the immobilizer system with smart key is successful.
  5. Wonder why patriotic people like Japanese look for western names when naming their rides, only exception that comes to mind are "Ninja" and "Hayabusa"
  6. 2017/18 registered Hilux being advertised for 9-10 million, but can buy brand-new for 6million+ permit price now? I want be surprised if more Merc X-class and VW Amaroks are brought down now😁
  7. is it true CC tax will be relaxed? petrol: uptp 1800 cc diesel upto 2300 cc EV upto 100kW
  8. I think medical undergraduates join as Lieutenants to the Army, but not sure about age limi or other professionals..
  9. vag2

    Geely Panda v Tata Nano

    it seems now it is cleared, under the Quadricycle category. Should be safer than a 3-wheeler or a bike which they want to replace, no ?
  10. vag2

    Geely Panda v Tata Nano

    yes they are quite older, finding spare parts and time fore repairs is a concern. Anyone has experience with the 4-wheeler from Bajaj, called "Cute" or something? Price, ride quality (compared to a 3-wheeler) etc
  11. vag2

    Hyundai Santafe 2012

    not service, parts for workshop repairs (power train, chassis, steering, suspension, body parts)
  12. vag2

    Hyundai Santafe 2012

    heard since recently that spare parts for Kia only available at the agent, not more in small businesses. same is valid for Hyundai?
  13. vag2

    Daihatsu move

    Daihatsu even going to offer 48V mild hybrid systems like Wagon-R soon, where as Toyota only has full hybrids in their lineup. I am quite sure it will be a hit here.
  14. vag2

    DFSK 580

    @Roshan321yes, they CAN.🙃 After realizing how desperate the Chinese car marketing guys in SL have become so that they even create fake profiles to pose as real users and upvote each others comments, I changed my idea to stick with good old Indian made for 2nd car. (first car will ALWAYS be a Euro)
  15. good tip, is their a way to check parking fine history online etc?