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  1. If you have a donor car to get bits and parts from(interior also), should be possible at any good workshop
  2. vag2

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    I guess then no option other than to drill the lock-nut and put in a regular one (Or try to get one from ebay etc)
  3. vag2

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    it should be in your Tool/Jack box
  4. vag2

    micro kyron-5 speed

    there should be at least 20 "computer boxes", which box you mean?
  5. vag2

    Toyota Vios

    VVTi(timing) alone is not good , it has to be combined with VTEC(lift) like Honda does
  6. vag2

    Shampath Bank - Leasing Rates

    my personal experience Com bank more flexible and slightly better rates than Sampath, as a person who had FDs on both. But could depend on personal contacts one has..
  7. vag2

    BMW 520d

    Engine,Gearbox may be very robust,almost unbreakable. But expect to pay a hefty amount for the Shocks/Control arms/mounts which would have taken a beating under our road conditions and need to be replaced at this age.
  8. please calm down, I never said foreign spouses should not get Sri Lanka PR. At least in the west (EU), it is mandatory to show sufficient official-language skills of the country where the applicant LIVES even on a spouse visa. If he's out for more than 2years,it will be reset. This measure is to protect the local culture and ensure ALL foreigners integrate properly in to it. I also checked out the Japanese conditions, .https://visa-immigration.net/info/permanent-residence nothing seems to be mentioned about spouse visa, its only about "benefits to Japan"(tax..) from the person. so yes I agree that the PR should be available in SL, but first the authorities have to study and implement requirements similar to other developed countries. After all what is wrong with asking foreigners who want to settle down here to learn Sinhala or Tamil? It will even help them to understand our society and how things move here.
  9. Sorry but I dont think any foreigner should be given an unlimited PR just for living in the country for family or career reasons. No country does so. The applicant has to show good conduct, integration efforts, and in most countries the PR will be cancelled If the person is absent from the country for a 2-3 years. Coming to ex-citizens,even India which prohibits dual citizenship from the beginning has the solution called"Overseas Citizen of India" status . It's far from citizenship, but a unlimited PR. we still have laws from 70years ago when there were fewer cases like this. I think it's time to provide more opportunities,but only for foreigners who are WILLING To INTEGRATE well (at least medium PROFICIENCY in LOCAL LANGUAGES Sinhala or Tamil should be must!)
  10. vag2

    thunderstorms has stopped my vehicle...

    what is the vehicle? Hybrid,non-hybrid,electric?
  11. vag2

    Need Advice on 2019 Peugeot 5008

    in the 407,the LCD displays of dashboard,climate control become unreadable when temperatures go above around 25degrees. Is this issue solved in the newer models? Maybe if its imported by agent, would be a hot-climate customized model.
  12. vag2

    Budget 2019

    yes you are right. non of the partnerships were working ,because the partners were uneasy about how very little of hybrid technology Toyota actually was willing to share, while expecting to squeeze as much knowhow about common rail turbo diesel, small car design etc from them.😁 In the end they all decided to stay away from Toyota hybrid technology and developed alternatives which became mainstream,due to synergies and economies of scale.
  13. vag2

    Budget 2019

    the basic technology for use in a hybrid is free, and additional risk assessments and tweaks for harder use in EVs for example will bring in money as consultation fees(at least,that's the concept) I still am curious to know which other car manufacturer was allowed to use Toyota hybrid patents before 2019.
  14. vag2

    Budget 2019

    which other parties are meant here, any other non-related Companies using Toyota hybrid technology apart from Japanese universities and Reserach bodies? Here is a good article which explains why Toyota opened up its hybrid patents. https://electrek.co/2019/04/03/toyota-opens-patents-save-hybrid-cars/ 1.generate income from fee-based services from a technology that is going Outdated(Galapagos 2 ) 2.hope other Startups would use hybrid technology and keep it alive, and slow down a complete shift to EVs while Toyota is able to join the EV race Auto Industry is changing, with shorter lifecycles Quality will suffer, because there will no more be Time available to perform DRBFMs even for a small change in Cup-holder design anymore like Toyota engineers do!
  15. vag2

    Budget 2019

    . Until recently Toyotas hybrid system was untouchable due to patent protection anyone willing to use it had to pay huge license fees. Then the European and other JOEM successfully developed series hybrids at lower cost(48V), merged with turbocharged gdi downsized engines to achieve similar mileages and more power. In the end Toyota realized that their hybrid technology was becoming a "Galapagos syndrome" (like their mobile phone technology faced distinction against iPhones,android phone) and last month decided to share it (open source) with third party car makers who were willing to use it. So far only one Chinese startup has shown interest, lets see how it competes with the mainstream hybrid technology.