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  1. vag2

    Geely Panda v Tata Nano

    it seems now it is cleared, under the Quadricycle category. Should be safer than a 3-wheeler or a bike which they want to replace, no ?
  2. vag2

    Geely Panda v Tata Nano

    yes they are quite older, finding spare parts and time fore repairs is a concern. Anyone has experience with the 4-wheeler from Bajaj, called "Cute" or something? Price, ride quality (compared to a 3-wheeler) etc
  3. vag2

    Hyundai Santafe 2012

    not service, parts for workshop repairs (power train, chassis, steering, suspension, body parts)
  4. vag2

    Hyundai Santafe 2012

    heard since recently that spare parts for Kia only available at the agent, not more in small businesses. same is valid for Hyundai?
  5. vag2

    Daihatsu move

    Daihatsu even going to offer 48V mild hybrid systems like Wagon-R soon, where as Toyota only has full hybrids in their lineup. I am quite sure it will be a hit here.
  6. vag2

    DFSK 580

    @Roshan321yes, they CAN.🙃 After realizing how desperate the Chinese car marketing guys in SL have become so that they even create fake profiles to pose as real users and upvote each others comments, I changed my idea to stick with good old Indian made for 2nd car. (first car will ALWAYS be a Euro)
  7. good tip, is their a way to check parking fine history online etc?
  8. vag2

    Vehicle for Doctors permit

    what about 5008? But is yet to prove how they will do in our climate.
  9. vag2

    DFSK 580

    Exactly, doesn't that invalidate your allegations that we are Car sale mafia who hate all Chinese vehicles? If your analyze deeply why the resale prices of used Panda is close to Nano, despite the latter being much more inferior with fewer options, ride quality and looks, you will clearly realize there is a problem how Chinese cars perform in Sri Lanka conditions. IMO Chinese cars could succeed in Sri Lanka if they can provide a low-cost,hassle -free, cheap to maintain car that can compete with the Marutis. Car buyers prefer to stick to one OEM if they are satisfied with the first car, like how people upgrade from VW Polo (single man) to Golf (Couple) to Passat (Family with kids) over life time. PS: we have a Euro as first car, therefore the post was to look for a cheap and hassle-free 2nd car for short trips and usage in city traffic.
  10. Faulty Crank sensor or pin connection damaged by water?
  11. vag2

    Dr's permit 2019 , budget of 3-5mn

    Interesting, I guess this is the first MT from a regular Toyota model in a long time?
  12. vag2

    Dr's permit 2019 , budget of 3-5mn

    Well you have the many traditional options for that price range. Resalable depends on how long you plan to keep it. If its a few years, I would stick to Toyota and avoid Hybrids. Otherwise if you want to be adventurous, http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/21020-dfsk-580/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-325705
  13. vag2

    Toyota axio 161(non hybrid version)

    if I was going to buy a 5 year old car, I would stay away from the hybrid system related repairs or replacement headaches. Just look at how many Aquas are now coming in with the "ready-mode" problem.
  14. vag2

    DFSK 580

    I second that!
  15. vag2

    Toyota passo

    why is it less popular than Vitz?