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  1. too much negativity? Airbags won't deploy if seatbelts not worn, not only due to design or assembly issues. Just give them some time and see, otherwise our country never progresses..
  2. vag2


    intank pump only activated during start and idle, the power is deactivated at higher than idle because Pumping is mostly done by the main pump. If you just keep sending insane amount of fuel with a more powerful intank pump,it will just come back to the tank via the return valve. Therefore you need a complete upgrade with injectors, main pump first as kush said.
  3. vag2


    are you having some startability, idling issues? Usually the intank pumps only helps in low revving range. After that the intank pump shuts off.
  4. vag2

    Nissan Navara

    fuel system problems are very common and expensive to fix, most our mechanics not able to diagnose properly. Seems not compatible with our regular diesel. Toyota would be a safer investment.
  5. did you try ebay? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Front-Complete-Struts-Shock-Absorbers-Assembly-for-Kia-Optima-Kia-Magentis-06-10-/153067275232?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1
  6. vag2


    why are you keeping a 20 years old car that you rarely use?
  7. vag2

    New toyota yaris ATIV

    yaris is not JDM, probably European version. Parts availability may be an issue( or people will think so), 2 nd hand market will be less.
  8. vag2

    Micro Panda 2018 AMT Transmission 1000L Problem

    Chinese gearbox calibration, maybe it emulates "🐼" movement in the jungle
  9. vag2

    Nissan leaf

    There were many discussions about this. It seems they are hard to get than the Nissan leaf itself. The agent gives no support because the vehicle is not released for SL climate.
  10. Land sale business seems equally crooked as the car sale business, just read about "nil-Kanda" scam in yesterdays paper, the mastermind is a "doctor"😇
  11. vag2

    VW Golf or Peugeot 307 (YOM 2007/8)

    BMW is the luxury brand which would be easier to sell. The other two are practical EU models.
  12. EU and JP/US are both stringent, but focused on reducing different areas of emissions. The former on CO2-reduction(global warming) and the latter on NOx-reduction(respiratory disorders). Diesels emit less CO2 because they are more efficient than gasoline counterparts to produce same HP/ Torque , but require complex NOx treatment which adds to the retail price. The rough calculation on pure economical sense is to go for a diesel if annually doing more than 20000kms.
  13. I agree with the rest but this point. EU regulations of the time were no less stringent than Japanese, but at this time they chose to INNOVATE instead of abandoning diesel. The common rail system and pump injection(VW) which brought a lot of sales was a result of that. Now it's become challenging again for diesel passenger cars, but even BMW recently confirmed that diesels will be around for next 30years because 1. One has to take the electrification hype with a pinch of salt ( charging infrastructure, battery raw materials) 2. Its extremely hard to reach fleet emissions of CO2 < 95g/km without diesels which emit less CO2 I think the real reason why Japanese abandoned diesel passenger cars was the local market preference ( Japanese families drive shorter distances and care more about engine vibration during the weekly shopping ride of 10km) and the high costs of innovative technology (exhaust after treatment systems etc) not being offset by their small(er) market share. This is proven by that Toyota kept releasing diesel cars in EU markets until recently)
  14. vag2

    Audi A1 or the Honda civic 2018 hatch

    both are European developed models, with European powertrain technology inside. One has a Japanese badge.