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  1. vag2

    Budget 2019

    S straight to the point, a Half sized Prius needing 1.8L is just absurd compared to the bigger European rivals equipped with modern technology. Especially Toyota seems to stick with PFI naturally aspirated engines which provide low power per displacement.
  2. vag2

    Budget 2019

    so the 3.5million CIF value and the engine capacity BOTH need to be exceeded? for example in the segment non-hybrid petrol, no additional luxury tax upto 1800CC?
  3. vag2

    Dpf Filter Cleaning

    Mr.potato estate , he was advertising this indirectly at a tv show few years ago
  4. vag2

    Importing classic and used cars to Sri Lanka

    I see another loophole which would be abused by crooks and the market will be flooding with post 90s vehicles. Then of course the loophole will be closed and no one would be able to bring in even a genuine classic car more than 30years old.
  5. vag2

    Volkswagen Bora 2.0 Burning Oil

    could be valve seals,piston rings. If it gets worse,recommend to put in the new engine,not try to repair the existing one. The workshops who do machine work with Japanese engines do not know how to work on these heads/blocks.
  6. vag2

    Kia Picanto 2017 fuel consumption?

    what about body parts and spare parts availability?
  7. vag2

    Corsa1992 ax

    i think not good unless it as a joint model with a Japanese. May be UK-Vauxhall and Aus-Holden have same model and you might be able to get from those countries or their agents in SL.
  8. is there a pre-supply pump in the fuel tank? In diesel engines same symptoms come when the fuse or pump has issues.
  9. why not start with something less risky like bikes or 3-wheelers? The current situation is not optimal for cars,especially new cars where prices go up-down and with design defects.
  10. is the Kia picanto made in India,with weak body structure and low quality steel like the Altos?
  11. vag2

    Importing a Volkswagen E-Golf

    great timing with power cuts to use the budget concessions 😉
  12. vag2

    MG ZS 2018

    yes,downsized engines dont give best mileage on the Highway compared to bigger engines. But should give better mileage in City than 5-6kmpl.(Maybe better after Break-in period?)
  13. looks like Defender fans are going to get not One,but TWO possible candidates to choose from. Which one will be closer to the original? https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/ineos-will-use-bmw-engines-defender-inspired-suv
  14. vag2

    Suzuki StingRay Seat Heaters

    here we go, make sure to put the Thermo couple in a warm place(A$$?) to get the maximum cooling effect.
  15. vag2

    Suzuki StingRay Seat Heaters

    Theoretically the reverse function of heating(Cooling) should be realizable if you Reverse the polarity of the seats power supply.