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  1. vag2


    If you consider the additional costs and headaches that will occur for the maintainance of the hybrid parts, the vitz will be hassle free although smaller.
  2. vag2

    Vitz push start wont start

    maybe the push start control unit? Get it scanned at the agents
  3. vag2

    BMW F10 VS Mercedes benz W212

    I think Mercs hold well against time compared to the others,at least most models.
  4. none of the above are SUVs nor provide smooth comfortable rides. European,US SAVs give smooth ride and handling closer to a car. Its coming from the suspension with many control-arms and mounts.
  5. vag2

    Importing Engines?

    I think @The Don helped another member to import a Volvo engine from UK last year. @sampath gunasekara
  6. vag2

    Need advice on 12v battery

    get a battery scan done,cost only 100rupees. It will check not only the voltage,but also ability to hold charge (CCA) against the original specifications.
  7. Is maradaane kaluakka better than Tunmulle Chooti akka? 🤣 Getting serious, the Panda is like marrying a woman with 2 kids, while you may have small orgasmic moments, you will get screwed in places you cannot even think of, and getting parts is a big headache even at the agent.
  8. This is not rocket science. Fuel quantity is based on Torque demand(calculated based on Pedal position,Vehicle speed etc) If theres no Torque demand, the Injector opening time will be reduced close to 0ms. On highend Euro or US cars however is a more advanced system,where the Control unit can deactivate some cylinders during coasting/cruising(4 cylinders of a V8 engine deactivated)
  9. vag2

    Japanese Car News

    meanwhile, Mazda sticks to nonhybrids and focusing on improving gasoline engines. First gasoline with compression ignition released in US. http://europe.autonews.com/article/20181127/COPY/311279914?template=mobile02&X-IgnoreUserAgent=1
  10. vag2

    Engine knocking in civic SR

    oh,boy. Hope a piece of gunk in the fuel tank doesn't come off by the "magic arishte" from Mr.Potato Estate and block your high pressure fuel pump /fine pitch injector nozzles.
  11. vag2

    Vehicle for 10 million

    Thats common to all Japanese Common rail diesels,due to our hi-sulfur fuel quality. This issue in 2012ish Pajeros is with the Fuel pressure and Temperature sensors. When it comes the vehicle wont start. Temporary solution is to remove the sensor. The vehicle of our "Loku Hamuduruvo" is at the agents for months now.
  12. Don't just believe in the hybrid battery capacity report. Some garages fix a gadget that shows good battery capacity despite battery being dead. Also some places make cut and bud with other model batteries(Insight,FIT). So a thorough visual check of the battery is also needed.
  13. vag2

    Budget 2019

    Yes,because there is no mechanism to get 20 years old vehicles out of the roads. Instead of taxing vehicles with new technology during import, there should be a system to take out 20+yrs old vehicles with high emissions and poor safety features off the roads by making them too expensive to register.
  14. vag2

    LED Light Bar

    hmm,dont think it will last long then. These Cheap ebay ones dont do well against water,dust at this position. Maybe applying an additional strip of silicon glue at the joints might help? Otherwise the effort and money spent on fixing would be wasted when one by one the bulbs fail.
  15. vag2

    Difference Between WagonR Stringray & WagonR Premium

    Premium get 0.00675 Kms more per Liter than the non-premium. So after you drive 1-million kms you saved enough to by a Tuk-tuk.