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  1. ruki147

    Mithsubishi Evo X

    what abouth the other facts..like fuel consumption..facilities and some other facts
  2. ruki147

    Mithsubishi Evo X

    I intend to buy bro..about 7.5 million please say everything u know about this car?
  3. ruki147

    Mithsubishi Evo X

    Hello guys, can I know some details about mithsubishi lancer evo x ..a little description about its specification like fuel consumption, price, facilities and short review good or bad, please mention if there are any lancer model better than evo x.
  4. ruki147

    Hybrid vs Non-hybrid

    I'll give you some choices ...can you prioritize them according above factors mentioned honda civic, toyota corolla, toyota allion, mithsubishi lancer, honda grace
  5. ruki147

    Hybrid vs Non-hybrid

    ok then considering in these factors... 01. Price 02. Secnd hand markt 03. fuel consumtion 04. interior condition and please mention the car you think best. then mention 5 choices please thank you!
  6. ruki147

    Hybrid vs Non-hybrid

    Hey guys, now the new trend is hybrid. But I;m really confused in this concept. What is the best model to use in sri lanka. Hybrid or non hybrid cars? according to fuel consumption, second hand market and of course the conditions. Please give me a specific answer hybrid or non hybrid? and please give some good examples for hybrid or non hybrid cars to use in sri lanka.