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  1. Correct! Your turn
  2. Johnway SUV imported by Unit#d Mot#rs. The unimo workshop which I get my maintenance done had one of these for almost an year dusting away in a corner for some reason
  3. Or to better cover the extent of damage to the chassis
  4. How to get a face-full of god in case of an accident
  5. And booties full of jackfruit I was hoping you guys would mistake this for a CS Lancer 😪 Yeah I cut off the rear end from the pic hoping no one would recognize it's a coupe, I know we have sedans in SL but wasn't sure about coupes. Anyway, your turn!
  6. Almost! got the first part correct. You're halfway there, one more try should get it right
  7. The white unicorn! The beast! The pinnacle of Chinese automotive engineering! The ultimate SUV! The missile 580!
  8. Yep, 6.6L Turbodiesel, top-of-the-line Z71 version as well Captain Slow somehow broke its driveshaft and so was DNF'ed
  9. VelociRaptor Power: 623 hp Torque: 627 lb-ft Source Silverado Power: 397 hp Torque: 765 lb-ft Source
  10. Oh no, they most certainly did. I was under the impression that all Raptors were tuned by Henessey after seeing that episode! What Mr. Orangutan said was that in the US they sell a F150 every 35 seconds, because they're cheap, but this is no ordinary F150, it's a Raptor tuned by Henessey.
  11. Looking back at the two pictures, the bit you said about older tech in the other thread is absolutely correct. The tailpipe of my EX which is 5 years old and has clocked more kms than your CHR looks as clean as your12k kms Eclipse
  12. There should be no buildup in the tailpipe at all (I couldn't find the thread which you shared a pic) and if this is an inherent issue of the CHR I think it'd be better to get it inspected now, at the early stage...
  13. I remember you mentioning a carbon buildup issue of your CHR/Eclipse Cross, did you get it looked at?
  14. The Official Mitsubishi After-sales application for the global market, (linked below) when searched with my VIN, doesn't have it either, that's how I missed it. However, online sources have it listed (linked below) (https://cat.ilcats.ru/mitsubishi/?function=getParts&market=general&model=B806Y107A&modification=CY1A&complectation=-&group=33&subgroup=050&startDate=20140401&endDate=20140401&pid=231&language=en)
  15. I stand corrected. Can't belive I missed it in the catalogue 😅 since the ASX and the Lancer EX shares the same suspension this part should work for the Lancer too. What was the brand you bought? 555?
  16. But the bushing itself doesn't even have a part number, only the arm assembly does 🤔
  17. They don't, you have to buy the whole arm assembly (which literally costs an arm compared to re-bushing) Part number : 4013A429 Costs about 30k w/shipping at amayama.com The OEM stabilizer link could be bought for Rs. 12k @ amayama.com. 555 brand stabilizer link costs about 5k. (including shipping costs) Part number : MN101368
  18. No Chinese parts? [Clarkson voice] How is that possibllllleeee!
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