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  1. Hyaenidae

    DFSK 580

    Or a new owner Let him be, mateys. He's obviously in love with his car, you wouldn't say bad things about your waifu in public even if she is a "Wadhaka Bhari", would you?
  2. Hyaenidae

    Soltron Ezi badu

    It's nothing new, liqui-moly is already selling such a product if I remember correctly. Personally, I think proper and timely maintenance would be much more effective in increasing the longevity of the engine than using these questionable products.
  3. Hyaenidae

    Best sensible car for 3 million?

    Had Micro imported this with a 4G15 engine this would've been a hit in Sri Lanka... people run away screaming as soon as they hear "1800CC"
  4. Hyaenidae

    Best sensible car for 3 million?

    I've been recommending this car for people who don't mind a Chinese ride and a 10 - 12kmpl average fuel economy - Geely Emgrand. Seriously the most value for money car I've seen which doesn't look like crap after the first 4-5 years of use like most Chinese vehicles. The driving experience is awesome for that kind of money. Civics and Lancers are great choices too but even the newest ones for this budget would be 10 years old while you can easily find a first owner 2015-2016 Emgrand for less than 3 mil (It was 3.1mil brand-new back in 2015). You can save the rest for years worth of fuel and maintenance.
  5. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Forever... (For those who aint @iRage or havent watched initial D, Aniki = Elder brother)
  6. The driver claims seat belts were on
  7. Hyaenidae

    Japan car DVD setup unlocking through Erc

    Glad to be of service! (It worked, right? )
  8. Hyaenidae

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    How about a Swift sport ICE transplant That would be cooler than ICE itself
  9. I'll just leave this here
  10. Hyaenidae

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    It means "In-Car Entertainment" Picked that term up from team BHP forums https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In-car_entertainment
  11. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    IKR? can't get better than than the car I'm a hopeless fanboi of featuring on the latest trailer of the racing game series I'm a fanboi of... I fanboi'd so hard it hurt
  12. Hyaenidae

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Ah, finally! Congratulations!! Pls post an update when you do the ICE system upgrade...
  13. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    @K.o.N.o.S @matroska WHEN YOU SEE IT
  14. Hyaenidae

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    Fewer scratches = more shine