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    "Mitsubishis... They are like the the neighborhood dog that you have accidentally adopted - you can list 101 million things you hate about it, but then you forget all that and start loving it because there is this one thing that it will do to put a smile on your face... it will get you hooked on and you overlook every other damn bit of annoyance and defend it to death."  -iRage

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  1. The car looks like a total loss, right? what do you guys think? Both front and rear ends are damaged quite badly. 





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    2. iRage


      Oh c'mon.....equally bad or even worst cars have been fixed up over here....in SL there is no such think called a total loss...the service is unavailable because it never existed. Even if a car blows up the book might actually live on ...

    3. Hyaenidae


      @iRage that's what I meant too, I mean importing a new belta as two halves and welding it back together would be more economical than repairing this one isn't it?

      That is, if the car didn't have a comprehensive insurance cover

    4. iRage


      Since it is a Belta it probably would be as these things are cheap in Japan and Thailand and plenty around. But in more expensive cars I have seen them actually pull out the frame and then just replace the body parts. In SL not many people fix body panels anymore...cheaper to buy used ones and also they do not have the skill to do it anymore (even if the material the panel is made out of is possible to be fixed).

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