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    "Mitsubishis... They are like the the neighborhood dog that you have accidentally adopted - you can list 101 million things you hate about it, but then you forget all that and start loving it because there is this one thing that it will do to put a smile on your face... it will get you hooked on and you overlook every other damn bit of annoyance and defend it to death."  -iRage

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  1. EVO X final edition at a finance yard... whyyyyyyyyyyy

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    2. iRage


      Well...we do not know the entire story...there are other reasons too....

      I know quite a few people who had successful business and were able to afford payments on cars (both reasonable and extravagant ones) and mortgages...but because of fluctuating policies of the country they lost their business/jobs and had to give up their vehicles, etc...to keep their businesses afloat and families supported. Also, the leasing system in SL is sort of very ruthless...you miss a payment or two and the penalty fees start piling up that it would not be financially viable to recover ones'' self.

    3. varotone


      @Hyaenidae can you please pm me the details?

    4. varotone


      Thanks @Hyaenidae for the message. Called the place. Apparently, leasing company has nothing to do with the car. They just advertised it. It's at a car sale in Kohuwala. Not a leasing yard.  unregistered. 

      It's difficult to resist the urge. :smilie_liebe9:


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