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  1. Hyaenidae

    Mitsubishi Lancer

    Here you go
  2. Hyaenidae

    Mitsubishi Lancer

    The CS must be the most discussed car on AL forum. Here are 2 threads you might find useful: http://www.elakiri.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1882176 http://www.elakiri.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1882425
  3. Hyaenidae

    Viva Elite Community

    To me too... they don't have that attitude most auto-technicians seem to have, the notion that they don't have to listen to the customer or take his concerns seriously because they're the ones who have automotive degrees and overalls and the safety gear and whatnot. They are exceptionally open about what they're doing to our cars (they let you stay next to your car and observe everything) and what they're putting into our cars.
  4. Hyaenidae

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    This is a "JDM" problem. I had the exact same issue back when I owned a Belta while a colleague who owned a Yaris claimed he never had this issue.
  5. Hyaenidae

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    If you're planning a one-off trip, it's fine, you can manage 4 people in the back. If you're planning to buy a vehicle for a family of 6, NO, Premio isn't the vehicle you're looking for.
  6. Hyaenidae

    Viva Elite Community

    Any particular reason not to get the full service from UNIMO too? After the engine wash incident and threatening a customer with violence I thought people would avoid autom**aj like the plague
  7. Hyaenidae

    Newest Vehicle Colour change Process at RMV

    Thanks for sharing mate
  8. Hyaenidae

    Brake pedal is softer than before

    Refer to your users manual and find the values for brake pedal free play and pedal-to-floor clearance when fully depressed. I don't think hybrid hub folk have that kind of information, just the gut feeling Here's how to measure it: (pedal reserve distance = pedal-to-floor clearance) Your users manual will list the values like this (differs from car to car so refer to your own users manual, this is how mine lists the specs)
  9. Hyaenidae

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    😍 Love the pics... thanks for sharing! The fog light buttons on the center console, is it from the factory? Aren't the fog lights controlled by the stalk?
  10. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    It would be great if they made the 121 and 240 too just for the SL market. Those are the "Deadpools" of the Toyota lineup - you just can't kill them even if you wanted to. I think the obsession for the Vitz and the Allion and Premio too stems up from their reliability
  11. Hyaenidae

    Toyota Allion 260 Unusual Slow Down

    Yes you can't throw a Premio around like an aqua. Maybe because it is has a weight advantage + an electric motor to assist the engine
  12. Hyaenidae

    Toyota Allion 260 Unusual Slow Down

    And I just wanted to make a joke 😀 But judging by the comments it's the normal behaviour of this particular CVT box.
  13. Hyaenidae

    Toyota Allion 260 Unusual Slow Down

    Turns out, bugger had taken a friend's Civic for a ride and when he started driving his Allion again he felt the car is super slow. /s
  14. Hyaenidae

    Turbo charging a primeo

    I think the Premio comes with an electronic throttle control from the factory, AFAIK vehicles don't come with accelerator cables anymore