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  1. Hyaenidae

    How Pre collision system works?

    You didn't crash, did you? If you did, that might explain the huge cracking sound and the sudden stop /s
  2. Hyaenidae


    Thanks for sharing!
  3. Hyaenidae


    Most Jap cars recommend changing oil (Lube service) at 15000kms if driven under regular conditions and 5000-7500kms intervals if driven under rough driving conditions. Audi Canada website recommends doing a service every 15k kms too. (15k kms - regular service, 30k kms - major service) this is if the vehicle is driven under regular conditions - as for the rough driving conditions, they have mentioned "NOTE: The intervals shown in this table are based on vehicles operating under normal conditions. In case of severe conditions, such as extremely low temperatures, excessive dust, etc., it is necessary for certain operations to be carried out in between the given intervals." However, there's no fixed schedule for rough driving conditions - what's the usual recommendation for euro cars driven under rough conditions? https://www.audi.ca/ca/web/en/customer-area/maintenance/schedule-maintenance/service-schedule.html
  4. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Koreans are slowly becoming the new Japanese
  5. Hyaenidae


    And could someone share a lube service receipt for an Audi (or a euro car) so we can compare the two brands?
  6. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

  7. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Why not JC is one of my favourite reviewers on YT 'cause he's brutally honest
  8. Hyaenidae

    Use of used tyre?

  9. Hyaenidae

    Suzuki Stingray Heating issues

    I'm fairly certain there's nothing to worry... you can plug in an OBD reader and check if the temperature readings are within normal parameters
  10. Hyaenidae

    Suzuki swift 2004 ATF Fluid type

    Check your ATF dipstick, it should mention which ATF to use A quick google search returns this result: ATF Suzuki ATF 3317 or Mobil ATF 3309
  11. Hyaenidae

    Carina 212 Ti

    Did 240 come with a CVT? I thought all 240s were conventional autos.
  12. Hyaenidae

    Vehicle full service

    Cost depends on the workshop... OTOMH 01. Normal Lube service - Engine oil change - Engine oil filter change - Body, underbody, engine bay wash - Vacuum and clean interior - Wheel rotation - Inspect brake system - Inspect Air filter and clean/replace as necessary - Inspect cabin air filter and clean/replace as necessary - Inspect fluid levels (Coolant, 12V Battery, Windscreen washer fluid etc) and refill as necessary - Inspect tire pressure and adjust as necessary 02. Replace ATF / CVTF (Gear oil) 03. Replace brake fluid 04. Engine "Tune-up" - Inspect spark plugs and clean / replace as necessary - Throttle body clean - Ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning 05. Check wheel alignment 06. Inspect and service AC system as necessary
  13. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Presealover's car hunt
  14. An experienced importer has many a dodge... it is illegal to tamper with the mileage before sending the vehicle in for JAAI/JEVIC inspection but it's being done - NAK databases or other safety measures are not that effective. They do offer a forensic examination of the odometer for an added price but it's not mandatory - so no, JAAI/JEVIC certificates are not 100% trustworthy
  15. "too good to be true" මේකේ තේරුම "මේක නම් වෙන්ඩ බෑ." කියනෙක. උදා: ඔටෝ මිරාජ් එකෙන් නැති කරපු කාපට් එකට අළුත් කාපට් සෙට් එකක් දීල නිල වශයෙන් සමාව ඉල්ලුව කියල කවුරුහරි කිව්වොත් ඒක Too good to be true.