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    "Mitsubishis... They are like the the neighborhood dog that you have accidentally adopted - you can list 101 million things you hate about it, but then you forget all that and start loving it because there is this one thing that it will do to put a smile on your face... it will get you hooked on and you overlook every other damn bit of annoyance and defend it to death."  -iRage

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  1. Yeah hope that's not frowned upon Came up with this totally dope ass username and wanted to have it to myself while having my original profile intact Edit: besides, it's easier to pronounce so that's an added bonus
  2. No idea if taxes would be applicable... prices below are with shipping cost Aliexpress has generic no-brand boot set for $21 Amayama has the OEM boot set for $38 and Febest brand boot set for $28 Partsouq has the Febest boot set for about $30 eBay has Febest and KYB boot sets for about $35-$40 Ordered a Febest set from Amayama for $28 'cause OEM ones didn't last that long for me anyway...
  3. One of my strut boots is in tatters. Mitsubishi, you should work on the quality of your rubber! it only lasted 5 years! But to be fair the roads I travel on are quite bad since there are considerably long stretches of road still under construction. A pair of strut boots costs Rs. 7400/- at the agent, can order a pair online for Rs. 4k -5.5k. Gonna go the online route obviously. Will keep you guys updated. Edit: Ordered a set from amayama.com
  4. This is why you should get a dashcam with WiFi connectivity.
  5. Is the strut boot a big deal? one of my strut boots has been cracked. Should I get it replaced? Is it worth dismantling the front suspension assembly to replace it?

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    2. Hyaenidae


      @iRage 3700Rs for one front boot, 7400 a pair and about 5k in labor

      I'm quite sure I could find 2 refurbished strut assemblies for a similar price :D 

    3. Ruslan


      Get Matching KYB strut boots or other quality OEM matching. Try Vauxhal motors in Vauxhal street.. (usual joint for Taas supplied kyb strut replacements). Rates are pretty reasonable. Replaced all 4 struts including stab bushings, links and rear spring pads. Costs me 4200/-. All they do is strut replacements and they are masters of it. You can use the kyb part catalog to find the matching boot covers. If you have the part numbers, try amayama or partsouq. There could be deals better than ebay.

    4. Hyaenidae



      Price w/ shipping:

      Aliexpress : $21 (Generic)

      Amayama : $28 (Branded)

      Partsouq : $30 (Branded)

      Ebay : $30-35 (Branded)


      Ordered a set from Amayama

  6. Xiaomis are told to be good Get one with WiFi connectivity so you can produce footage OTS on your smartphone
  7. Are you sure about this? asking because I've never noticed such a delay... I always turn the engine off and get out of the car when I refuel, after refueling when the key is turned to "ON" position the new fuel level is displayed without any delay. The fuel gauge doesn't fluctuate on a slope either... According to my workshop manual the gauge works by changing the resistance when the floater is moved.
  8. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cocktail
  9. It just looks like crusted coolant, maybe you didn't mix the coolant properly with water when doing the radiator flush
  10. Stay safe, @iRage!


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    2. iRage


      I can neither confirm nor deny it...

    3. AVANTE


      "in a sudden turn of events, mr.irage has denied to add any comments on the matter, so we can only conclude that he is older than 61"

    4. iRage


      I can neither confirm nor deny it

  11. Not a fan of crossovers in general, voted for the Raize because it's likely to be the easiest vehicle to sell off as quickly as possible
  12. But the diesel 141 which comes with a 2000CC 2C diesel engine has the same power output (89hp) 141 diesel owners in SL seem to be happy with it ne?
  13. Whoever thought a tire patch kit could replace a spare tire ought to be shot. Seriously.
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