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  1. Hyaenidae

    Some Concerns?

    Visit one of their workshops with the owner (or have the owner consent via telephone) then check the owner's records against theirs. Check first and last records and the time/distance between services.
  2. Hyaenidae

    Some Concerns?

    1. Verify the records with the agent and you're golden. Make sure the car was maintained at the agent from the beginning (or from a very low mileage) 2. Vezels have a lower price tag owing to the DCT issue 3. No idea
  3. I don't suppose all that could be done to the standards you mentioned before for 150k though, right? I didn't manage to do it, had to let go and brake as the body roll was quite bad, it was not my car and a brand new one - didn't even have proper licence plates. I was just testing the waters so to speak
  4. So you're saying that with the body roll gone, a Vitz could actually be a fun car to drive around (like the aqua?) considering we can't put it into a corner exceeding 70kmph anyways, Vitz has quite the body roll even at 60kmph
  5. What did you mean by a "lively chassis/frame" ?
  6. Yea I meant a registered vehicle
  7. ^This If I were you I'd sell the Vitz and buy something that is exciting to drive as it is - possibly a 4-pot.
  8. Hyaenidae


    This is when the engine is at running temperature right?
  9. Hyaenidae

    Suggest a non-hybrid car for around 3.5 million

    Better. 165mm.
  10. Hyaenidae

    Suggest a non-hybrid car for around 3.5 million

    There's a nice Lancer EX 2008 advertised on the "quick" site for 3.7 mil, it says all maintenance has been done from the agent which means the mileage is genuine. Make an offer, who knows, the owner might agree to part with it for 3.5mil. Search for "Mitsubishi Lancer GLS 2008", for whatever reason the owner has missed the "EX" part which makes the advert harder to find
  11. Hyaenidae

    Micro Panda 2018 AMT Transmission 1000L Problem

    Isn't this the case for almost every kind of gearbox, they say in my users manual. Is left braking impossible on an AMT transmission, is the gear engaging lag that bad (left braking = holding the car on a steep hill pressing the service brake with your left foot so you can operate the throttle instantaneously with your right foot when the traffic begins to move)
  12. Hyaenidae

    Lancer Evo X final edition

    She can't run on 95 octane right? Needs 98 octane, that means having to use an octane booster on every fill-up. Other than that I don't see a reason not to go for it! Post as much pics as you can if you end up buying her
  13. Hyaenidae

    Toyota Axio Hybrid

    Read this chapter, clicked like I will never forget my first experience with the Axio hybrid owing to how the steering felt. Imagine my mindf*ck when I got off a Hydraulic power steering Lancer and took this puppy for a spin! I was like "what's wrong with this steering wheel, it doesn't do anything!" Great review as usual, @alpha17! Thanks for your hard work!
  14. Hyaenidae

    Toyota aqua automatic turning on half switch

    Well, take it to a proper mechanic... or to Toyota Lanka. Nowadays a car having a Toyota badge doesn't mean it could be mended by every T, D&H under a mango tree using tree sap, spit and duct tape as spare parts, that era ended after the 240.
  15. EVO X final edition at a finance yard... whyyyyyyyyyyy

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    2. iRage


      Well...we do not know the entire story...there are other reasons too....

      I know quite a few people who had successful business and were able to afford payments on cars (both reasonable and extravagant ones) and mortgages...but because of fluctuating policies of the country they lost their business/jobs and had to give up their vehicles, etc...to keep their businesses afloat and families supported. Also, the leasing system in SL is sort of very ruthless...you miss a payment or two and the penalty fees start piling up that it would not be financially viable to recover ones'' self.

    3. varotone


      @Hyaenidae can you please pm me the details?

    4. varotone


      Thanks @Hyaenidae for the message. Called the place. Apparently, leasing company has nothing to do with the car. They just advertised it. It's at a car sale in Kohuwala. Not a leasing yard.  unregistered. 

      It's difficult to resist the urge. :smilie_liebe9: