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  1. Looks like it! (I had no idea what it is tbh. but W201 looks pretty close!) Over to you
  2. Imma shamelessly steal the floor 'cause @MaleCortana hasn't logged in for 2 days
  3. You could share the story of your ride here if you're feeling thankful
  4. Well if I were you I'd still wait for the car to give a temp reading before start driving #metoo
  5. This, I just wait till the temp gauge shows a reading. No reading=too cold to drive by my standards takes about a minute and half maybe By then the engine reaches its normal idle rev range (around 750rpm)
  6. @PreseaLover can concur Bugger blew the engine of his SG-imported Cefiro in less than a year
  7. Good, keep doing it. Furthermore, avoid sudden accelerations (like overtaking) until the engine reaches operating temperature
  8. What else could the manufacturer have meant when they said "use shims to adjust the air gap"? The clutch kit (pictured below) contains 8 shims and 1 of every other nut and snap rings
  9. The workshop manual itself explains this process: http://mmc-manuals.ru/manuals/lancer_x/online/Service_Manual/2010/55/html/M155200460207500ENG.HTM However it says "use shims to adjust the air gap to the standard value of 0.25-0.5mm" And here be the shims (and replacement nuts and snap rings! just $8 for the whole kit) So it seems your mechanic was right. You can add/remove/replace shims until the gap is 0.25-0.5mm, that's why those are there for
  10. He replaced the removed metal ring with a new one, right?
  11. Well that was a good tidbit to know in any case, Unimo would've suggested a complete replacement of the compressor for sure
  12. Did this modification affect the overall performance of the AC system? How did the AC of the ASX fare compared to the EX?
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