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  1. Hyaenidae

    Nissan Presea

    It will if you stop sniffing the seats and drive the car like a normal person would
  2. Hyaenidae

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    This was my ultimate dream car too - but I want my dream car to be a daily runner, Evo X with its 98 octane fuel requirement doesn't seem like a "feasible" daily runner (at least in Sri Lanka) so I'm hoping to buy an EX and swap a 4B11 non-turbo engine + Manual transmission, as a "fun" car
  3. Hyaenidae

    Nissan Presea

    Why don't you try spraying your cabin air filter with a scent you like?
  4. If the basic maintenance has been done in a timely manner you won't have to worry about an EX being older, It is as reliable as a 121/240 if not more over time
  5. Hyaenidae

    I am buying proton gen2

    Kandahar is that you? Since the gen2 was discontinued back in 2012 and no other car shares its body parts won't sourcing parts be a challenge even if one has a contact to bring down parts from Malaysia? Even the original Campro engine with no VVT which was used in the 1st gen gen2 (S4PH) has been discontinued since 2008 according to Wikipedia.
  6. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Now that's what I wanted to see
  7. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Where's the KDH race?
  8. Hyaenidae

    Recirculating condemned cars

    Yes, by "it" I meant this whole fiasco, including the name of the car sale.
  9. Hyaenidae

    Recirculating condemned cars

    Once she gets her replacement car take it to the social media with the evidence she has collected. Make sure another unsuspecting buyer won't fall into the same scam.
  10. Hyaenidae

    Warranty And Free Service

    It's not like Europeans are way better at it, apparently, VAG's DSG transmission has a high failure rate in India just like Honda's DCT in Sri Lanka... But unlike the majority of Japanese and European consumers, Sri Lankans run their cars to the ground so Japanese cars becoming less and less reliable is more of a concern to us - and the manufacturers don't seem to give two hoots. #BringBack121sand240s
  11. Hyaenidae

    Warranty And Free Service

    You can buy a recon Toyota with the agent's warranty in Sri Lanka now. Toyota Lanka has started importing used vehicles certified by Toyota Japan to Sri Lanka.
  12. Hyaenidae

    Reliable JDM auction places?

    Well Toyota Lanka imports used JDM Toyotas now. Not sure where they get those from, maybe auctions? http://www.toyota.lk/__trashed-2/
  13. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Did you ever try Hot Pursuit 2010? Loved it to bits with all those weapons (EMP, Spike Strip, Jammers etc) and stuff. Online gameplay was awesome too.
  14. Hyaenidae

    To buy my 1st car

    You can safely assume that a KIA Picanto would be reliable as much as a Japanese alto if not more over time.