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    Best car for 3.5M

    dont go for gp 1 .....its engine capacity is 1300....go for 141 or axio..... And you can go for toyota 121 g grade ( facelift) models.....
  2. ish40002

    toyota aqua

    hi friends any one know the place to buy this part( aqua front bumper automatic pole).........
  3. ish40002

    Toyota - Aqua

    front bumper automatic pole
  4. ish40002

    Toyota - Aqua

    any one know place to buy this part....
  5. is this method suitable for 2004 or above 121 's .because i see some g grades has toyota badge in front shell....
  6. thank you very much friends.... rumesh88 can you give me links.... i tried but i could not find....
  7. i am new comer please help me.....i could not find any thing reguarding this topic....