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  1. Oil level drops

    Thankz guys... I ran about 2500km and there was a oil drop around 800ml - 1l. No oil leaks Yes there is slug in the cam area. What is the connection between slug and oil burn...
  2. Oil level drops

    My car is vios 2007 Recently I have noticed that engine oil level drops with a long range drive My mileage is now 102000 km and Im using 15w40 toyota oil. No white smoke is coming out in noticeable mannar. Will changing the oil to a thicker one solve the issue or will a boring needed? 😕😕😕😕 What is the next thicker level of oil? 10w60?
  3. Toyota vios comfortablity

    Hi guys, Recently bought a vios 2007. And I find that it is not much comfortable as I expected. I did a front suspention replacement also as those shocks were timed out. Again after the replacement not much comfortable as I expected. Has anyone got some experience on this? Comfortability level compaired with other models?
  4. Belt anomaly

    Thankz dude I had a really big doubt.....
  5. Belt anomaly

    My car is vios 2007 I accidentally found this today? This the belt that drives alternator and compressor. Is this a normal thing a belt have or some kind of joint. These strips are like nylon. Cant see a belt seperation point though. Im confused. Dont think a belt can run with a handmade joint. What is this?
  6. Toyota vios issues

    Thankx dude that was very helpful. I bougt it recently and havent done a tune up or pump cleaned. Only done a full service with engine oil, air filter and oil filter changed..
  7. Toyota vios issues

    Hi all, My car is Vios 2007 and it has some issues as follows 1. Brake - I have to push the brake paddle more deeper to engage the brakes. Is this normal or can be fixed? Can this be a problem with brake pads? Left side brake pads are worn out more than right side. Is this a indication of a problem in the braking system? 2. Power steering - Turing the steering wheel is little harder compared with other cars. Oil level is not low. Can this be a problem in the belt? 3. Starting need more crank time - To start the engine I have to run the motor little longer compared to my previous car Honda city 2001. Is this a normal thing?
  8. How to identify flood victim vehicles

    Thank u very much dude. Yep, will do the inspections.
  9. Honda Cvt Gear Box, Pls Help

    thank u very much dude... How can I find the exact suitable cvt oil type other than asking from a service center? Can't find service manual on the internet.
  10. Anyone has idea on how to identify the vehicles which are effected by floods. Recently Sri Lanka had serious floods specially in western and southern region and vehicles are also victims. When we buy a second hand vehicle(car) how can we check this? If not there can be serious issues. Anyone has ideas, please help.
  11. Honda Cvt Gear Box, Pls Help

    Hi guys, I'm also going to buy a Fit Aria (GD8). Apart from the procedure mentioned above, what are the other things I can do to check the gear box condition by my self. without taking the car to the agent? And also what about the spare part availability for this model. I have found that most of the spare parts shops even at panchikawatta don't do Honda. My current car is Honda city type z 2001 and had few troubles with finding spare parts. Appreciate if someone can help.
  12. Reverse gear not engaged with cold start

    Guys the issue was low oil level. I didnt know that the oil level should be checked when the engine is on. Issue was not there yesterday. Need to check today also...
  13. Reverse gear not engaged with cold start

    As you mentioned there is a small oil leak from the gear box. One place was repaired, a sensor oil leak on top side of the gear box. Mechanic couldnt find the exact oil packing and he made a packing from a packing material and placed it. Is this ok or bad?
  14. Reverse gear not engaged with cold start

    No this is not cvt.....
  15. Reverse gear not engaged with cold start

    My car is honda city type z 2001 auto When I start the car cold, lets say in the morning reverse gear not engages at once. It takes some time. Drive gear is working fine. After the engine gets hot working fine. And also shifting from 1 to 2 also takes time with cold start. Run the car for sometime everything works fine..... I changed the oil recently and its only old for 18k km... What could be the problem? Will changing the oil agin be a solution? Or the box replecement? 😭😭😭😭