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  1. Fog light always on wiring

    Thankz guys. Those were really helpful. Will try.....
  2. Fog light always on wiring

    My car is Honda city type z 2001 There was a pair of fog lamps already installed when I bought my car. That pair is not original, no original wiring is found. Each lamp has 4 pins, one pair is for the main lamp and the other pair for the ring (edging) around the lamp. I want to make this ring always on when I start the car and the main fog lamp controlled by the switch which I already have. What is the best and safe place I can get a positive(+) line out for these two rings to light-up?
  3. Honda city 2001 idle rpm with ac

    My car is honda city 2001 type z Idle rpm without ac is 600 and with ac is 900 Isnt this 900 is too low? Ac is not enough when it is parked under a hot sunlight....when running it is more than enough.. How can I increase the idle rpm when the compressor switches on?
  4. CV joint life time

    Thankz everyone for your comments. Ya I will look into replace with brand new ones. Anyone know a good place in colombo which I can do that. A place with resonable charges.
  5. CV joint life time

    My car is Honda city type z 2001. My CVs are making noise when turning for a while. It means that they have worn out. Can they be fixed by using grease and new boots? How long can I run with this condition? Is there a possibity of breaking the joints while running?
  6. Mist coming from AC

    Its Honda city type z 2001..... So it means that it is not a problem that I should check with a technician?
  7. Mist coming from AC

    Thanks everyone. Did a compressor change due to the problem in the clutch/ pulley. And done a full clean of the system as a part of the repair. And there was a problem in the temperature sensor. It was happened to cut-off around 15 'C. Technician told me that it should run up to 5 'C before cut-off. So he adjusted it using a resistor to cut-off at 5 'C. Can this cause too much load for the compressor? Is this temperature is loo low and responsible for the mist?
  8. Mist coming from AC

    I did a AC repair recently. After Now I get mist from AC vents when driving in high speeds. Is this normal or need to check. Water is coming out through the tube so seems no block in there.
  9. Honda city 2001 AT gearbox issue

    Thankz...I will check on that.....
  10. Honda city 2001 AT gearbox issue

    Thank you very much for your advice. If it is a problem in the filter, will changing it be a solution?
  11. Honda city 2001 AT gearbox issue

    About 10,000 km ago. No just a drain and top up.
  12. Honda city 2001 AT gearbox issue

    My car is honda city 2001 type z auto When i drive my car after a while, lets say in the morning, gear shift from 1st to 2nd does not happen as usual. It takes some time and I have to up the rpm round 3500. After the first shift next gears are changing as usual. And also after that for the entire ride, lets say for the entire day, that problem never happens and all the gears are changing fine. Is this a normal thing or a problem? I have changed the gear box oil recently. My mileage now is 203,000 km.
  13. Buy Honda city 2001 CV joint

    My car is Honda city type z 2001. I want to change my CV s Does anyone know a place where I can buy original set for a reasonable price. And round how much will they cost me?
  14. Honda city AC compressor

    My car is Honda city type Z 2001. I recently did an AC repair. Clutch and the pulley of the compressor were damaged but the compressor is good. I had to replace the whole compressor as I was in a hurry. Does any one know a place where I can sell my old compressor?
  15. Alternator current not enough

    I repaired my alternator. Issue was in the diode plate. One diode was not functioning. So the average voltage was too low. Thanks everyone