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    Mazda Demio

    For the price of 1.5 m it seems Ok. However generally speaking, spares for the Mazda is not that easy to find, and you will have to pay little bit higher for the same spares compared to the same range Toyota Nissan vehicle. I am sure you know that too.

    Spares for Brand new model Corolla

    Yes, What you are saying is correct but only on the facts. But, it is not useful for the most people. no one will buy only an E100 gearbox for a price of 1 million. He can buy another AE100 for that price. In the practical sense what you are saying is not useful, even the toyotalanka people were suggesting me to buy a used gearbox from a local store and to fix it. May be some of the government maintained vehicle are using these brand new authorized spares due to their quality regulations, but still these people too are doing that to get a big commission and not because of the actual value of those authorized spares.

    Suzuki Wagon R

    That review is a one of the best of it's kind. Actually in my opinion, Stingray does have some of the valuable options than the normal FZ variant. But the appearance of the stingray is not that premium against the other grades of the vehicle. I personally like the appearance of the FZ, or FX Limited variant than the Stingray. As far as I know all the new wagonRs are equipped with S ene Charge hybrid system. Avoid the cars which only have ene-charge hybrid system, which was used only in old models. S-ene Charge hybrid system is more fuel economical and powerful than the normal ene-hybrid vehicles, You can identify it by a badge mentioning on the rear door of the vehicle.

    Music To Drive By

    I have a very weird taste too.. I don't like to play music while driving. I am used to drive for around 10hrs continuously and I found that music would make me sleepy. When I was driving without the music on, to be surprise, found that I was giving much of the attention to the road and was very aware on the road too.. So I decided to not to use music on the ride, But I am strongly suggesting that you to not to do that because people are so different.

    Suzuki Swift 2004/2003 vs Honda fit 2004

    Do you really need a car? if you are ok with a japan van instead of a car, then you can go for a Suzuki every, manufactured around 2012-2016, also with ABS, airbags too. These days van price is dropping due to the new budget implementation. So it will be a wise decision. Elite is a good car, But elite lacks the ABS.Airbags.

    Spares for Brand new model Corolla

    You can find it easily, automatic one is easier to find than manual one. But don't go for the Toyotalanka company as they will probably say you that the new gearbox will cost you more than the car value. In past, I've tried to find a manual gearbox for an AE100 and toyotalanka said that the gearbox will cost alone around 1.1 million!!. But you can find a used gearbox for much less cost.
  7. Sri Lankan used car market is overpriced and centered primarily on Toyota and then on to Nissan. If you are living in Colombo area and not caring about the resale value, and maintenance effort, then you can go to those prestige European cars. But you are budget oriented and need a car with a less maintenance or most importantly a car with a higher resale value, then go for a well maintained Toyota. I would suggest you a Toyota AE100. Save the rest of money on mild repairs you may need afterward.

    Buying My First Car

    Out of your 2 main requirements, I would go for the stingray. In the subject of fuel efficiency stingray will do outstandingly better than the other cars that you have mentioned. Stingray will do around 20 kmpl in city area averagely between full tank to full tank intervals. In the long trips it can do up to the 30kmpl between refillings. Toyota vitz is kind of a old model ( K number) for your budget now and it's better to go for a new hybrid car. Toyota wigo and perudua axia both are rebadged versions of the same car. But for the value of 3 millinon, it's not worthy.