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  1. Help me what is the function of inbuilt type fuel pressure regulator valve,if anyone have image about this operating system best for me.
  2. Kindly request service manual of daihatsu hijet s320.if anyone have please
  3. 1)many people told hijet mini 2006 model van will run 15km per litre of patrol..but sice i start using it runs only9.5km without A/C,and around 8km with A/C..i m little bit confuse about the efficency of engine.. 2)and having strong petrol smell when i strat the engine..(may be unburn feul) i changed spark plug ,airfilter,throttle body cleaned ,petrol filter cleaned ,battery changed ,o2 sensor second hand changed , i have suspect fuel pressure regulator ,it should be regulat if petrol pressure is high,but my vehicle pressure regulator is not moving valve .its fix.i blow one side of the pressure valve ,but air not throw thru other side plz give some advice how to improve this