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    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Dont forget to check
  2. Oh sorry, I might have overlooked it. But isnt Daihatsu also Japanese? Since its a Toyota subsidiary, what makes them inferior to Toyotas? @TDS Suggest considering Vitara as an option if you are really looking for a SUV type of vehicle. I fully understand your situation as you are going to invest your hard earned money for your first car. I went through the same dilemma couple of months back. To be honest, I myself would have considered Vitara if I knew well about it before I got my Civic. They both belong to the same price bracket, but Civic has more power and luxury compared to Vitara. Vitara in the other hand has the much needed ground clearance which is critical for Sri lankan conditions (I have already had 3 incidents where bottom of the car got hit, within 4 months since I bought my car). Fortunately or unfortunately Vitara did not appear in any of the discussions I had regarding my hunt for a car. Just sharing my opinion.
  3. Why not try a Suzuki Vitara? If you can stretch your budget a bit. Its a well known vehicle for decades and a proper SUV unlike Reize.
  4. Klord

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    I spoke with VT*EC and they agreed to fix them if there is an issue. Car is at home at the moment, will go home and check and take her back to workshop to rectify imperfections. They informed about the gas issue over the phone. Even though they have put the bill as 4500/=, they have actually used r-1234f. Apparently they have made a mistake initially when doing cost estimation, but did not went on to correct it with insurance as its gonna take a long process. Think they have charged it somewhere else in the bill. (will verify this properly once I meet them). Thank you for all the responses. Bottom-line, drive with care & dont trust women! Lessons learnt the hard way.
  5. Klord

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Alright guys, I am now tempted to confront VT*C again and see what can be done. Here is their bill, Can someone shed some light regarding the cost breakdown? 5 biggest expenses are for, Front buffer - 100k Head lamp - 115k Shell - 80k Bonnet - 105k Nose cut panel - 110k Is this possible? I feel like thats way too much.
  6. Klord

    Honda Civic 2018

    I dunno why, but I find this image very beautiful.
  7. @navindra80 Bro, I went through the same dilemma about buying a Pug couple years back right out of the uni. I went on and checked many Pugs advertised but could not find one which fulfills my desires (I was looking for a manual). So eventually I gave up. There is a very active Facebook group named "Peugeot 406 owners club Sri Lanka" or something like that. Suggest searching in fb and joining. I learned a lot from that group and the people there also helped me to search for a car. You will also meet some good enthusiasts who maintains their 406s very well. If you can grab one of them, now thats golden! About the car, I love it. Even though I own a new civic now, still I check on 406s when they are passing by. Its a fun car to drive with excellent handling and ok fuel efficiency too. The only worry which you may face would be the repair & maintenance as your usual maka baas may not be able to handle it. Its a shame those cars have reduced market value in Sri Lanka. If you are looking for a European car with reliability, comfort, excellent handling which will give you the feeling of driving an old BMW, 406 is the only one which will come under 2 mil category. Good luck.
  8. Klord

    Honda Civic models

    Bro, this topic has discussed numerous times in this site. You can search and find out. FYI, I will include a few here, By the way, as far as I know, there is no inherent gearbox issue for civic ES series. You will have to search thoroughly for a good car though. Most civics of that era should have been used extensively by now.
  9. Klord

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    So, I got her back. Overall, the repair seem to be okey. But, if you look close enough, there are lots of imperfections. 1 - Bonnet painting has sprayed paint on rubber beading of the windshield. This is the top beading near the moon-roof. 2 - There are visible paint droplets in the place where the buffer connects with the body of the car. You will have to zoom and check to identify. 3 - Paint has spread to the alloy-wheels as well. They can be removed of course, but considering the sum they got paid, they could have cleaned that as well. 4 - Windshield has tiny scratches. They are not visible all the time, but can see clearly when sunlight (light) is high. It looks like they have used sandpapers to remove the paint from the windshield. >> Overall impression - I am not satisfied! >> Do I recommend VT*C for someone - Depends ! I would like to know your feedback regarding this. This is the first car I owned myself. And this is the first repair I did on a car on my own. Is this what we can expect from an accident repair? Cant we fully restore a car back to her oldself in Sri Lanka?
  10. Klord

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Status Update 2: Car is fixed now. But could not get it from the garage as the releasing letter was not provided by the insurance. Hopefully they will do it today, so I can get her out from the garage before the election mess. Thank you for the responses regarding insurance. I will ask about this extra premium for agent repair thing from my insurance provider. ☺️ @tbird, whats your car? Is it also a reconditioned one? Will get it when I take the car out. I was not involved in the claim process. I asked the insurance to deal directly with the garage. I am also curious in to know why the cost is high. Not just high, effin high !!!
  11. Klord

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Status Update: Car is almost fixed now. Will be able to get her by Wednesday. Repair cost was 7 lakhs! I didnt actually expect that much. I have a question regarding the insurance. My insurance agency is Coop. As I have mentioned, they do not provide full claim for repairs done through agent. My cousin owns a reconditioned Insight since 2013 and is insured by SL I*******. He said, irrespective of whether the car is brand new or reconditioned, they give the full claim when repairing through agent. Is this true? What are the other insurance companies which pays full claim for agent repairs? I am considering on changing my insurance agent for next year. Your comments are highly appreciated. Thank you. ☺️
  12. Klord

    Accident Repair - Honda Civic 2018

    Yes, it must be due to the problem with the bonnet. Unfortunately my insurance agent (Coop) doesnt provide full claim for agent as the car is registered as a reconditioned. They only provide 80% of the total cost if a reconditioned car is repaired with agent. Since this looks like a hefty repair, I dont think its a viable choice.
  13. Klord

    Help me to find a car

    As mentioned earlier, you may try Lancer CS. Its a comfortable and reliable car. You can also consider about Civic FD series. But the prices vary a lot according to the trim level.
  14. My future wife managed to crash my car in to a parked bus in Kandy road. 😑 Front left headlight, buffer, front grills and the bonnet are damaged. I have never done a serious accident repair before as this is my first car. So I could use some advice regarding the process. I took the car to VT*C Motors in Malabe as I have heard a lot of good stuff about them. They said that all aforementioned parts will need to be replaced including the bonnet (which I thought would be fixable by tinkering). My concerns are, Do I need to find spare parts? Or will the garage people do that to me? Can we trust them to repair the car with OEM parts? Auto start-stop function does not work now. Would that be due to damaged headlights? (which is kinda weird) Thank you very much.
  15. Anything we can do from our side? We cannot expect this or any future government to do any viable thing in this regard. Unless some entity keep pushing them to take actions.