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  1. Klord

    Suggestions for a Newbie

    Yes ES series. ES8 preferably and Manual.
  2. Klord

    Suggestions for a Newbie

    Can you please elaborate why is that? Civic is my 2nd target in the hunt. If no good CS3 came up on time that is.
  3. Klord

    Suggestions for a Newbie

    Both Nissan and Toyota cars in Lancer CS+ generation are way overpriced. I kind of dislike Toyota and Nissan looks as well. Too generic. Your point is valid though. I will not be staying here forever, max 18 more months.
  4. Klord

    Suggestions for a Newbie

    So I checked a Lancer, which was stated that it had driven only 160k Kms. But in fact it has clocked about 400-500k Kms. Meter has been tampered several times. Sad thing is I kind of liked the car. Anyhow, back to the hunting mode. Little query here, Do all CS2 Cedias are equipped with that GDI engine which is not suitable for our country? From 3 lancer versions, Cedia is the most beautiful one for me. Sleek!!!
  5. Klord

    Suggestions for a Newbie

    That is the hard part brother. Im living in Nuwara Eliya, I dont have time and space to go check for vehicles very often. Sometimes I find good deals in web, but when I get a chance to check it (waiting for a holiday or weekend), its already gone.
  6. Klord

    Suggestions for a Newbie

    Thank you Hyaenidae. I searched the autolanka forum before posting this. Followed a very old but living thread of buying a Lancer from the beginning to end. I personally like to have more power as I will be working in hilly areas for some time to come. Thats why I prefer CS3 over CS1. I have found a good 2001 CS3 for 2.2 million price. As per the rules, we cant post outside advertisements here, or I could post it here. If so I will contact Trinity & Sampath via in forum messaging. Thank you very much for the input.
  7. Hello guys, I need your help in directing me to buy a good car for my need. This is going to be my first car. My budget is 2 - 2.5 million. I work in Nuwara Eliya, but my home town is Galle. At least once a month I will be traveling home and most of those journeys will be at late night to avoid traffic. Therefor I need a good reliable car which suits long distant traveling with enough comfort. Initially I was thinking about Pug 406 as they are below 2 million rupees and has enough comfort with average fuel efficiency in long distance travels. But its very difficult to find a well kept Pug these days as owners are not selling well maintained cars. Checked several cars, but was disappointed. Now Im tired of my hunt for 406 and considering to go for a Japanese car. So far I narrowed down my search to Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 (CS1 is 1300cc lacks power for my purpose) Honda Civic (Seventh Gen) Civic is bit expensive than contemporary lancers. I have noted down several cars from web ads and planning to go and check them next week. My queries are, (1) Will aforementioned cars satisfy my needs? If not suggest me better alternatives. (2) What should I be looking specifically when buying above cars (or any other one you mention)? I dont need an in depth review, just some overview thought is sufficient. I dont like hatchback cars and Indian/ Korean stuff Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you very much. Cheers!
  8. Guys, I need some insight related to car - BMW 316i (1989-1990). I am hoping to buy one soon, but I don’t know anybody (friend or relation) who owns this model. So I have no idea about the car, any known conditions, problems associated with which I should look in to, when I'm buying one. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.