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  1. Whoa, thank for the valuable suggestions. Kind of overwhelmed at the moment. First of all, I am not a mortohead (yet) to realize the difference between RWD & FWD. So I have no issue with that (so far). I will list down below all the suggested models with my understanding regarding them. Please provide your inputs wherever its necessary. Mistsubishi Lancer tube light - Too old to my liking. Lancer Box – I know this is a good car. But as many have mentioned, most of the cars are hacked by now and will be difficult to find a good one within my budget. Lancer ASP Model – Why is this car cheap compared to older generation Lancers? I saw a few in online sites with a price tag around 5-6 lakhs (more or less same as lancer box) From this 3, I personally like the ASP model as its newer & so I believe would give me a better driving pleasure (specially shifting). Please correct me if I am wrong. Toyota Corolla KE20/30/50 – Whats the difference between each version? Engine capacity? Corolla E80 – My uncle had this car. Have never driven this, but looks like it packs a punch. Is this the Toyota counterpart car to Nissan trad (or is it tread) sunny? I have heard lots of good stuff about FB12. But it clearly is out of my budget. But if this is made to rival FB12, this should be a good car. Corona AT150 - Looks like a good car. What is the better car in terms of ride quality, E80 or the Corona? Starlet P60/ 70 – I find it too small. Im 6’ 2” so would appreciate a bit of space. From the lot, I like both Corona and E80 Corolla. Datsun/ Sunny Sunny 110/210,310 – Same as Corolla, Whats the difference? March - Dont think there will be good specimens for my budget. Datsun series looks good. And thats a sweet little car @matroska Other Mazda 323 – Is it that bad at acceleration as @iRage mentioned? It looks good on paper. Mini/ Charade– Same as P60, too small for my liking. VW Beetle – I personally don’t like beetles. Too old to my taste and dislike the round shape. (Please dont be mad at me) VW Golf Mk1/Mk2 – Most of the Golf are selling above my budget range. Don’t think I will be able to find a decent one for my budget. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Will have to narrow down the focus before going to the hunting phase.
  2. I learned to drive with my dads old Toyota Corolla KE72. Later my father sold it and moved to a CE108 (Auto gear) which Im sure he is not going to sell any time soon. Now I also own a Civic which is a fun car to drive but badly miss driving a stick shift. Thinking of buying a secondary car for leisure which will also help me learn about motor mechanics. What car can you guys suggest will fit my purpose? Budget is around 4-6 lakhs. Easy to maintain (but dont mind getting under hood and messing with mechanics) Fun to drive (specially shifting) I have NO concern about Fuel economy Look of the car Aftermarket value Thank you.
  3. Klord

    Alloy Wheel Repair

    Patience is the least available resource I have. But I can give it a try, a man has to learn these stuff sooner or later. Ready to make a mess.... Correct me if Im wrong. Drilling the excess parts. But I dont have a drill, so I guess I will have to remove them using low grade sand papers. Further smoothen the surface from sandpapers. (No issue there) Apply brasso and polish the damaged areas. Will this damage unscratched surface? Reapply the clear coat. What do you mean by clear coat? Is this simple paint or something special for alloy wheels like this ? Wet sand and polishing. (Had to google this, but looks fine) 😃
  4. Klord

    Alloy Wheel Repair

    To be honest, this is the first time I heard about diamond cut wheels. And yes, I read in the web that alloygators are not recommended to diamond cut wheels. So its a no go. Either way I have to fix this issue. I called the workshop @Prangi mentioned, and inquired about the issue telling I need a fix for diamond cut wheels, not traditional alloy wheels. They didnt know about diamond cut wheels, so a bit reluctant whether they can fix it. Can you please suggest a place I can get this done?
  5. Klord

    Vios 2011 e grade vs axio x 2008?

    Thin you have made a typo when mentionning the 2nd vehicle, it should be Axio right? By the way that odometer value should be definitely tampered. There cannot be a 2008 Axio with only 14500 Km in the odo unless it was sitting in a museum. Since you are not traveling a lot and just looking for a good reliable car which will take you from A to B, both of the aforementioned models will do fine. Inspect properly and get the most mechanically sound car. Good luck.
  6. Klord

    Alloy Wheel Repair

    My father scratched the driver side tire to the toll gate pavement when exiting the southern expressway 😶. Its a small cosmetic damage, but still annoying to a person with mild OCD. There are no deep cuts, but the paint and surface parts of the wheel is chipped in few places. I saw a post from @Davy explaining alloy wheel repair as a DIY project, but since this is a smaller issue, I believe it will be cheaper & easier to get this fixed from a professional. Can someone suggest a good place to get this fixed? And an approximate cost it will take. Thank you very much. 🤗
  7. Klord

    Honda Civic 2018

    I also had to use R134a after a minor accident repair in the bumper. I feel like the cooling has reduced a bit but manageable. The other thing I noticed is a small hustling sound coming from the engine bay when the A/C is running. Its only audible when theres no music playing and car is moving at low speed without much reviving (less engine noise). Could be the A/C compressor, but I aint good with car mechanical stuff to even guess. By the way @Insedious, how goes you A/C now? All good?
  8. Klord

    Civic 1.0T service

    I second what @matroska said. Follow the maintenance minder. By the way, this thread has lots of good information related to CivicX in Sri Lankan conditions.
  9. Klord

    Any Tips for Leather care?

    What do you mean by leather polish? Please explain. Can you suggest me good locally available products? FYI, I drive a lot, almost at 10k mark for just under 5 months usage.
  10. Klord

    Foggy windshield when raining?

    Thanks everyone for the responses. I will check with both K*e** Park and ING and see who does the best job for the money. A bit busy these days deep in the boonies, so no chance to visit the capital city. Will update on the issue once I get it sorted.
  11. Do modern cars with (probably) fake leather interior need constant cleaning/ conditioning? If so, can someone explain the process with available products in Sri lanka. Thank you. P.S. I drive a 2018 Civic. A car built for a temperate climate now experiencing humid tropics in day to day life.
  12. Klord

    Foggy windshield when raining?

    I called Kle*n Park & they quoted 7500 for windshield polishing. Said they are using diamond dust to polish it and they also applies a rain guard afterwards for another 1500 LKR. The rain guard contains "cerium oxide", I dont know how it works though. Considering this, its a deal, but I dont know whether the quality is same.
  13. Klord

    Foggy windshield when raining?

    I doubt this as well. I saw them using sandpapers to clean the windshield in the first time I went to collect the car. Is this doable with a DIY project? How much will it cost with a professional?
  14. Klord

    Foggy windshield when raining?

    Thank you for the quick response. I actually updated the thread with more information. Thought of mentioning this as well, but then opted out. As I recall, it wasnt a problem before.
  15. I will try to explain this as much as I can. I have 2 issues with my windshield/vipers. 1) When vipers are running while raining, the windshield get blurred for 2-3 seconds. Consider there is a mild drizzle (not a downpour) and the viper is running on Int (or auto viper). There is a mist like substance which appears on the windshield right after the viper blade passed through. It stays for 2-3 seconds and then disappear. This is not an issue in day time, but in night when its raining, its very difficult to see through the window due to blurred vision. 2) Sometimes when vipers are operating, out of nowhere, the vipers slip causing a "brrr" sound (the sound which appears when you are wiping the floor with floor vipers). This stays for several seconds to mins every time the viper is operating and varies with the intensity of the rain. I tried to clean the windshield using, soap/ shampoo/ isopropyl alcohol, but no luck of fixing the situation. Any thoughts? Regards, Kal