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  1. Well the insurance covered the full cost, so I was not tempting to keep bothering them to fix all the minor issues. I went to them couple of times to get the bonnet and bumper aligned properly. It is now much better than what is shown in these images, but not perfect to satisfy my mild OCD. I was worried that constant removing and refitting of the front bumper would cause the fittings to get loosen, so eventually I gave up. However I am very satisfied with the way they dealt with me. They are very friendly and accommodating to all my suggestions and niggles. I just wish they did the job properly to compliment that attitude.
  2. Guys, I am hearing some kind of abrasion/ friction sound (යමක් ඇතිල්ලෙනවා වගේ සද්දයක් )when cruising. I cant hear it when accelerating because of the engine noise. But when I take the foot off the paddle, I can hear it masked by the road noise from tires. It has a rhythm where the tempo increases with the vehicle speed. Also it is audible only on comparatively higher speeds only. Since we cannot upload audio files here, I am sharing a Google drive folder which contains 3 recordings from my mobile. Please note that it is very subtle and not clearly audible due to background noise. But if you listen carefully you can hear it to the end of all 3 videos. Car - Civic 2018 Mileage - 18000 km A full service was done recently. Also I had to change the left rear tire due to a tire puncture in March where I did the last wheel alignment. Unfortunately I cannot think of the origin of this sound. Probably started hearing it this year after the tire change, but am not sure. I did not care about it before, but now I am getting a bit paranoid as I have mild OCD. I am not a motorhead (yet), so your feedback regarding the matter is highly appreciated. Thank you. 🙂 Edit: Sorry there was a problem accessing the file. Its fixed now.
  3. Weird enough, my Civic came with a jack, though many claimed they did not have a jack when they bought Civics. A spare donut tire costs about 15-18k. I am broke these days, will have to wait till next month to such an investment. :) I had trouble configuring Deflation warning system after installing the tire. The warning kept appearing multiple times until it vanishes at the end perhaps after my 15th attempt to initialize it. Did you face a similar scenario when changing the tire? Its the same tire size & same brand. But the new tires country of origin is Spain while stock tires are from Germany. The thread pattern is almost identical except for a minor difference towards the sidewall of tire. I hope that will not make any issue.
  4. Shoot. I already ordered a Michelin 17 one for 50k. Since the car is fairly new (& tires), I believe it will not be an issue. This tire rotating thing is new to me. I did not know about that before. I wonder how I should approach to that considering now I have 3 tires of same caliber and one newer one. Any thoughts? Thank you for quick feedback everyone. Really appreciate them.
  5. Strange enough. It didnt go off. So much for a European/Japanese car. Now that I have driven few miles on a flat tire, the inside of the tire has damaged (peeled off by rim). I would not be able to fix this even if I want it. Contacted several tire houses and they quoted 50k for a single tire. 😰 So definitely, will not be able to replace both tires. Im broke. Yes, the damage is in the side wall. And as I said earlier, internal damage is also there due to driving flat. Is it ok to mix-up tire brands? Wouldnt that damage other 3 tires? Thats a good suggestion to use a cheaper tire brand replacing both rear wheels. Are you sure its a good idea? I would be running on 2 types of tires. I fear that will effect the driving dynamics. Also, now that if I replace the tire with another brand new one. Would that effect the quality of other 3 tires? I do not know how far I would be able to run on remaining stock tires. They are made in Germany. The one I got the quotation is from Spain (dealer said) though the brand is the same.
  6. Honda Civic 2018 Michelin Tire - 235/45R17
  7. Yesterday when Im going back home, I noticed that left side rear tire is completely flat. Unfortunately, I have already driven 2-3 kms before realizing the situation. Anyhow, as a result I ended up stranded nowhere deep in Neluwa at around 9 PM which was a very frustrating situation. The bloody tire repair kit also did not work (the puncture seem to be too large so air escaped through the hole), so I had to park the car in a strangers home and find my way back home which was 25km away. Enough ranting! I have to somehow fix the tire. Car has already clocked 13k Kms within 5 months of purchase as I travel a lot. What are my options? Do I need to get a new tire? Which will cost about 45k (which is a considerable sum considering my current financial status). If so will it unbalance the car as other 3 tires are a bit worn off now? Can I repair the tire with vulcanizing or some other method and continue to use it? (I like this option, as it is cheap). Will it be a risk causing another possible puncture deep in the boonies, considering I travel great miles in rural areas? I need to buy a spare wheel. What kind of options do I have? How much it will cost? Your valuable feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I think, you should open a new thread for this with a better title. It will garner more attention. You can refer to this thread if you want for more information.
  9. Whoa, thank for the valuable suggestions. Kind of overwhelmed at the moment. First of all, I am not a mortohead (yet) to realize the difference between RWD & FWD. So I have no issue with that (so far). I will list down below all the suggested models with my understanding regarding them. Please provide your inputs wherever its necessary. Mistsubishi Lancer tube light - Too old to my liking. Lancer Box – I know this is a good car. But as many have mentioned, most of the cars are hacked by now and will be difficult to find a good one within my budget. Lancer ASP Model – Why is this car cheap compared to older generation Lancers? I saw a few in online sites with a price tag around 5-6 lakhs (more or less same as lancer box) From this 3, I personally like the ASP model as its newer & so I believe would give me a better driving pleasure (specially shifting). Please correct me if I am wrong. Toyota Corolla KE20/30/50 – Whats the difference between each version? Engine capacity? Corolla E80 – My uncle had this car. Have never driven this, but looks like it packs a punch. Is this the Toyota counterpart car to Nissan trad (or is it tread) sunny? I have heard lots of good stuff about FB12. But it clearly is out of my budget. But if this is made to rival FB12, this should be a good car. Corona AT150 - Looks like a good car. What is the better car in terms of ride quality, E80 or the Corona? Starlet P60/ 70 – I find it too small. Im 6’ 2” so would appreciate a bit of space. From the lot, I like both Corona and E80 Corolla. Datsun/ Sunny Sunny 110/210,310 – Same as Corolla, Whats the difference? March - Dont think there will be good specimens for my budget. Datsun series looks good. And thats a sweet little car @matroska Other Mazda 323 – Is it that bad at acceleration as @iRage mentioned? It looks good on paper. Mini/ Charade– Same as P60, too small for my liking. VW Beetle – I personally don’t like beetles. Too old to my taste and dislike the round shape. (Please dont be mad at me) VW Golf Mk1/Mk2 – Most of the Golf are selling above my budget range. Don’t think I will be able to find a decent one for my budget. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Will have to narrow down the focus before going to the hunting phase.
  10. I learned to drive with my dads old Toyota Corolla KE72. Later my father sold it and moved to a CE108 (Auto gear) which Im sure he is not going to sell any time soon. Now I also own a Civic which is a fun car to drive but badly miss driving a stick shift. Thinking of buying a secondary car for leisure which will also help me learn about motor mechanics. What car can you guys suggest will fit my purpose? Budget is around 4-6 lakhs. Easy to maintain (but dont mind getting under hood and messing with mechanics) Fun to drive (specially shifting) I have NO concern about Fuel economy Look of the car Aftermarket value Thank you.
  11. Patience is the least available resource I have. But I can give it a try, a man has to learn these stuff sooner or later. Ready to make a mess.... Correct me if Im wrong. Drilling the excess parts. But I dont have a drill, so I guess I will have to remove them using low grade sand papers. Further smoothen the surface from sandpapers. (No issue there) Apply brasso and polish the damaged areas. Will this damage unscratched surface? Reapply the clear coat. What do you mean by clear coat? Is this simple paint or something special for alloy wheels like this ? Wet sand and polishing. (Had to google this, but looks fine) 😃
  12. To be honest, this is the first time I heard about diamond cut wheels. And yes, I read in the web that alloygators are not recommended to diamond cut wheels. So its a no go. Either way I have to fix this issue. I called the workshop @Prangi mentioned, and inquired about the issue telling I need a fix for diamond cut wheels, not traditional alloy wheels. They didnt know about diamond cut wheels, so a bit reluctant whether they can fix it. Can you please suggest a place I can get this done?
  13. Thin you have made a typo when mentionning the 2nd vehicle, it should be Axio right? By the way that odometer value should be definitely tampered. There cannot be a 2008 Axio with only 14500 Km in the odo unless it was sitting in a museum. Since you are not traveling a lot and just looking for a good reliable car which will take you from A to B, both of the aforementioned models will do fine. Inspect properly and get the most mechanically sound car. Good luck.
  14. My father scratched the driver side tire to the toll gate pavement when exiting the southern expressway 😶. Its a small cosmetic damage, but still annoying to a person with mild OCD. There are no deep cuts, but the paint and surface parts of the wheel is chipped in few places. I saw a post from @Davy explaining alloy wheel repair as a DIY project, but since this is a smaller issue, I believe it will be cheaper & easier to get this fixed from a professional. Can someone suggest a good place to get this fixed? And an approximate cost it will take. Thank you very much. 🤗
  15. I also had to use R134a after a minor accident repair in the bumper. I feel like the cooling has reduced a bit but manageable. The other thing I noticed is a small hustling sound coming from the engine bay when the A/C is running. Its only audible when theres no music playing and car is moving at low speed without much reviving (less engine noise). Could be the A/C compressor, but I aint good with car mechanical stuff to even guess. By the way @Insedious, how goes you A/C now? All good?
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