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  1. Klord

    Some Concerns?

    I was thinking the same. But then SR goes for 5.5 M+. How much did your friend spend for the SR? I assume its a UK imported one. No problem so far? Specially related to DCT? 2015 GP5s are priced around 4-4.2 M now. I am reluctant to buy second hand cars (used in Sri Lanka), because we are quite infamous at ill treating vehicles. 😑 Jazz is same as Fit. Bringing down Fit/Jazz seem to be not very economical with recent tariff changes. For 1.5l Hybrid, tariff itself is 4.2 M now ! Thats pretty crazy policy making.
  2. Klord

    Some Concerns?

    What did he buy at the end? When did he buy the car? Was it before the tariff increase? 4.2 M is a reasonable price for a good used GP5 nowadays. Thank you for the information. Do we have these options in Sri Lanka?
  3. Klord

    Some Concerns?

    Please, Can someone shed some light to GP5 non hybrid version? I couldn’t find much information related to it in the forum. Saw a few cars advertised in online sites though. I think I will be able to grab a good reconditioned specimen (within my budget limit) from Japan as they are comparatively cheaper than hybrids. Government Tariffs are not much of a concern as I know a person who is willing to sell his permit. 🙂 1. What is the approximate fuel consumption of non hybrid GP5? 2. Any specific problem associated with car or the 1.3 conventional engine? (I assume most of the other mechanics are same as the hybrid version, though car should be lighter) Thank you...
  4. Klord

    Some Concerns?

    Thank you very much @Hyaenidae, @virajn, @Quiet, @Davy, @iRage & @Jason Bourne for your inputs regarding my queries. So basically, "agent maintained" tag is not a viable source to measure the quality of car. I suppose at least we can confirm the authenticity of the mileage if its agent maintained. Correct me if I am wrong. @GK_007, it feels sad when a carefully treated car get ill treated. My fiancee think I am crazy to worry this much about mileage, history, look etc of a car when planning to buy one. Today morning I told her, that we (men) are more vigilant and considerate when selecting a car to buy than selecting a woman to marry. I have not received any text from her since then. 😁 Reasons are not something related the quality of Vitz and Swift. They are great cars on their own leagues. I am 6’ 2” with a large body frame 🙂. I don’t like the feeling of being cramped up inside a car. As GP5 is quite spacious compared to both aforementioned cars, I decided it’s my go to choice.
  5. Klord

    Some Concerns?

    Thank you for the quick response. Can you please tell me how I can verify with the agent? Im sorry, I have never owned a car and my father’s old Toyota is maintained by local mechanics. So this whole “Agent maintained” thing is a novelty to me.
  6. Klord

    Some Concerns?

    So I was on a hunt for a car for few months. Was initially planning to buy a used Honda GP1. Then decided to buy a GP5 as I saw 2014/15 GP5 being priced around 4 mil price range. Then I thought of importing a reconditioned one as I managed to stretch my budget a bit and spoke with a vehicle importer and asked for quotations. But he said now vehicle taxes has changed and cars like GP5 & Aqua (with 1.5l engine) costs more than before. He suggested going for a smaller engine hybrid like Swift RS or a normal car like Vitz, both of which I have ruled out due to various reasons. Enough ranting 🙃 I have several queries, 1. Most of GP5s advertised are around 50k mileage costing around 4 mil. Some are tagged as "agent maintained". If I buy an “agent maintained” one with records, would I be able to get a car in good condition as per the records with a genuine mileage? 2. I see Honda vezels of 2013/14 priced around 4.3 mil. Has this been the case even before the taxing? Or do the hybrids with medium sized engines now have a lower price tag? 3. Will there be a policy change any time soon? (I know this is a stupid question considering the quality of our policy makers) I am a newb to the fancy metal world. Any answer would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance. 🤗
  7. Agent as in Staff*** Motors right? I saw some cars advertised in online sites with the “agent maintained” tag. Does that mean I can expect the records to be true and car is in fine condition according to the records without any meter tampering? Yes. Having a few bucks at hand is necessary. Never owned a car before so this is a valid advice. Thanks. Can you let me know of a good expert who can help me in this regard please?
  8. Sorry about the delayed response. I got carried away with an ill fated migration plan which ended up in a disaster. Now back to the earth. Did check 2 GP1s advertised in online sites but was not satisfied. Meanwhile managed to extend my budget a bit (3.8 mil), so I guess I will be able to go for a GP5.
  9. You have a very valid point. Thank you. There are some cars advertised in online sites with 50k-80k mileage for 2013 models (registration around 2015). Most likely the mileage can be true compared to the running years if its a personally used car. I really wish Sri Lankans will become more serious (ethical) regarding the car condition. We have created a chain of deception. We tamper the meter, tell lies to sell our car and then we also get deceived when buying aftermarket cars. By the way, what do you mean by professionally inspected? do you mean putting the car to a "Car check" or use of a mechanic? I am not a tech person, I suck at inspecting cars properly. Used to put the car in to "Car Check". And I do not know any good mechanic around who knows hybrid stuff. 😑
  10. Thank you @matroska for the quick response. ☺️ I am thinking of buying a car. My budget is around 3 million. Looking at the current market trends, it looks like I will have to settle with a GP1. I like the look of the GP5, but they cost above 3.5 mil. Stretching beyond 5 lakhs is out of my capabilities at the moment. Thinking of hunting for a 2013 GP1, possibly registered around 2015. Which would give me a fairly new car clocked around 50k-80k max though they belong to the older generation. I am really worried about meter tampering (very common in Sri Lanka). I have very bad previous experience regarding tampered meters in previously owned cars. 😞
  11. Whoa. Thats a lot of information. Thank you very much @kush @leyland @alpha17 @Randeewa @matroska & @iRage for enlightening me in this regard. I actually thought GP1 & GP5 belong to the same generation with different specifications like Honda Civic ES series. > Is there any major difference in the appearance between GP1 & GP5? I see a lot of Fit cars in the road in Sri Lanka. Most K* numbers and some early CA* numbers tend to be a bit beefier while more newer numbers come with a sleek look with more edges. I will assume the later one is the GP5. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you. 🤗
  12. Hi, Can someone explain the difference between GP1 and GP5? Are there any other GP versions available? I do not know much things about Honda. Any information regarding my query will be really appreciated. ——————— I used the search function, but it didn’t yield any fruitful result regarding difference between aforementioned models. There are substantial amount of content regarding Fit, but not many things illustrating difference between models. Thanks in advance.
  13. Klord

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    Hello Guys, I was hunting a car last year. Was looking for a Lancer CS2 or a Mazda 3. Almost bought an Axela on October, but later gave up the dream of owning a car due to hopes of migration. Apparently migration plans didn’t go well as planned, so thought of buying a car finally. (Enough ranting) I am looking for a good Demio this time. Willing to spend up to 2.8 mil for a good car. If anyone of you are planning to sell your car, please let me know.
  14. Klord

    Suggestions for a Newbie

    Yes ES series. ES8 preferably and Manual.
  15. Klord

    Suggestions for a Newbie

    Can you please elaborate why is that? Civic is my 2nd target in the hunt. If no good CS3 came up on time that is.