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  1. Kax Takashi

    Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    Hey guys, Its November and I am still looking, mostly because I am always at work. My budget has increased to 3 mill. Still couldn't find a decent ride. I guess its better to be patient. Let me know if any of your suggestions; if any has change with my slight budget change. I am fighting urges to settle for a wagon r because of the new tax reductions and only because of that. Wagon r doesn't have my required space/volume speck. Thanks for all your input.
  2. Kax Takashi

    Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    Hey guys, What what about Mazda Tribute? Its been selling for around 2.2 mil. I heard about a bad petrol consumption issue if it is a six cylinder. I am talking about a 4 cylinder 2000 cc. Will parts be a problem?
  3. Kax Takashi

    Power Steering Conversion - Honda Integra '87

    thanks for noticing . That was a mistake. I meant to say I am sick of the normally steering and would like to upgrade to a power steering system.
  4. Hey, The subject is a 1987 integra with an Eg8 engine. I would like to get recommendations for a good mechanic to do a Power steering conversion as I am getting sick of the normal steering. A popular guy in maharagama qouted 45k and a week to do the job. The price maybe good but I would be more comfortable going to a place that is recommended by someone with previous experience. Thanks in Advance.
  5. Kax Takashi

    Odometer fraud - Real Story

    Yes, Shouldn't be too obsessed with the odo-meter too much because after all the vehicle is 17 years old. But the vehicle doesn't seem to be maintained as the seller claimed. The vehicle was a bit overpriced and tampering means you can't believe anything else the seller says after that.
  6. Kax Takashi

    Odometer fraud - Real Story

    I had a very interesting experience last week which I thought I should be sharing with everyone here so they can stay away from trouble. I had made plans to buy an a Nissan Xtrail 2000, checked a couple of vehicles and found something that looked decent for the age. The owner seemed genuine and seemed to have maintained the vehicle well. I had the vehicle intensively checked at C## Ch##ks for any issues - it scored 85/100 on their sheet which I thought was okay for a 15 year old vehicle (registered later) . The mileage read 148k. I also did a test drive and finalized on buying it. While we were just going over paper work for the document signing I came across an emission test sheet which showed the odometer reading 260k. That seems completely fair for a 15-year-old vehicle yet & I was in shock. Now the seller started to give all kinds of excuses saying it would have been a data entry mistake. Immediately I walked away from the deal. Any other person who didn't go through the emission test paper would be fooled, and the seller too will not present the old papers here onwards. When I checked with above mentioned inspection agency they said that after 100k on the odo-meter it is difficult to detect any tampering. I am open to providing any more details with anyone who might be considering buying a similar vehicle. Have to admit the owner was nice enough to return the advance of 5k I paid him. My mistake was that I was not being able to check the emission test sheets at the initial stages. It all boils down to the price, and the vehicle was over priced.
  7. Kax Takashi

    Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    I don't think that's an SUV and resale value would be just a bit better than Zotye.
  8. Kax Takashi

    Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    Hey @iRage I have a photography business which sometimes calls for long distance trips. So to answer your question trunk space and comfort. All these questions so I can make an informed decisions. Appreciate your response. @Pericles is that an Isuzu Rodeo? Looks rare. Please do suggest any models if you guys know.
  9. Kax Takashi

    Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    This might be a proper noob question but utterly confused after going over this topic. I am looking for a vehicle to buy under 2.5 million. My main concern is resale value. I am used to driving an '87 honda teg. My choices have narrowed down below. I want to know which is the best option to buy in terms of resale value and petrol consumption. - Zotye Nomad II - Chinese :/ are the newer models still so bad? - Grand Vitara - hard to sell, - Toyota Cami - any thoughts - Rav4 1997 - any thoughts? probably out of this budget.
  10. Hey, I am trying to build up my old 1987, teg. I've had it for a couple of year and now I finally have the time to pay attention to it. Can anyone recommend places for the following : - I would Like to get a power steering upgrade - who would be the right mechanic for this rare model? one guy from maharagama offered electronic and hydrolic systems for about 50 k . Personally I prefer the electronic because theres no strain on the engine but how well will an electronic steering system fit on this car? - Oil leak from engine (EG8) - from head and distributor- Engine needs to be tuned because it seems to be different and i haven't tuned it in a while. Sometimes when I start it in the morning it keeps dying to the slightest clutch imbalance. The acceleration also feels less. I used to tune from Dhammika in cotta road(a few years ago) and he advised that to get the the right plug as the plug was different. I have been running smoothly for about 2 yearss and I would like to maintain the engine well. Any advice would be appreciated. - Water leak from windscreen from top . a random mechanic checked and said the body area around the wind screen is corroding. - Also there's a slight fuel leak from the fuel tank and the local mechanic plugged a piece of a soap bar(eye brows raised) but it worked. I would like to get it properly repaired. Is there any place to buy a diy fuel repair kit like the ones I have seen on youtube. - A good place to spice up the car interior - NOT in a ricy way. seats and upholstery mainly And yea I am aware that I sound like a noob, but would really appreciate all advice. Best Regards.