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  1. Xtreme Auto

    Best to buy around 2.7_2.8 million

    realistic fuen consumption of vitz arround 15 in less traffic areas. But im not sure it will suit to badulla as it is bit under power vehicle. Try for a 121 corrolla. It will be the best one for you...All other bigger models are not fuel efficient other than fit area in your price range.....look for a properly maintained one as most of 121 were hacked by heavy usage
  2. Xtreme Auto

    I want some guidance

    121 is the most economical, but it is bit old car now
  3. Allion, premio, belta and yaris are good cars but with well maintained conditions as all of them are used more than 10 years. My personal feeling is most of them close to 2lack millage. Even with that millage they do better if they maintained well. I suggest you Mazda Axela also a very good reliable car but do less in fuel than Allion. But comport-ability and driving satisfaction is far better. Any of above selections, do consider the maintenance history records.......
  4. Xtreme Auto

    Daihatsu Mira VS Alto

    For fuel economy, less maintenance cost and resale market Alto can be recomended but not comfortable at all.
  5. Xtreme Auto

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Honesly saying we have done something to country than these foolish ministers. I meant all governments had last 30/40 years. At least we are not stolling others things. I have no appreciation over any of ministers recently had. Simply strongly against your idea. Sorry to mentioned it. But it is my personal view. But I think most of our members have the same idea
  6. Xtreme Auto

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    The best cars should promote to reduce carbon emission is hybrid petrol cars not the electric vehicles. the fact that effect by electric vehicles is that the carbon emit by power generation is higher than the petrol vehicles. Majority been produced by Norochchole which is a boiler powered with coal. Worst case is diesel generators that they supply the lack of the peak. Uneducated ministers will never understanding those factors and these buggers will never make a environment or people friendly budgets. They play for their benifits.
  7. Xtreme Auto

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Only vehicle reduced with this budget is vitz and passo. Some electric brand new may come in future. As a summary this cheating budget that play hidding factors
  8. Xtreme Auto

    A car for max. 3.8M

    You got a decent budget and it is better to go with Japanese one with good fuel consumption. Hybrids are recommended for heavy users than mean millage vise. If you drive 2000/3000km per month surely Hybrid will be a good offer. But some one who drive less than 1000km per month normal vehicle is recommended. In hybrids you may have to face some battery related issues in long time use. They may be expensive and hybrid and electrical vehicle price reduction against age is higher than normal jap.
  9. Xtreme Auto

    A car for max. 3.8M

    You can check some good options below as you don't consider brand new and the factor of hassle free car. 1. Toyota Vitz 2012/2013 2. Toyota Passo 2014/2015 (I think best option) 3. Toyata Yaris 2011 4. Toyota Belta 2010 Top 2 is very good with fuel.
  10. Xtreme Auto

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    But we can adjust and arrange some budgets for targeted vehicles if we can take some idea what is going to happened.
  11. Xtreme Auto

    Suggest me a vehicle below 2M

    I know it is the normal value of that size. Just read some comments on above. Most of our experts comment on that as 323 is doing around 15. 10 is good for a old sedan. But what i realize as good fuel economy values (generally) +14 km/ltr
  12. Xtreme Auto

    Fuel Efficiency

    Vehicle : Kia Rio (2003) Transmission Type : Auto Engine Capacity : 1500cc Fuel : Petrol Km per Ltr (city/long distance) : City 7-8 Long 9-11 Vehicle : Alto - 2013 New face Transmission Type : Manual Engine Capacity : 800cc Fuel : Petrol Km per Ltr (city/long distance) : City 14-17 Long 18-20
  13. Xtreme Auto

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    A*W has stopped valuation for used vehicles. I got the information from them that they will start it after beginning of December. That meant there may be a considerable amount of reduction for smaller cars. There are lot of gossips on electric vehicles. Some says that the tax will be around 0-5%. Still i could not confirm the correct information although i was trying hard find information since 5-6 weeks. It is really appreciated any one give some feedback who is closely with Finance ministry.
  14. Xtreme Auto

    Suggest me a vehicle below 2M

    My friend had a 323 98/99 auto. It does only 10 per liter. He sold it due to issue of reversing. When the vehicle is cold condition reverse gear is not working. He came to office from Homagama to jail ela
  15. Xtreme Auto

    Suggest me a vehicle below 2M

    Incase of fuel economy Mazda is not the suitable one. try with below cars according to your requested criteria 1. Viva Elite 2. Toyota AE 110 3. Alto 800/K10 4. Japanese ALto