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  1. tsam

    Car Door Hing Pins

    Hi Guys Can anyone help me to find a good guy to do the car door pins, looking for somwhere Boresgamuwa, Nugegoda, Piliyandala Thanks a lot
  2. Hes specialist for Nissans but i had a good chat and after that said to bring others if i have since i know there are some more guys like me who needs help, yes try calling him,before you go, and hes doing Hybrids as well, you can tell got the reference from me, tell him, Nwingroad he fixed from Kalutara ,then he will remember this is number 0722142143, good luck
  3. tsam

    Dash board repair

    Hi, Try this guy they do repairs . Umar Cushion - 0754737835 ####
  4. Hi I had a engine knock most of the mechanics in colombo couldnt figure the reason so did many things but didnt work so ,finally i went to Ravi thanks to Auto lanka good mechanics lists,, so he figured there are spacer in the IAC valve need to remove that and he did some fine tuning , prob is over,, if you have a nissan always go there but make sure you got no other work , u have to wait days or 10 hours or so coz he busy like crazy
  5. Dear Friends I went to Ravi perera finally, he fixed it ,thanks for your inputs appreciate lot, but i have to wait 12 hours there he got million things to do ,thats the issue so he get a very little time to check things, but hes better than any other mechanics for nissan's, so i recommend him for all nissan car issues, his charges are reasonable, only issues is u have to be ready to rot there for hours may be whole day . thanks Cheers
  6. Ok, Muchan , prob is i cheked most of the things, the maka bass here all in colombo wasting money only , if you find somone who has nissan expertiese let me know , Cheers Thanks a lot
  7. Dear Firends i thank you all for replying me , im plaing to go and see that Bulugaha nissan mechanic, cos in colombo area i couldnt find a good guy still, all just telling things without clues, If you guys know somone in colombo for nissans please tell me , appreciate lot Thank you,
  8. Thank you very much for your input, before i buy this car the previous owener had replaced 3 coils i guess i saw 3 marker signs one is there with no marker may be that one old , how to check without buying a coil ? can you help me Bro ? Thanks
  9. Dear Friends , please help me to sort my car issue, i m not sure this electrical or mechanical issue, My nissan wingroad ( Auto ) 2002, engine is Qg15 theres an engine knock i cant sort this out , i did the efi tune up, did the exhaust Analyzer test, and no engine fault codes also, when i stop on gas some times it knocks and RPM is not moving mostly but when in Neutral its going up, ,this happens when only in drive ( D) positions neutral there's no knock at all , i use only 95 petrol only i don know who can diagnose this , but im not sure to who to take to , most of the guys still couldn't figured , please help , thank you all, My ATF oil also good,
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