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  1. KMaster

    Datsun 510 Engine swap

    Hello, I just got a project car. A 1979 Datsun 510(140j) 4 door . I am looking to swap the old L14 datsun engine which has clocked in over 500k, For a SR18 or a SR20DET. What is the cost and where can i purchase these engines with the transmission, wiring, etc? Or else how much would it cost to import it? Thanks in advance.
  2. KMaster

    Cheap car engine swap

    Sorry for my miscommunication, I don't have a car yet, just wanted some recommendations on buying a cheap car and swapping out the motor.
  3. KMaster

    Cheap car engine swap

    Lol. Then I'll have to go with Fast and Cheap
  4. KMaster

    Cheap car engine swap

    Hi, What engine swap would be best and cheapest for a Toyota Corolla Ke11 1970. Or any nice 2 door cars? - car should be fast And reliable. -Low cost in doing the job - good for daily use with low maintenance Thanks in advance