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  1. Mihirana

    Lights Not Powerful Enough!!

    The recently acquired Honda Civic 1.8S has headlights that doesn't go with the eligance of the car(I mean the beam intensity). Has anyone got a solution? What do people refer to as crystal lights?
  2. Mihirana

    Car Show This Weekend

    Loved the land rovers. I had never seen the Range Rover Sport before that close. Except that nothing at all. Ah! Had a nice little chat with Dinesh Deheragoda.
  3. Mihirana

    Market Value Of A Ford

    What has happened to the FORD agents??? They seem to be inactive(relatively) What do you think??
  4. Mihirana

    Fuel Consumption In 2007 Civic

    Spot on! The cruise control can be easily used at late night and early morning.. @seeker (driving pleasure+prestige looks+excellent handling+safety+comfort+acceleration) compensates fuel consumption so I don't think you have nothing to worry. By the way do you have the same difficulty of judging the distance from the cockpit to the front bumper. I normally judge the length really well but this is a bit hard isn't it?? when passing a suddenly stopping bus or when overtaking.
  5. Mihirana

    Proton Cars. Good? Or Bad?

    I've driven a Proton Gen2. Looks are really great. Can be modified as well.Good handling and acceleration. No idea about other models.
  6. Mihirana

    Fuel Consumption In 2007 Civic

    You should also check this out. http://www.hondamakati.com.ph/Ver2/News&am...Submit=Features Once I drove from Matara to Colombo and back. My rough calculations says near 14km/l. <_< Unbelievable??Believe it. It defineatly does more than 10 outstation.
  7. Mihirana

    Fuel Consumption In 2007 Civic

    We have the 1.8S civic tiptronic. The car is driven in Matara, strangely it does about 10km/l if not more. I'm quite surprised to hear the 1.6 doing even lesser. Maybe you drive in dense traffic. There are 4 civics in Matara and I know the owners of 3 of them. 2 are 1.6s and the other is 1.8 bought for the permit about 6month ago. Are you reffering to the 2006 model??What's the 2007?. I think the stafford has the 2006 model. Some help
  8. Mihirana

    Need Subaru Guru's Advice

    Hi Dodge, It's great to know that there are people who think outside the box cos nowadays most of us go for the boring corolla and sunny and live a quite silent life.(Unavoidable) We have a 1998 model silver sports outback wagon but ***************** Recently we upgraded to a Honda civic 1.8S 2006. I really must say although with old tech. the Subaru can challenge the high tech new HONDA(performance vice). It has great handling, simple structure, powerful engine, although suspension is not that great. It does about 11-12 km/l You'll never regret going for it. Cheers Buddy!!!!!!!1
  9. Mihirana

    What Can You Say About Hyundai Accent?

    Check out the Motor Maagazine this month. They have a fairly good review
  10. Mihirana

    Link Between Value And Colour?

    This is a fact I've heard. In most newly designed cars the manufacturers are really cautious on the perfectly smooth body lines of a dark colured(black) car. It's because if looked upon carefully on a black car one can identify weather these are flawless lines or not. Maybe it's the reason for the value being high. So if your car has undegone some damages or patches and the local guys dealt with it these areas may show up after applying black paint!!
  11. Mihirana

    Cops Rules!!!

    I hate the COPS!!!!!!!!!!! I am frustrated with our NATIONAL CRICKET TEAM!!!!!!!!!11
  12. Mihirana

    First Few Kms

    I get the feeling the toyota guys have no idea about it. Correct me if i'm wrong....... Stafford motors lady also had a vague idea about the issue as I called just now. The manual didn't help guys!! couldn't find anything regarding the topic. (Maybe I need to have an eye chekup ) By the way way does anyone know the technical stuff behind this so that we can just build a logic and think sensibly????
  13. Mihirana

    Cops Rules!!!

    Just another disgusting cop activity. You know guys, if they stop and ask me for my laptop I'd say them "Go get a warrant, you have no right to view my personal data" The only thing that makes sense in this is they are checking for a BOMB placed inside!!!!! Well... there should be other ways to check that (police dogs) without logging in and going through all the stuff inside a PDA or a phone or a lap.
  14. Mihirana

    First Few Kms

    Thanks for all the advice guys I've really got to control myself just to keep the revs low. This thing is great guys, they say 0-100 in 8.5secs but I feel even lesser.
  15. Mihirana

    First Few Kms

    We've just obtained the civic T/T 1.8. It has under 50km done. Are there any precautions or any advice that you can offer us when driving through the first few 100 kilometers??