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  1. For the year 2017 Toyota introduced the C-HR which is a compact SUV. Recently It came to the Sri Lankan automobile market also. The car came in 2 major variants with 4 trim levels. An only petrol version with a smaller engine but with a turbo charger and a one with the famous Toyota's Synergy Drive hybrid powertrain system. Both of these have 2 different trim levels as G and S (where G is always coming with the highest spec list). With the dimensions, the C-HR is a practical city rider. Despite the exterior dimensions, the interior is not a big compromise. We at Tarragon TV did a review on this car as the 5th episode of the series. Watch it and let us know your comments. Remember to subscribe for more videos in future.
  2. iRage, sorry for replying you late... 1. What did you mean by "effectively reduce its range"? 2. If the charging was from the ordinary household electricity grid (230V), to charge from 1 to 100%, it will take around 6-8 hrs but for a normal daily city rider, the car wouldn't discharge to 0% so just a 3hr charge would take it all back. Anyway overnight charging is convenient and effective. but if it was a fast charger (DC), it will take from just 30 mins to 1 hr. 3. Home is near We thought to not to do a full review about this car because Nissan Leaf has been there for quite a long so people already know about it. And thanks a lot for your great feedback....
  3. Guys did you check the new video? Hope you'll enjoy... http://forum.autolanka.com/blogs/entry/5-nissan-leaf-at-its-boundaries/
  4. Nissan unveiled its first 100% electric production car in 2009 with the name Leaf on it. Since then, going through many improvements, the Leaf has captured a different niche in the automobile market. Even in Sri Lanka, due to its affordability which worth as its spatial practicability, the Nissan Leaf has been a major consumer choice. The powertrain with the 110 Horse Power electric motor is powered by a Lithium-ion battery which can be chosen among the 24kw and 30kw. Each battery provides 2 significantly different driving ranges, 200km and 250km respectively as its being claimed by Nissan. Practically these numbers vary significantly but for a daily city rider, the Nissan Leaf is a perfect choice. The car learns by itself the riding style of the driver. Then in the next full charge, it will show the possible traveling range according to those data. Simply, If you drive so aggressively for a few days, and then once you charged the car, it will show you a lower possible range. Anyway, these values also change in real time according to the way you accelerate. The good part is, if you are a daily city driver (short distance), then you might not need to charge the car every day because the battery doesn't get discharged when the car is stopped. Thus, in electric cars, the range is the most critical factor in production as well as when buying. That is a one reason the car became a controversy in both negatively and positively. The build quality of the car is quite good as a family car. It has plenty of leg room for both the front and rear seats with a great ride comfort. The sophisticated infotainment system is very detailed and straight forward. The electronic transmission nob adds a huge technological feeling to the cabin. Being an electric car doesn't mean that it cannot go fast but it means the total opposite. Even in Nissan Leaf, the electric motor produces 280 Nm of torque which gives a thrilling acceleration. We actually tested the car for the 0 to 100kmph speed test. With some additional information, we published our 4th episode of Tarragon TV series. Watch it, enjoy, leave us your feedback and subscribe to our youtube channel for even better videos in future.
  5. That is highly appreciated and that is exactly what we need right now... Thank you very much... Keep in touch
  6. It is really impressive to see the interest within you for the content and thank you so much for these genuine, factful feedbacks and criticisms. This is a real push to figure out how the future work should be carried out. Our target is to make information available organized. There what we realized with these expert ideas is that the information should be related to different levels of justifications which would match all the levels of knowledge and expertise that the readers possess. This is just a beginning, meaning we can enhance but you are the drive force. Thanks again and keep in touch. Let's grow together...
  7. We are getting the Catalogs which has mentioned with all the specifications and additional equipment that have the possibility of inclusion with the respective models. There, as you have mentioned, Toyota offers different devices with different features but they are not cheap indeed. would start from Rs. 80,000. The main reason they are expensive is that they are not just entertainment systems but "InfoTainment" systems in which the VICS has also been integrated. Above all, it is anyhow worthless to fix it from Japan due to the language and the compatibility. That is the problem. Not only to SL, factory releases the units without the infotainment. Only for the Japanese, it is worth fixing a system from AV Shops in japan. Thank you very much for your concern iRage. Keep in touch and we would like to hear more from you.
  8. Oops Ive mistaken the 1.8L thing. You are correct it is not 1.8 but 2L. I will edit my comment in that. And im sorry that im not sure about the Toyopet dealership package may be you are right but in fact toyota normally doesnt offer customizations between different versions (we too make requests for factory-customized vehicles through Toyota for from-the-scratch production) because even the previous Allion 1.8 came on a different chassis. Anyway, I'll explore more in that fact and thank you for your interest and sharing information with us. It is highly appreciated. Stay tuned.
  9. The player is an option where the customer need to specify the inclusion in the production procedure (which costs some high additional charges) else it is up to the user to fix a one with the favorite brand. And thats why the player is not coming with brand new cars. Additionally it is worthless to request the option because even the FM frequency range of the japanese set is incompatible with what is in here in Sri Lanka.
  10. Which 2 "ramishkad"? and what is the brand of your on-dash-cam?
  11. Thank you very much "The Stig". Hope you have subscribed the channel. In fact, in the previous version also, no one specifically manufactured a 1.5L "G-Superior". It was just a matter of sticking the badges by the local importers (before or after shipment). The Electrically adjustable seats came standard in the EX-Package in the previous version after the year 2013 or 12. So they marketed the thing as "G-Superior" 1.5L with electric seats. The truth is, G-Superior is only for the 1.8L and not for electric seats or anything. EDIT : The truth is, G-Superior is only for the 2.0L
  12. The latest versions of Toyota Allion and Premio was released in mid-2016. The two models has come with significant design as well as technological improvements. This time, Toyota has blurred the boundaries of the design in both of the cars and given a one common overall design to the front and the back while specifying 2 different levels of detailing and trim. Despite that fact, the design this time is really impressive. Firstly, let's watch the video that we did as the comparison between the two cars. The 2 cars have been built on the same chassis as the predecessors', the NZE-260. but in the exterior, the hood (bonnet), front fenders and the front and rear buffers have been redesigned with different levels of detailing. The front lamps are LED including the head lamp. Tail lights are a combination of both LED and conventional lighting. The ground clearance has also been increased a bit which is a better sign. This time, there is no "G-Superior" in the Premio. Instead the "EX-Package" as the highest option level in the Premio and G-Plus in the Allion. In the video, there are those highest grades. The Premio that we took to has the New body colour which they call it as "Dark Red Mica Metallic" which is more Redish than the wine-red of the out going version (Different colour codes). The white is all the same and it is the Pearl-white (metallic white) in the video. The 2 cars are equipped with more sophisticated technological aspects. Mainly the safety features like, High Beam Assist: Which will control the high beam (Head light) by it self. When driving at night, due to the HBA system we no more need to put the lights into Full or Dim. When a car is coming towards, the system automatically dims the light and immediately after its passed, the lights are put into full. Lane Departure Assist: The system will give a warning if the driver is crossing between the lanes unsafely. The display in the dashboard displays the regarding information. Pre-Safe Collision Assist: The car brakes by itself if the driver did not take necessary actions in the situation where a collision could happen. The system works under the speed of 50Km/h. It is the Same as the CTBA which came in Honda. Additionally with the ultra sonic sensors on the front and rear bumpers (buffers) the system detects if there are short collision objects even when the car is moving in a tight parking lot. The system boosts brake even the driver has applied brakes slightly which would not sufficient to stop the car. The on dash display visualizes how close you are to a collision object. This time they have added the Engine Auto Stop function which turns off the engine when it is in idle in order to maximize the fuel efficiency. For an instance, when you are waiting for the green light, The Auto Stop will work until you take the foot off the brake pedal. Immediately after the brakes are released, the engine comes up and ready when your foot reaches the accelerator (no delay).
  13. Here is a review related to your question.
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