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  1. Honda Integra

    I saw somewhere in the forum that there are about 8 tegs. But dont know whether it's true
  2. Honda Integra

    Does anyone know how many integra's brought down here? (db8)
  3. Honda Integra

    It's a 300 auto
  4. Honda Integra

    Yeah its the grey colour one. Went for a trial and seems to be there's no problem. It is absolutely in mint condition too
  5. Honda Integra

    Guys, There's a Honda Integra 1998. The owner is asking 1.8 million and won't negotiate. It seems to be in a good shape. Is it okay for that price?
  6. Best car to buy

    Guys, Whats the best car to buy? Mazda 3 2007 Honda Civic fd1/fd4 BMW e46 320 automatic
  7. Price

    Like I can bring that here? ? I cant find any facelifts for sale
  8. Price

    In here?
  9. Price

    Hi!! How much will be a bmw e46 facelift automatic? (Diesel/Petrol) Know any e46's for sale?
  10. BMW e46

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bmw e46 facelift model petrol or diesel automatic....What's the price range now going???