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  1. BatMaan

    406 D9

    Don't know whether it's too late or not, but I'll add my thoughts here. I guess this is a brand new model as it's 2002 and number being GO-. And because of that the mileage has to be in KMs not miles. Peugeot's are very good cars if maintained properly. So go for a trial and feel it. The cars were graded. LX, Rapier, GLX, ST and Executive being the highest grade. Rapier is semi-option while others are full option. Most of the GLX and ST has heat seats, leather seats, electric seats, rear curtain, rain sensors, door lights etc. Executive is all the said options plus headlamp washers and electric sunroof. 406s came with two engine variants 1800cc and 2000cc and a diesel version with 2000cc. Executive's only came with the 2000cc engine. Automatic version is a problematic one because the solenoid valves inside the gearbox fails most of the time and because of that people have converted most auto's into manual. It's a very good car besides that. The normal price of a 406 would be 1.4-1.8 million, Executive's being the highest value. Maintenance is very easy if you find the right guy. Spare parts also can be found easily. A good car for the value having class, comfort and the looks. So 1.9 million looks quite high. If it's an Executive probably will worth it if it's in mint condition. But it's the buyers opinion that matters. I say if it's good for you go for it. Same theory applies to any other car.
  2. BatMaan

    Project R - Redux - from 2014 to 2018: ENGINE

    Yes machan. A great project that I admire.
  3. BatMaan

    Project R - Redux - from 2014 to 2018: ENGINE

    Bro, it's me with the grey teg. Anyways never knew that the 4th build had a rough patch.
  4. BatMaan

    Project R - Redux - from 2014 to 2018: ENGINE

    Damn!!! After reading this I am sure I will build my one. But not yet!!!
  5. BatMaan

    Honda Integra

    I saw somewhere in the forum that there are about 8 tegs. But dont know whether it's true
  6. BatMaan

    Honda Integra

    Does anyone know how many integra's brought down here? (db8)
  7. BatMaan

    Honda Integra

    It's a 300 auto
  8. BatMaan

    Honda Integra

    Yeah its the grey colour one. Went for a trial and seems to be there's no problem. It is absolutely in mint condition too
  9. BatMaan

    Honda Integra

    Guys, There's a Honda Integra 1998. The owner is asking 1.8 million and won't negotiate. It seems to be in a good shape. Is it okay for that price?
  10. BatMaan

    Best car to buy

    Guys, Whats the best car to buy? Mazda 3 2007 Honda Civic fd1/fd4 BMW e46 320 automatic
  11. BatMaan


    Like I can bring that here? ? I cant find any facelifts for sale
  12. BatMaan


    In here?
  13. BatMaan


    Hi!! How much will be a bmw e46 facelift automatic? (Diesel/Petrol) Know any e46's for sale?
  14. BatMaan

    BMW e46

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bmw e46 facelift model petrol or diesel automatic....What's the price range now going???