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  1. Guys does anyone knows alternate ATF for Chevrolet cruise instead Suzuki ATF 3317???
  2. NamalJay

    Chevrolet Cruze - alloy wheel center cap

    i checked but there is no same one/size i can fix..... ..
  3. Hi Does any one know where can find out chevy cruise alloy wheel center caps
  4. NamalJay

    Chevrolet Cruze - Gear box noise

    Thanks for your advice, i will try with your points and will see how can resolve.
  5. Hi, I have Chevy Cruze 2004 model and i purchased nearly. I observed,a humming noise starts after few kilometers drive. (its happened nearly, 1 month after purchased) its not big noise but slightly i can hear. i think its may be from gear box. why, one of the garage guy asked me " Is this model vehicle getting gear box jam? or any prob with gear " I said "No", because that time i didn't get any sound or abnormal condition. but now i am getting this slight noise.so i have fear and doubt about this noise. please advice..
  6. NamalJay

    Learner drivers @ car wash garages

    So that's mean, is better to go for manual wash any way. other hand even though after manual wash appears very small lines that cant be stopped i guess. it is up to how washing process carry out . in our country auto car washers are very less in to the country. so most of the people doesn't have experience and scared to use it.
  7. NamalJay

    Learner drivers @ car wash garages

    Hello guys, What do you think about auto car wash. is it bad for vehicles? or safe?
  8. NamalJay

    Chevrolet Cruze User Manual

    Hi Randeewa, Thank you very much for your kind reply & support. I went through it & I felt also this data will help as you said. Best Regards. Namal.
  9. NamalJay

    Chevrolet Cruze User Manual

    HI, I just went though this topic. but i couldn't find chevy cruise manual. if any one have it please let me know thanks.