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  1. Optimus

    Please help me.....

    I have read lot of article from SL and foreign actually I didn't remember which but I got general idea it's very costly vehicle
  2. Optimus

    Please help me.....

    Thanks everyone for valuable ideas... Vios over my budget Galent lot of bad comments on forum except for comfortability. And no FB 14 and presea... Lolz ? ? ? How about blue bird (2000) and BMW (316/320) ??
  3. Optimus

    Please help me.....

    Thanks pal... Anyone with BMW 316i kind enough to comments? And FB 14 any ideas guys? Add my list to - Mazda 323 , Tercel ???
  4. Optimus

    Please help me.....

    Thanks Clark's son , chandu 99, fiatLife Seems to be peogout not a good option, it will be very hard to find vehicle maintain like that. Most of good condition ek3 above 20lak ?? Seems to be Mazda 323 good option, is it very reliable car for long distance drive?? I like 110 , bummer all good cars arround 20-24lak
  5. Optimus

    Please help me.....

    Thanks again fiatLife. Any idea about Peugeot, blue bird and BMW... I consider those people said they are very reliable vehicle and good for long distance drive?
  6. Optimus

    Please help me.....

    Thanks fiatLife. Is Tercel good car? My uncle own one and he had lot of complains....
  7. Optimus

    Please help me.....

    Hello guys I'm new for forum... Really appreciate yours help I have read lot of article regurding this at forum and I want your guys direct opinion to choose a good car for my need I'm a professional who drives daily 30-40km. I have several cars previously. My budget in hand 1.7M. Every two weeks I will drive Colombo to Badulla at my parents house. I need a car with * Reliable - drive Colombo - Badulla ( sometimes I have to drive along at night ) * Reasonable 2nd Market - Will be sell 8-12 month * Comfortable due to long drive * Reasonable fuel economy I have several in my mind but couldn't able to decide * Peugeot 406 * Blue bird ( 2000) * FB 14 * Corolla 110 - but good vehicle over 2M * BMW 318 / 320 Welcome to add others also I don't like Indian crap Please very appreciate your help regurding specific matter Thank you