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  1. Well I doubt you can tick all of them in whatever the car you are after, I guess best is to drive few and get a feel. And the way you feel the body roll is also subjective I suppose. Since you have mentioned the boot space, ever considered wagons like Toyota Fielder ? I haven't got any experience on the vehicle, but in terms of practicality these things are unmatched. Personally would love to own one. May be someone who knows the car can enlighten us on the body roll and other aspects ? Doubt they are very far off from the sedan counterpart.
  2. Add Mazda 3 to the list as well. You'll be able to find a third gen below 5 mn. If you say non DCT I can understand. Just out of curiosity why non cvt to be specific? 🤔
  3. Probably your 12V battery has drained. But you should be able to open the doors using the Mechanical key, just try rotating the key firmly again. If possible spray some WD40.
  4. I guess you have drilled down your options to the Mazda 3 and Sportage CRdi. Let me give my thoughts on above 2. Sportage 2011-2012 ( Diesel Tiptronic - 4WD )*I doubt you can get the diesel variant within your budget, usually a these things go above 5 mn mark. Not sure the current prices though, the petrol variant might fall in for the budget, but then again it wont be economical as the Mazda. Pros - Good ground clearance - Sufficient power for a rough terrain /hills. - Larger boot space, comfortable for 5 people. Cons - I have no experience with the agents, but from what I have heard they are not the best in terms of customer service. One of my collegues had the petrol variant with a Sunroof, she had lot of trouble with the agents for sourcing a Sun roof and the sump. (She hit the sump on a road island). Waited for months after lot of phone calls, visits, complaints etc. - Have heard the agent is also expensive for some regular maintenance stuff like gear oil changes. - Driven once, and the body roll was significant (this is comparative) Mazda 3 ( 2014-2015 Model) *Havent seen any hatches for this model in SL, apart from one Axela. (The JDM variant) Let me guess you are from Aussi ? Have seen many Mazda 3 hatches over there, seems very popular. However the version imported to SL by the local agents is not the highest spec unfortunately. - Solid cars, brand new imported usually agent maintained all through out with the service records. - Proper handling with a feel. - Usually still with the first / second owner not used as a 'Commodity' like a Toyota. - Has good alternatives to the Agent e.g. Ma*na motors. Cons - Basic options, e.g. Manual AC, Basic audio, Rear Drum brakes,No auto levelling head lamps,HUD etc. *Then again this is comparative, I feel them as basic options because I compare this car with the JDM equivalent Axela. which has some additional bells and whistles, If there is no Axela then the options on 3 is not basic. - Engine is from the prev generation, non skyactive *But its a solid engine. - Bit firm on the ride, not floating like a Toyota. If I were you I would still go for the 3 even though it falls behind the 'Option' aspect. Most these so called options are not practical in SL context, I would value the rest over that. Its up to you to decide. Good luck.
  5. Agree with GW here. Since you brought the car very recently you might feel its loud. But when I listened to the clip it doesn't sound like anything abnormal to me. Its quite normal for Peroduas, I remember my kelisa also had similar sound. Guess @matroska and whoever had/has Peroduas can confirm. May be few crankes more than usual, just slightly due to a weak 12v.
  6. Well just my personal opinion, dont think its the right time to spend your capital on a new car in general. Do not know your context, Is it your first car? If it is, and if you absolutely need a car for your daily commute If I were you I would be looking for a cheaper option e.g. something like a kelisa may be. (Not that Picanto is a bad car) Then again, it all depends on your state of finances and lifes priorities.
  7. Nice writeup. So you stayed at Galapitayaya Have a very fond memory of one of the most stupid things I have done with devils Staircase. BTW the car looks much better with the original color scheme. This one is 1.6cc right?
  8. All your priorities are relative. I would suggest following cars, just have a test drive and feel how it is for you. 1-Mazda 3 2014-2015 *Think this is the best deal for your price range in terms of being a newer sedan. 2-Honda CRV 2010-2012 *Boot space, Ground clearance 3-Premio/Allion *If you can find a good specimen. 4-X trails 2011-2012
  9. GK_007

    Rover Car

    If I am correct, remember watching a Topgear episode where Jezza, May and Richard all 3 agreed this is the most unreliable car ever or something like that. So eventhough you build it, there might be issues following. There must be a reason for it to be dirt cheap.I would stay away from it.
  10. Well, since you dont plan to keep the car for a long time I would go with something which is very minimum in depreciation and something you can sell quickly. So I would go with the grandmas car 'Yaris'.
  11. Dont know who does these reviews in Ela***, whoever it is it just lists the same features like how the ac can cool the cabin on a hot day etc. In SL you can sell even a bullock cart if it has the 'Toyota' badge in it.
  12. If its just 1 weeks, highly likely that it has been there all throughout but you just noticed ?
  13. Hey, it seems you skipped over the very first sentence on my post where I mentioned "I am an absolute newbie". I wasn't trying to be modest by saying that, I really am a newbie. ☺️ Its nothing wrong about you, its about the crazy taxing and pricing we have here for BN vehicles.
  14. A guy has 6mn and his car options are small hatchbacks, mini suvs. What times we are living in. 🤔 If I had 6mn I would not go for half/quarter of a car for the sake of being 'Unregistered', 'Peace of Mind'. Just my personal thought that I dont think its right spending anything above 3mn for a small hatchback/Kei. What a waste of money, be it any car its a pile of metal and plastic. So IMO, in very simple sense I would go for more material for the price I pay. Around that range you have many second hand options with more metal and plastic and leather may be e.g. 2014/15 Mazda 3/Axela, CRV 12/13, Kia Sportage 2012/2013, Audi A4 2011/12, If you can stretch the budget just slightly Mazda 6 2014/15. Mitsubishi Asx, prev gen xtrail, Hyundai Santa Fe 2012/13. If you absolutely need a BN one, I would vote for the new 1L Civic / CHR. (Have to spend bit more than 6mn) But its up to you, just my 2 cents.
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