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  1. Agreed. Thank you very much.
  2. Dear all, I was thinking about applying nano coating for my car for sometime.But the high cost is putting me off, what I feel is it may be worth on a new car as there is minimal damage on the paint.e.g swirl marks. And it shall prevent future damage. But is it really worth on an old car, say 5 years old? I saw on an advert that they do charge based on number of coats. Is it worth to go for just one/two coat? Thanks a lot
  3. GK_007

    Mazda Axela hybrid gear box oil change

    I changed all oils from the agent when I purchased the car, regardless the history. Because we can never be sure of the mileage of these grey imports. I later figured out that my mileage has been turned down by 20000kms. I am planning to stick to 40000km interval for gear oil. As I remember cost was 12k. I am using Toyota 5w 30 as engine oil. Of course user manual recommends either 0w 20 or 5w 30 from castrol.
  4. GK_007

    Car Insurance 2019/2020

    Got my renewal next week, SL*C. Premium came as100k for a value 5.5mn. However, there was a claim that I did not get realized hoping to adjust that and will come down to around 85k. Agree with claiming process, have done couple of claims and it was easy dealing with them. And they gave a credit period of 2 months to pay the premium.
  5. GK_007

    DFSK 580

    Or its the same person. Have you heard about 'warnapala theory'?
  6. GK_007

    2015 Mazda 3 Common Issues

    Been using the JDM version of Mazda 3 for almost 1 year. Nothing major, fellow users of this model reported a handbrake issue where sometimes getting stuck. There is a simple preventive measure to it, a spray which will be carried out when servicing. And lookout for worn out steering wheel and handbrake leavers. Having covers for both will makesure they are protected. Anyways, if the car is not maintained properly any car is prone to issues no matter the brand/model.
  7. GK_007

    Stepping stone

    Congratulations ! Absolutely a beauty. ❤️
  8. GK_007

    Some Concerns?

    Oh ho, thats your 6. Too bad the car is now not with good hands.
  9. GK_007

    Stepping stone

    Well I agree Hybrid Axela is not as exciting as a gasoline 6. And it is not quick as my GP1, have to push hard to takeover. But still it has some of the mazda genes IMO its better than a Hybrid Axio or a Prius, specially when it comes to handling department. I think Mazda has eliminated some of the weaknesses of Prius by mating Toyota Hybrid system to SkyActive 2L. e.g. The breaking is not jerky as in the Prius.
  10. GK_007

    Stepping stone

    I saw that advert. No idea what he quoted but I think asking price on the ad is bit too high, (subjective). Are you ok with the color white for a 6 ? Just I think, white sort of hides this cars true beauty. Check for wearing on steering wheel and the hand brake handle outer material. The material used by mazda in those two areas tend to wear off pretty fast. Its almost unavoidable to get few scratches after 50k+ driving in sri lankan roads. :) As Irage pointed out, if the guy has been still running in original tires after 60k+ gives an indication user has been bit ignorant and not on time when it comes to maintenance. As Irage said, get it properly checked. Also saw 2 more cars in dark blue and red.
  11. GK_007

    Japanese Car News

    😍😍 Even the 2L will be outrageously expensive here. Dont think they be ever imported to SL unless someone with a permit makes a sensible choice. Which usually does not happen in SL. Haven't seen post 2015, sixes or in that case many threes here.
  12. GK_007

    Frameless Wipers

    Have seen them in Lau*hs Service stations.
  13. GK_007

    IMA battery warning on GP1

    Use google translate app to translate the japanese text on the display. This app is pretty handy, when you have installed japanese language, it can translate real time using the camera. You just have to turn on the camera of the phone and capture the text.
  14. GK_007

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    The MX 5 ❤️
  15. I have not owned one, but have driven both the premio and 6. Comparing the 6 with the premio is a disgrace to 6. Very good road presence, proper handling, proper steering feel. Cockpit of the 6 is somewhere you will enjoy being in, high quality materials soft leather used all around. Specially the post 2015 cockpits has a leaner dashboard because the multi info display is not embeded in to the dash. Not the fastest, had to push the gas a bit to get moving. The car I drove was 2.0 may be 2.5 version would be better. I prefer my Axela on this aspect, think this is due to Axela having cvt. @Quiet correct me if I am wrong, 6 has conventional box right ? You know the exterior, only thing I dont like about the design is the long chrome lining on the boot just beneath the badge like a moustache. 😒 As @matroska said hardly you will find a 6 owner abusing the car. Most cars here are maintained at the agent or at Mazna, but as long as you follow the basics of car buying e.g. checking maintenece history you will not be in trouble. All the 6s are agent imports so mileage is also trustworthy. AL member @Quiet can tell you more as he owns one and there were few threads in the forum as well. I have never used non genuine parts to my GP1 or Axela, so comparing both I see not much prics difference in terms of consumables like filters, oil etc. Specific parts like headlights are pricey because due to unique tech like adaptive headlights. I dont think you should be too much worried about repairs in a 2016 car, given routine maint has been done on time. *However note that you have to pay the luxury tax for 7 years, and the second hand value drops due to the funny SL car market. No offence if you are one of the majority, who buys cars in SL as 'Investment' to run with zero cost and sell at profit then its not the car for you