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  1. GK_007

    Quick Trivia 3

    Right answer. Your turn.
  2. Try Echo Z***e Nugegoda/Kirulapone.
  3. Agree that not a good idea to cut corners with brakes, still I would have second thoughts on that price. May I know the mileage of the car ?
  4. @kadsa98 Thanks, just checked with P***co La*** they said they have the blank keys and the total cost for the job will be around 13k. @az888 just give them a call and check. *I checked for the Mazda key, but they will def have the keys for Premio. Also noticed that eventhough you lost your only key, they can still program a new key. So I am wighing if the investment is worth it for a extra key.
  5. Mind sharing the cost? Also do we have to provide a blank key or do they have them?
  6. @esanda007 Just noticed there is a Santa Fe 2012 CRDI for sale, on the quick site. Its in Peradeniya also, may be worth a visit.
  7. In Gampaha, within city limits.
  8. Well I have used them to get a set of wiper blades. In terms of the delivery time it was on time, and the product was authentic as advertised no issues with that. However when it comes to tires, do they mention the details like Manufactured date on their website ? Because we never know if they are trying to push tires with old manufactured dates. As tires also have a shelf life, its always better to see the manufactured date embossed on the tire before buying. So I personally prefer to order my tires from the agent via my local tire shop. You may also need to consider the prevailing situation in country when ordering online these days. As there is a high chance of delays.
  9. No I haven't, I was on the thought the ground water from a deep well is better than pipe born water. Just my hypotheses, I may be wrong it might need to be tested as well to confirm.
  10. Thanks heaps, do we have to get approval from water board before drilling?
  11. Hi everyone, Thought of drilling a tubewell in my house. Has anyone done that? Highly appreciate if someone can help me with following, 1-How much is the cost involved. 2-Do we have to provide the electric pump, is it some sort of a submerged pump or a normal pump. 3-How is the longivity of these wells, do they need regular maintenance etc? 4-Anyone can recommend me a good provider of this service? Thank you in advance
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