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  1. Kavvz, Thanks, was looking for something for 2 million. I believe these options that you have mentioned are over my budget.
  2. Hey Kavvz, Thanks for your insights... I'm so far to hear any good of this car , making me believe my decision to consider this vehicle is wrong. Can anyone let me know what is the best buy for 2 Mil. It should be automatic transmission since my wife would be using it.
  3. Thanks Crosswind, the information was really helpful. It's good to hear the information from a person who has owned a vehicle.
  4. Why? you don't recommend.
  5. Hi all, this is my first time on auto lanka. I have been following the forum for few months now, and it is a great work you do. I want to know some information of elantra gen4 (year 2008 - 2010) such as Fuel efficiency Market price Any known issues Although I searched thought the forum was not able to find much information on the specific model. Thanks in advance.
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