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  1. Cyberadz

    Peugeot 406 D9

    Congradz Tharida! I'm also interested in buying a 406 Automatic. Please share your experience with the new car. What is the YOM? How much it cost? How about the fuel consumption? Your comments are highly valuable for me.
  2. Cyberadz

    Suggestions for a new car

    Machan..I better not comment on that. Like this x = 5-1
  3. Cyberadz

    Peugeot 406 2000 Automatic

    Yes I got most of the answers in the forum. But I don't have answers for at least below questions: Is AL4 gearboxes are improved in 2000 model cars? What is the minimum and maximum fuel consumption for 2L Automatic cars? Peugeot 406 guys please help me !
  4. Cyberadz

    Peugeot 406 2000 Automatic

    Hi AJ84, Thanks. I already did and got some information. But I'm expecting some more
  5. I'm also faced same issue. But from today morning it is back to normal.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm interested to buy a used Peugeot car with following specification. Model: Peugeot 406 Executive Year of Manufactured: 2000 Mileage: 200000km Fuel: Petrol Transmission: Automatic AL4 What are the Pros and Cons of this car? What about the fuel consumption of this car? (for city limits and specially long distance?) What about the maintenance cost? (Services, Parts) I have heard some forums that the AL4 gearbox in not reliable. But the current owner of this car said he never got any issues with the gearbox so far. Is AL4 gearboxes are improved in 2000 model cars? If I got any issues in future is that possible to easily repair it? What about the repair cost? My intention to use this car for daily office usage and weekend long trips. I prefer 406 because of its comfortable and handling. Could anyone advice me? Based on your suggestion I can make a decision :D.