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  1. Hi. "Tune-up" and "EFI tuning" are just fancy terms. Its the process of cleaning or replacing following list of items. 1. Air filter / Mass air flow sensor 2. Throttle body 3. IAC Valve 4. Spark plugs 5. Fuel injectors Tune-up may be required if you're experiencing following problems with your car 1. Unusual emission test results 2. Decrease in fuel in economy 3. Rough idle 5. Loss of power / Engine misfire Basically if you feel there is nothing wrong with the vehicle do not bother about doing a "Tune-up". Just do the regular service and you should be fine.
  2. I heard that these things cost well over 20k. My budget is 10k
  3. Is there a separate app to download the files?
  4. Hi Guys, I am currently looking to buy a dash cam and following are my requirements. Also I have few questions and appreciate if you guys can answer them and recommend few brands / models. Requirements 1. Small form factor and inconspicuous 2. Wide field of view 3. Dual Camera / ability to add second camera later on (Not a must) 4. Should not break the bank (Max budget is Rs.10,000) Questions 1. When using a dual cameras, are the footages being recorded as two separate files? or recorded as a single picture in picture style video? 2. Inconspicuous cameras come with adhesive tape. Is that better compared to suction mount type 3. Recommended SD card size that can record at least one hour footage without being over written I am planning to hardwire the camera in to the fuse box with a kit. I will post a DIY tutorial here with the steps. TIA
  5. Im also looking for the exact set for my Axio. Let me know if you find a good place. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Check on i*man.lk. there are listings with original alloy wheels with original tyres. Once you buy new set of wheels, existing wheels can be sold off.
  7. Hi, I was wondering whether anyone has successfully managed to program smart keys for Toyota Vehicles? I wanted to program an addiotional key for 2011 Axio and P*t*o Lanka quoted RS 18,000 for the job. can anybody help me out with this? TIA.
  8. Hi, Often when I'm driving and when the vehicle comes to a stop (Junction or Traffic) vehicle RPM gets really low (100 -150rpm) and the engine hesitates a bit when I accelerate again. This is only happening when the gear is in Drive position. Following are details of my car Make: Mazda Model: Demio 2000 (DW5W) Engine capacity: 1.5L Transmission: Automatic Thanks in advance Shan
  9. Hi Guys, Can anyone help me find Owners manual and service manual for Mazda Demio 2000 model? Thanks in advance. Shan
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