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    Advice on BMW E46 & E36

    Thank you for your thoughts Gents. It seems i might have to spend alot of time in the garage if i buy an E36 or E46. What about Kia Serato's 2011 edition?
  2. Hi All, I am thinking about upgrading to a BMW E36 or E46 from Grande Punto. Can anyone give me advice on fuel efficiency and the issues these two models might have? Also is it possible to get any recommendations for any other brands i might have not considered as an upgrade (it doesn't matter if it is an euro or jap), i'm looking for reasonable fuel efficiency, reasonable power, comfortable interior and somewhat of a sporty look. my budget is around 3.5 mil. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Guys, I need your advice on chinese stereo headunits especially in getting it shipped to Sri Lanka. I have found a chinese brand joying which specialises android based system and their products good reviews on youtube and amazon. The seller is very accomodating will assist with getting the right type headunit for my car and is also willing to ship it stating that it is a gift. I can either choose DHL or EMS for shipping. My concern is once it arrives in SL, would it held by customs? if so, would anyone have any idea about the duty for these products and what sort of additional documents that i would need to submit to clear it?
  4. Thanks Guys. @fiatLife Yes it does seem like bulb issue. It is currently with Noel for some repairs and he made the same diagnosis. @NeroX This is a diesel machang.I do not want to significantly alter anything by changing the air vents. However, when i browsing the fiat forum, i came across a post where i guy had fixed a single din android system which bluetooth, GPS and rear camera functions. The below was the product he had used. Do you or anyone have any experience with these? http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Android-Car-DVD-GPS-for-Fiat-Grande-Punto-Linea-with-Bluetooth-Radio-RDS-Wifi-3G-Mirror/912113_32585438228.html?spm=2114.8147860.0.75.I3K9ue
  5. Hi Guys, I recently bought my first car which is a fiat punto and i noticed that the generic warning light is always lit up, would anyone know what this means? I also would like to know the multimedia setup that existing punto owners have in their cars as mine came with a pioneer single dim setup and i am not happy with it. This is to see if anyone has replaced their system with an android touch system player.