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  1. pasindups

    110 RPM changing according to the engine heat

    Air filter is very bad. If I do a tune up for the vehicle, Will this problem solve?
  2. pasindups

    110 RPM changing according to the engine heat

    I changed engine mounts (original), timing belts and other belts
  3. I have a Toyota AE110 with Automatic gear box. The engine is starting and running smoothly when the engine is in cold state, the RPM is normal (No RPM meter because it is a XE Saloon. I am telling according to the engine sound) and no vibrations (Recently replaced mounts but the issue was there previously) or knocking sounds. But when it is getting the normal engine running temperature , the RPM is getting lower and start vibrating while idling on gear "D" &"R" but "P" & "N" is smoothly having the normal RPM in any of the engine temperature. While ON/Off the A/C in idling, the RPM is slightly changing but not up to standard. Any help guys ?
  4. pasindups

    Toyota AE110

    No machan. Those are also good japan sedan cars. but just see the 2nd hand market in SL ?
  5. pasindups

    Toyota AE110

    but for that price, there is no good japan sedan car what to do... i recently sold my indian alto and now struggling without a car.
  6. pasindups

    Toyota AE110

    now the vios is around 2.8M . even the Nissan FB15 is around 2.3M
  7. pasindups

    Toyota AE110

    Hi All, I was searching for a good japan car and found a car in mint condition - Toyota Corolla AE 110 Xe Saloon. YOM 1999 and registered on 2001 with HL-XXXX number silver color. EX Saloon with double din dashboard like the sprinter. So the owner said it is about 2.4M and after bargain he said the deal is for 2.35 Million. The owner said he will do a engine tune up before buying and he said he will give me a a new battery also. Is this a good car to buy for 2.35 Million? (Engine and body condition is superb).
  8. pasindups

    FB 15 or N16 ?

    Thanks @NRX
  9. pasindups

    Need a Car around 2M

  10. pasindups

    Need a Car around 2M

    Hello everyone, I recently sold my Indian alto and now searching for a good Japan car for around 2M. I am going to use the car for 3 years and want to sell it after 3 years. So can I have suggestions from the PROS regarding a specific models which I can buy for my budget with good condition and good after market sale? Need a car for do the basic maintenance, fill up fuel and ride. No time to waste in garage. I am normally using the highways in the weekend and need a car to suite for that requirement as well. I am looking for Patrol, Auto gear, full option, sedan model car.
  11. pasindups

    FB 15 or N16 ?

    Hi Guys, According to my budget (2.1M) I am now planing to buy a Nissan FB 15 or Nissan N16. Both of them are in the same price group with little bit different by the YOM and features. So how can I identify Japan N16 among from Singapore and Malaysian models ? Is it worth to buy FB15 1999 model rather than N16 2001 model ?