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  1. If i can have a soft/ hard copy of TOYOTA COROLLA 141 (3ZZ-FE) service manual. thanks
  2. Intend inspection by removal of engine head. thanks
  3. Could to knock be attributed to oil seepage into cylinder as black colour residue was found in no 3 and 4 cylinders?
  4. Initial problem was detected in 1500 - 2000 RPM (when engine loaded). after doing all tests in load condition, it was revealed that NO KNOCK sound occurred when thermostat and coolant temperature sensor removed (safe mode?). fixed coolant sensor of corolla Axio and did tests: found KNOCK SOUND in 1900 - 2000 RPM. still trying to figure out the way ahead. thanks
  5. The engine comes with a knock sensor and it is told that "Check Engine System" alarm should flash in the event of a faulty knock sensor, it certainly does when sensor wires are removed. There is no change of behavior when sensor is fitted/ wire removed. still studying as the sound is annoying.
  6. hi, all measures indicated were tried but sound persist at a different RPM (1900-2400). Any more tips? thanks
  7. shall attempt. All suggestions are welcome. thanks for all help.
  8. Thanks for all help. Yes i got "Check Engine System". Also thermostat and sensor was checked and readings are given in top graph. This car is used to Octane 92. We used Octane 95 for test purpose but knock persisted. Spark plugs were replaced from TOYOTA LANKA inventory and was same as before.
  9. Yes I did. Temperature checked by Handheld pyrometer. Readings were taken in ohm meter '00 and shown in chart. Thermostat checked and found opening at 85C
  10. Removed the thermostat and coolant temperature sensor and ran the car idling and loading. Surprisingly NO KNOCK, Am puzzled on the latest finding. any clues?
  11. Shall attempt. Thanks for support
  12. Not confirmed yet by technician. thanks
  13. Hi, done all other than # injector seals # PCV valve shall do. thanks
  14. the compression reading was 12. (satisfactory)
  15. Over consumption of Lub Oil was observed.