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  1. HaeylM

    Toyota Passo 2016

    Sri Lanka imports the 1L engine variant of this so it has the same engine as the Vitz, Toyota tank and Yaris so almost all the engine repair components have been around in the market for a while so its not very expensive. Passo is a JDM model so do be mindful that toyota lanka will not have body parts or trims readily available unlike corolla and prius, You can still get outsourced parts at delkanda and panchi. Talking about reliability and comfort, it is the most spacious and biggest car in its class compared to the Vitz(Note that Passo is not a KEI car unlike WagonR, Spacia etc. so you get better acceleration and stability at higher speeds with a bigger car size). You can also get a premium edition of the passo (MODA G)for the price you pay for a entree level vitz(F grade). Fuel efficency is decent with around 12-14KMPL in the city (its not bad considering an Aqua does only 14-16 in the city) and you can get around 21KMPL outstation if you arent heavy on the foot. But use proper oil grades (5W-30 Semi Synthetic or 0W-30 Synthetic) when you do service as using 10W-30 can wreck your engine performance and fuel efficiency. In summary it is an excellent car for the pricepoint but resale market isnt as strong as other toyota models like corolla or Vitz. So unless you are looking to make profit out of it in a buy and sell scenario, This would be a great choice for a everyday work commute and the downtown commute!
  2. HaeylM

    Honda civic es8

    Please go though the autolanka forum and there are plenty answered on this topic and this specific car. Either way, A 2004 ES8 is going to be a 14 year old car so be prepared to spend time in a garage from time to time as most of these have done well over 150K mileage. In general the ES8 has a pretty comfortable ride but be sure to check the axel boots, engine timing belt replacement and any visible oil leaks as these could easily put back 50K on repairs. ( Remember that honda repairs are a bit more trickier so it costs a bit more than repairing a more common toyota). Check for rust specially at the boot, fenders, wheel arch, door hinges as these are a clear sign that the car has had a hard time outside. Check if the car is sitting unusually low as not many srilankans use coilovers or lowered suspensions, and this can mean that the shocks and springs are on its way out. Finally ask for a maintenance record if available, Listen and feel the throttle of the car and check with a mechaninc before you buy. One downside to an ES8 is the fuel economy and resale value if you are concerned. (Talking about the ES5 facelift by experience, It barely does 7-8 in the city and around 12 outstation with its 1.6L engine. And when it comes to moving on to another car dont expect to make profit as you will probably end up with some money out on depreciation and maintenance. As a summary, It is an excellent car as long as you give it that attention it needs when it comes to regular servicing and maintenance! Other good options in the same price point can be a Lancer CS(2003-2007), Peugeot 406, Nissan Sunny FB15 and N16, Suzuki Swift 2004, Nissan Wingroad and Toyota Sprinter Enjoy your new ride!
  3. HaeylM

    How To Buy A Used Car In Sri Lanka

    Just like to add some info about counterfeit Jevic, JAAI and Bureau Veritas certifications. Many sellers including personally imported cars offer all kinds of certificates for vehicle condition, auction grade and milage. Just be careful of what you are looking for given the number of scams in sri lanka when it comes to buying a used car. Try keep note of the Chasis Number and verify it with their official databases to ensure that you have a legit ODO reading (at least when it came to Sri Lanka) For JEVIC you can check it here https://www.jevic.com/jevic-initiatives/e-certificates/index.html For JAAI certificate https://x272.secure.ne.jp/~x272031/contents/postmail/postmail.html For Bureau Veritas and other certifications you can email them and they will respond within 3 working days usually. Next be sure to check the vehicle interior and exterior condition to compare it with the auction sheet as some people alter auction sheets to make them look like Grade 4.5 and Grade 5 cars. ( go around with a torch, look under and over for dents and out of shape body panels, uneven coloring of panels, tampered seals and worn out panel nuts, Be sure to question the owner even just to hear him or her make up some BS. If you are going for a newer car it would be easier to identify repaired spots since many 2K paints in sri lanka do not match original factory colors and dont offer the sparkle(This is covered up by clear-coats and have a rougher texture than the factory paint) Check out a few of the same model of car and check out a relatively new/unregistered car at a car sale, Do this to get a feel of the car's engine noise and feel. Feel for its idling and vibrations and compare it with what you buy. If its too rattly or shows signs of too much wear be sure to take your chances when deciding. Ask for timing belt replacements and other repairs. And politely ask for the last time it was fully serviced, maybe look for a service tage (this gives you an idea if the owner really cared for the car or just used it unattended). Invest on an OBD scanner from Ebay and ask the owner if he is ok with a diagnostic scan( Many owners won't allow you to do this though) And finally when you've made your mind, bargain with the owner for a reasonable deal by accounting any items that the car is needing attention such as tyres, panel damages, lights etc.. Finally just enjoy your ride. You may encounter repairs and maintenance but its all that makes you a proud owner of a car. Suck it up, ask for help from experts and enjoy your commute down colombo in rush hour, Driving down A1, Flying at illegal speeds down the southern expressway and modding your car to make it unique and valuable in your eyes!
  4. Anyone has any advise on storing the car for around a year? Planning on moving abroad and have no one to start up the car from time to time. I used to do a full detailing, remove the battery and keep it parked on stands when i am out for a month or two but am a bit worried to keep it the same way for a long time. Am I better off selling it and buying a new one when i return(Given the fact that cars in sri lanka have a very unstable pricing scheme)? or is it still wise to keep it stored with no attention at all ? My final choice is to leave it at a car rental which i know will wreck my ride to nothing more than a tuk tuk :-/
  5. HaeylM

    ECU issue in Toyota Vitz

    I do my regular full car service there so i since i know them i asked them to scan it for me. They work on Prados and Other toyotas on a daily basis so i really didn't mind taking mine since i got used to this place when i had my Sunny. Eitherway is there any recommended places if any of you have prior experience on doing an OBD scan at a reputable place?
  6. HaeylM

    ECU issue in Toyota Vitz

    These forums are to help people and not mock them. If you were a Toyota owner you would know what happens at Toyota Lanka and why many owners don't go there. I honestly don't talk big about my daily ride or defend it cuz its just an asset that supports my day trip up and down to work. Forums are where People with prior experiences can share a deet or two to help each other rather wasting time and money by looking out for each other as motorists and citizens of this country. If you have no suggestion or knowledge in this topic please let other kind hearted experts support. Be a man and help people without making lame jokes pl. Thnx
  7. HaeylM

    ECU issue in Toyota Vitz

    Yup Check engine light was up. No other warnings or indicators were on.
  8. As a general rule keep in mind to never run on lower fuel levels or an empty tank. Its better to spend an extra 1500 bucks to fill up more juice than to replace your fuel pump in a while. The reason behind it is due to the lower fuel quality in the local market. This has many impurities and when you run on an empty tank the fuel pump will keep pulling out this crap to the system and thus busting your pump over time while your engine will also clog up the junk along the long run to give you a lesser fuel efficiency. Another good rule is to listen for the buzz of the fuel pump starting up when your key is in the On position/ push start 1 press. This helps the fuel pump start up and supply a good flow as you start up the engine for your run. And its always a good idea to tone your driving pattern, Since you are using a CVT it will keep shifting to higher gears as you speed up. and if you suddenly start slowing down/braking and accelerating again, The CVT will keep shifting to a lower gear and then back to a higher gear or at times depending on the load it might stay at a higher gear than required. This change in gears usually causes a jerk/knocking sensation and is quite normal for an averagely older petrol car. When i was overseas i left my nissan sunny i used to have unattended for nearly 5 months and it worked fine so leaving a car without using is not the case but the general maintenance and running cycle along with your driving pattern. If you havent done a tuneup in a while, Try getting one done and it might boost up your engine performance along with a better fuel economy and better gear changes as your engine will not run too lean or too rich. PS- I'm no expert so anyone feel free to correct any discrepancies in my advise!
  9. HaeylM

    ECU issue in Toyota Vitz

    This might be a little of a noob question but any support will be appreciated! a few weeks back my car started dropping in the fuel economy and within city traffic at times it used to get stuck on higher gears for some reason so it felt like it was on LIMP mode as i could not get past 35KMH even with the foot fully down. So i went to A*W to get it checked by them. They tried an OBD scan several times and failed to diagnose it for some reason as none of the OBD scanners they had could read the ECU. they did some manual testing like racing the engine and the typical garage bass diagnostic and told me that there is some lock in the ECU and only toyota company will be able to read the ECU with their OBD equipment and that standard OBD2 scanners garages have dont work. I have a Toyota DBA-KGC30 with the 1NR-FE engine (M600 Second Gen) with ISO CAN 11bit ID ECU 2 protocol. They told me Allion, Axio, Vitz and all have an older ECU model and so they have done scans in them. Apparently as toyota has used a more complicated ECU for post 2013 Cars. Can anyone tell me if the whole A*W story is complete BS so that they could get away with their inefficiency or is it worth for me to try buying an ELM327 off Alie*press to diagnose the problem by myself at home? Toyota charges a hefty bill since they take 25K just to service the KDH201, so im sure i can buy 10 scanners off Ebay and give them away rather spending an hour there with a big bill to get a report on my hatch. Any expert advise on what i could do is appreciated. Also if you know what may cause such a LIMP mode in a toyota?
  10. A recent variant of the Yaris has emerged as Toyota Ativ and currently goes for around 6.5M brand new. Although its not a JDM model and is not assembled in japan, Is it worth the price rather buying a reconditioned Axio Hybrid (2016+) or Civic EX (2017-18 model) in terms of 1) Comfort 2) Reliability( Specially for continuous long distance driving) 3) Fuel efficiency 4) Acceleration, Ride comfort and Maintenance 5) Market Depreciation( since i run over 50K on each car i use, I don't look for profits but am concerned about the overall depreciation over time) Any expert advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. HaeylM

    Best car option for 2.7mn

    Choose a vehicle depending on your requirement (whether it is for Colombo daily office driving, Normal home use or to commute to longer distances) I haven't used a Lancer but as for the Civic, I've used the Facelift model Es1 Leather trim (2004 Model / 2008 Registered) , The 1.6 Liter engine is actually not very economical for city driving considering it rarely makes over 8-9 KMPL tbh( 5 years back) so since this is a car over a decade old now, You will need to find one with a good maintenance record with a relatively low mileage if you are planning to beat more than 12 KMPL in Colombo. Outstation driving( 60+ KMH driving at a stretch) will give you a decent 14-17 KMPL even though im not sure of my accuracy of this as i have measured it by dividing distance over fuel used, and is not accurate as a fuel efficiency meter in newer cars) In terms of pickup, I guess the I-Vtec is not that bad as it was plentiful for a daily driver and never faced an under-power situation unless you are traveling with over 5 passengers and a boot full of stuff In terms of comfort, It sure is top notch as it is very spacious and comfortable for longer rides considering its price point. The rear window visibility is not that great considering the taller and boxy design so ur gonna need a reverse camera if you're in for tight parking in a daily basis. Back when i bought it its market value was 3.2 Million (face-lift leather trim one) so i guess this car does have a depreciation in the market as there is plenty available now for just over 2.6 Mil ( so be mindful if you are planning to use it for a while) Ultimately its a great car if you take good care of it with regular service intervals if you are really in for it. But my ultimate advise would be for you to select a newer and much more fuel efficient car if you are in for daily office travelling as it can save you a lot in maintenance and fuel costs along with depreciation value when you sell it ( its hard to sell a car with higher milage specially if you use it daily as you eventually pass the 100K point in just over 2 years) I am no expert on how good Wagon R's or suzuki S-ENE/Hybrid cars are in terms of reliability. But i am currently using a Passo KGC-30 Model and it sure is way better in fuel efficiency and is cheaper in overall maintenance specially with regular services done at a good place ( A*W P*tst*p). It isnt hybrid but has idle stop and was just over 2.9 Mil reconditioned auction Grade 4.5. But you can grab a Fit GP1 hybrid for about 3 Mil these days so if you can push for a little more, Its a great car for that price point!
  12. Haha.. No worries of what you think but i've never sold a car without it being my capital upto date.. Since i joined ive only just given my opinion upon the experience from my past cars n cars ive used.. I myt drop on some info but at the end of the day its just another rupee to the till.
  13. HaeylM

    I would like to buy a car but?

    The Grace shares the same DCT as of the Fit GP5 and also the vezel as of some people's opinion. There was a recall in 2013 and production ceased till it was rectified but the recall was only for vezel and fit. Not Grace or City. Still once again after the Software update and some adjustments all these cars are still in production which means they must have rectified the issue.. Also to mention up to date the Fit and Vezel are among a few of the most popular cars running around in LK and if it had a serious problem no one would keep on buying the same... And a few scrapped rotten eggs in the basket doesn't mean the whole basket of eggs are rotten..
  14. HaeylM

    2004 Honda Civic Es8 / Es5??

    Bro massive values.. Had the 1.6 VTI Es-5 never did more than 11-12 and on the way to arugam bay even with speeds between 80-100 at an average dint do more than 13-14??... U towed it or something to get those hybrid car figures?
  15. HaeylM

    I would like to buy a car but?

    Well either of them are new members but the axio has been for a while and showed some reliability comparatively. In terms of comfort and options grace will take the lead but overall its more of a tie. All of these cars depreciate but toyota has a better track record of a good second hand value so it might get you there... 2015 Axio 161 does around 15 in the city so not very sure of the 17 model but they both share alot in common so itll work around that amount. Spare parts will be ample for the axio and for the grace too i think it wont be a prob. But in terms of the cost of parts hondas tend to be more expensive for parts to replace. But this is also very subjective to the item and car type n year. You get 3 years Sterling or Kobe for both the cars from most dealers so wont be a big headache if you are planning to sell in 3 yrs time.. But if you are personally importing then better consult someone to find a proper car to import to make things smooth. Have regular service patterns and spend some time and give it a wash atleast 2-3 times a month. Check ur fluids and get a checkup at kleen park or sterling every 6 months... Wont be big maintanence in the long run.