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  1. recon parts in SL are stuff that were removed from wreckers in japan. so in case you get a faulty one you are in trouble. Try to import a brand new part from japan and then install it in either at TL or a garage you know. But given the situation with limited imports you might have to opt for TL parts directly for a brand new replacement. Recon is cheap cuz it doesnt come with all the parts and the wear and tear in it is not guaranteed to last. Full set generally means the entire steering rack including the bushes.
  2. How many KM are u running per day? Do a full tank to tank and calculate your fuel efficiency of KMPL for us to suggest any solutions if you are actually getting bad fuel figures. Anyway you cant expect hybrid figures even with a 660 engine. most it would do is 11-12 in city traffic and even outstation might not go beyond 14-15 as the engine would constantly be under load unlike cars with bigger engines doing well in the highway. Btw you are carrying heavy cargo in your vehicle so fuel efficiency is anyway going to be low. besides if you are going uphill a lot its going to be even worse.
  3. Marketing cars on AL forums lol.... u resurrected a thread that is 4 years old and for a car that is not that spoken of today πŸ˜‚
  4. Depending on the vehicle type you are looking for there are plenty of options, Read through the forums for the common issues and owner reviews for each vehicle. Vezel is under 4 Mil because of the DCT issue and note that the replacement is going to cost you and is also costly to regularly maintan the gearbox to extend its life. Grace and Fit GP5 also has the same issue. Toyota there are many models and sedans within your budget would be allion 240, axio 161, premio 240, rav4 (2001-5), Terios etc.. Honda: Fd civic, Accord, CRV (2003-6) Mitsubishi: Lancer Ex, Attrage, Outlander (older one) Nissan; G11 Sylphy, Xtrail, sunny Suzuki: Xbee (hard to find one for cheap)
  5. As a learner you are supposed to keep to the left lane at almost all times except if you are to take a U turn or merge into oncomming traffic so that you can take a turn to the right. Overtaking vehicles as much fun as it is would mean that you might have to speed at times and as a learner its not the best idea out there as you might have less experience predicting road traffic conditions and if someone drives reckless you might not be able to avoid the accident. I myself understand that sometimes there are vehicles moving way too slow in the road but as a learner i think its better for you to move along with the traffic flow or if you are still tempted to overtake, do so when the road is clear and you have a good line of sight with oncomming traffic and the vehicles behind you. Cant tell you how many times i have seen bikes go flying around because of reckless overtaking and poor decision making. Hope you ride safe!.
  6. Since its your first car may i suggest you to get a newer car? for the price of a 141 you can easily get yourself a newer Toyota hatchback if you are flexible with not having to stick to a sedan. (2013 ish vitz, 2016 ish Passo, Toyota Tank etc.. ) But as for sedans, The FB15 is a pretty old car at almost 20 years, Most of the cars in the market would have done well over 100K and gone through some extensive use. Id say go for a 141 or axio. Most of the mechanical parts of 141LX are simillar with the axio including dashboard. Only difference is the 141 comes with a 1.6L while the Axio is 1.5L so the axio would be slightly fuel efficient in city limits. The car is actually really comfortable compared to a FB15 and packs more features and more cabin space. Knew a friend with a 141 lx 2008 Model and there were not many complaints other than an alternator replacement, new shocks and fuel pump repair. Thing to factor in is that most of these cars were brought under permits so you might be able to find a genuine one without any tampered meter readings and heavy accident damage. But the JDM version of the same 141 (axio) is also not a bad option. The axio is more popular and carries more value than the counterpart domestic 141 with more features like winker mirrors, Projector beam, dual multifunction steering, automatic climate control etc on the G grade. The closest to all of these features came for the domestic model 141 in 2011 with the GLX grade. Most 2008 ones are the LX. As your friend mentioned, most of the spare part joints at delkanda import their parts from japan so they will mostly have ample parts for the 141 axio as opposed to the 141 LX. But, The LX domestic model imported by toyota lanka is the same model that runs in most european, american and asian markets but with variations in engine, transmission and grade options. Body parts and panels should not be that hard to find even at spare part joints, but as always if a need arises toyota lanka will source you the parts you need in the worst case scenario(TL parts will be a little expensive). fuel economy on the 141 LX is about 8-11 in city and around 14-15 outstation. Other options within the same budget as a 141 would be Nissan Tida (check for high mileage and gearbox, car is comfortable), Nissan G11 Sylphy bluebird(check dashboard issue and wheel hub assembly), Nissan N17 Sunny, Honda FD civic, Accord (Euro) and Mitsu CS/EX lancers.
  7. Isn't that problem with every brand of imported car in SL? Back when i was looking for cars there were plenty of Honda Grace's and Fits that had serious engine wear and cosmetically looked wrecked but with meter readings of 17,000 and 23,000. Same goes even for the new Civic EX (2017/18) and Vezel RS, one of my friends was hunting for a brandnew but most of the cars on sales were with turned back mileage. Same goes to every brand including Suzuki & Nissan(except ones brought by A*W), Mitsubishi's (Pajero, CS Lancers) As for maintenance cost, the biggest advantage i guess people record about toyotas is that the engine handles our roads well so repairs dont come often until you hit around 80,000km or 5-6 years. Even for servicing, Toyota lanka is cheaper than Stafford and much more efficient(full service including lubricants, filter etc..), Not sure about Unimo. Furthermore Toyota Lanka readily helps grey imports. Even if you bought a JDM car like Toyota Passo, Raize, Auris, Fielder etc that is not imported by TL.. they will still do repairs on it just like any other car that was brought to them and not fuss about anything. They even source any parts if needed. I know people who got rejected on repairs at A*W for suzuki Wagon R's and fussed for Honda Vezels/Fit at Stafford. Everyone knows how A*W just plainly backed out of giving support for Nissan Leaf owners to replace batteries. TL in the other hand does battery swaps for almost all the grey imported toyotas at a fair price. Biggest advantage i guess on toyota is that there are ample parts (both genuine brandnew, Reconditioned/wrecker parts and Even used ones) compared to other brands, Plus the cars are readily upgradable with multiple extras across the same platform. Toyota is one of the few brands in Sri Lanka that has a direct agent who is fully affiliated with Toyota in Japan. Most of the other brands in SL are maintained by third party companies that work alongside the japanese or european carmaker. Eg: A*W for Nissan/Suzuki, Unimo for Mitsubishi, Stafford for Honda etc.. As for people using it poorly, It once again applies to all the brands. I came across many abused cars from all the Japanese brands. Not a thing specific to toyota. Just go through the classified and you can find plenty of dressed up cars from every brand just ready for a quick sale.
  8. Well if you are looking for a decent family car toyota is not a bad idea. Whatever people say the brand Toyota has earned its reputation as a top carmaker due to its durability and its value for money. The million mile toyotas are nothing new and usually averagely maintained ones can last on its stock engine for some good time. I have friends who have corollas and vitz's that have run well over 200k and are running with the same original engine, only regular oil changes and service are done. For example the passo (2013 kgc30) i got was one of the best purchases i made. I used it for 7 years with no repair on anything other than replacing its battery after 5 years, a tuneup after 5 years and a tyre change. It is true that there are a lot of abused toyotas lying around but there is an equal amount of well maintained ones that also go for averagely good prices. Same goes for the Axio, Other than regular oil change, new tires, battery and tuneup the car is pretty much trouble free for now. Did some extras like a headunit, led fogs, HID etc.. but still the car drives pretty smoothly and fuel efficiency is well held. People who own Toyotas would agree on the same and which is why they demand a little on their cars. As for depreciation, its hard to tell but in general the popular models hold its value well. For example 2007/8 vitz cars go for almost the same value as a fit GP1, Corolla 121's still stay well above the 2 mil mark even though its a 20 year old car. People might argue that the buyer base is bloated but the car sure serves your purpose if you need a reliable car to get around town with averagely good comfort and good value. Most toyotas even though not made to be used in Sri Lanka do well on our roads, Exceptions maybe with camry etc.. ) If you are more about having fancy tech or features you might want to consider to opt for Hondas, they come loaded with options for the price point of a base or X grade toyota. But the reason behind tarnished honda reputation is partly in the fault of misconception. The cars are well made and designed but some models were not meant for sri lanka's weather condtions and roads, thats why the engine oil burning on GP1(ones in japan were recalled), The DCT issues on Grace, FitGP5, Vezel etc happened. This created fear on people who are looking to buy them secondhand, but Civics and Accords are great cars with good comfort. As for Mitsubishi, I am yet to experience it and hoping to do so in future, From what i hear the car is more about the driving feel and enjoyment than driving a soft and quiet car like a toyota. Not gonna comment on this brand but the reviews and expert opinions from here say that is actually a pretty good brand for a car/Jeep. To answer your question 1) Toyota - 141, 161 (axio 2013ish), Allion(2007-9), Premio (2004), Nissan- Bluebird G11( check for dashboard issue and wheel hub), Sunny (2011-14), Honda - Civic FD(check for hybrid battery), Accord (euro) Mitsu- Lancer EX, Outlander(older model) 2) hard to tell but expect 2-3 laks of depreciation if the car has passed its initial depreciation. Ex: If you buy a 2013 axio for 3.9 Mil expect to sell it for 3.8 or 3.7 at least sometime in future, Depending on how the economy goes sometimes our EFFED up community appreciates prices in cars and they sell them for no loss or profit. 4) Passo 2013 model 9,500 - 11,500 LKR at A*W (castrol magnatec 5W30 Oil and all other original lubricants, New oil filter), Axio 161 - 11,500-13,500 LKR at A*W (Castrol Magnatec 5W30 etc.. ) , Air filter for Toyota around 1500, Oil filter around 1250 and Cabin filter close to 2000. Battery replacement if needed (13,500 upward maintenance free 3K/Lucas), Tyres each cost close to 11,500 Dunlop, Hifly(chinese and not recommended at all, costs i think 6,500), So generally expect to spend 10-14k on a toyota sedan to service with good lubricants. Insurance costs close to 72,000 for Axio. ( I haven't had to replace any parts so not sure abt costs for parts nowadays) (https://lexusenthusiast.com/2019/02/22/matt-farahs-lexus-ls-400-reaches-1000000-miles/#:~:text=The million-mile Lexus LS,break the million-mile mark. https://www.motor1.com/news/347462/second-toyota-tundra-1-million-miles/#:~:text=It's the second known Tundra,the mechanicals weathered the mileage. ) - Million mile toyotas for u to read -
  9. planning to switch from my toyota sedan to a lancer to experience what people here have been taking about here for years on mitsubishis.Β 

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    2. iRage


      I was thinking the same thing...what about the 2014/2016 manual 1600cc one ? That is quite a rare spec in SL so would be nice to get your hands on it

    3. HaeylM


      Yes its true, Car seems to be in good shape and a good deal but i travel long distances often so i am pushing more towards an automatic if i can find. But i am planning to check out the 2014 one sometime soon with one of my friends down there. If all goes well (fingers crossed) i might finish up on the deal for my current car and swap for it within the month.Β 

    4. iRage


      I thought a manual would be nicer on long distances whilst an automatic nicer on city runs....but I suppose that also depends on where long distance is...

  10. Thats interesting. I thought that people in Japan did not use crossovers or SUVs as much unlike USA. In the contrast that they use more Kei cars and subcompacts to help with easy parking and daily commuting. But yes, the appeal for wagons have declined over time due to the trend of people wanting to have a utilitarian vehicle (anything from a jeep, SUV all the way to a pickup) as it ticks the boxes on cargo and also gives the additional features such as AWD and whatnot. I had a wingroad some time back and even with the bad fuel economy the car was still loveable cause of the driving feel and the cargo space that i once fitted with 8 people LOL. On a separate note, Well the new corolla touring does look sick, I mean the design is pretty eye catching.
  11. I had a Fb13 (doctor sunny) long time back, Excellent car if you want a non flashy ride that has a really good driving feel. Solid body, solid engine and loves to rev. I sold it for around 9 lacks back then at 140K on the clock, even if its say 1Mil you got 5 laks left to overhaul the whole car and mod itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ On a separate note, Bluebird SU14 is a decent car but gas mileage is very poor from what i know. Also the car sits very low and some of the older diesels (65-) had issues with excess black smoke. (could have been negligent maintenance). Other than that its actually a comfy car. Nissan parts are generally easy to find and not that expensive, although some mechanics find it annoying to mess around with the GA series engine. But generally its cheap to insure and running costs are averagely ok. The car driving feel is pretty refined, not as smooth as newer cars but definitely feels good to drive and reminds you of the driving roots. what is best about the cars in this era is the close balance between the mechanical side and the electronic side. Post 2005-6 cars just got more complicated with electronics and nowdays cars are just switches and ECUs all over. Within ur budget you can also opt for March K12 (Ive used it and can recommend), Toyota Duet, Nissan Cube, City (2000-2), Accent hatchback, (these are all a little newer) But solid cars pre 1999 with some solid ride would be FB13/14, Presea, Bluebird, Ae100, Elephant back corolla etc..
  12. you might want to check your vacuum hoses and the fuel pump. Engine could be starving from fuel under heavy load at low rpm. How are your spark plugs and MAF? Also you might want to check your EGR. Nishantha down attidiya bakery junc is a good mechanic to diagnose problems but he is a little pricey. ($$$)
  13. I guess it has it both ways, When importing from japan itself the CIF value for the fielder is cheaper and so you can auction a fielder for a few lakhs cheaper from japan and by the time you clear it in Sri Lanka itself it is a little cheaper than the sedan. I guess the appeal for wagons among the general community here and back in japan plays a role in this? Its almost the same car and packs the same features.
  14. There are more hybrid imports of axio than the petrol version but the price difference is very minimal (+- 2lakhs, sometimes petrol is cheaper). The hybrid one was actually more expensive back then but now its almost the same price since the hybrid batteries in the hybrid version cost almost 390K to replace. (factoring hybrid battery replacement at almost 4 yrs, there isnt a big difference in the savings from hybrid version compared to normal petrol one, i can do around 9-11 in city traffic and 13-14 in mild traffic, outstation around 16-18, once 20 but a once off) The wagon version (fielder) is a lot cheaper than the sedan, you can find it around 5-6 lakhs cheaper than the same year axio sedan.
  15. Well Aqua is not a bad car if you can save up some cash to maintain it well. Its ride height is pretty low(if you have cargo in the back then bumps are gonna hit you hard). but now battery replacements are pretty decent and can be done at TL. Car comes with some decent features but the car does depreciate fast. May i suggest passo? I used the earlier model (2013), it was more comfortable and spacious than vitz and the sound insulation is also a lot better than vitz even though they share the same 1KRFE engine. Only issue you are gonna have is the second hand market cuz vitz is more popular but if you dont mind some depreciation the car is actually pretty good to use. Other than a battery swap, new tires and a tuneup the car dint give any repairs for the entire 7 years. OFC i maintained it at agents but thats not a bigger concern as the car was pretty reliable even on long distance trips (unlike aqua which broke down mid kadugannawa). You should be able to find the newer model's HANA grade or MODA G (now i think) for around 3.5-7 mil. Also if you are ok with a second hand you can try honda Insight? Not the best looking car but seems to tick many of the boxes similar to what you may look in a honda fit GP5. Other options for you include Mazda Axela , Nissan G11 Sylphy (2011) (really comfy ride for long trips ), Perodua Bezza (you could find a newer one for 3.5Mil), Vios (2011-13)...
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