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  1. AM working in construction form thats y I mentioned the ground clearens.alto and aquas hight k. What about with ek3 hight with aqua? And am a daily runner Kurunegala to kandy or Colombo.how many km s can i run average per letet.13km/l k for me.coz my alto als doing 15/l.part of life z going with riding thats y i need driving pleaure with my budget.what about lancer ck2 also its prize 5lax lower than ek3virs.thnaks
  2. Thanks buddy. Got it.dn u r saying if i buy 18 year old ek3 i cn gt a good riding pleasure dn fit gp1. i never driven a ek3. I search a lot. Finally I decided to go for virs.coz high end and new model in ek3. but 1 of my friend suggest me to go for lev mi model. He s saying its good in fuel And ground clearance. But itz a non vtec model.wts ur opinion virs vtec or lev mi non vtec? Am confused. Is thr any major difference between those models(acceleration fuel etc) and what about lancer ck2 comparing with ek3.
  3. Hi I like to buy a Honda Civic ek3. I need some advises about ek3 . Can anyone help to me. Last 2 years am running an alto 800 . Am a daily runner around 100 kms. Thanks My budget is 2.5m 1 . Which is the best ek3 I think virs is that correct and 2. Is Virs model originally have manual gear or only mmt 3. any big difference in acceleration mmt vs manual 4. Final 1 Honda Fit gp1 vs civik ek3 what is the difference in performance(acceleration,handling etc) coz fit is new and hybrid best in fuel and comfy prize dif is around 0.5 mill only thanks
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