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  1. Increasing taxation of newly imported vehicles is purely to discourage imports in order to reduce trade deficit...The government objective is that...so i think if they can control the second hand price of vehicles it doesn't affect the trade deficit..and finally it will satisfy the consumer.....what we see is people are making profits from their 15-20 years old vehicles since no one cannot import vehicles due to taxation.
  2. Agree...I think the reason behind this is people want to make profits by selling their vehicles in the second hand market..Ya 121 is 15 years old but the price is 3.5 to 4.0 Mn....even more than toyota aqua
  3. Hello Guys... if the taxation on newly imported vehicles, why people sell their used vehicles for premium prices??? that's ridiculous..and also what i have noticed was when the prices dropped down for new vehicles for an example by Rs 400,000/- second hand market drops only 150,000/-..If the tax incresed by Rs 400,000/- second hand market will increase by Rs 400,000/- overnight.... It is high time for the government to control second hand market prices of vehicles...
  4. Do u recommend yaris 1300cc manual? is yaris same as belta? but market prices are different on yaris and beltas
  5. Finally a good reply after dumb replies by others....
  6. toyota yaris 1300cc is there but 1000cc is not there
  7. I think its a knowledgeable buyer rather than a stupid buyer..Rs 3.0 Mn is a huge amount...doesn't wanna waste hard earned money....Vehicle must have a good second hand demand...
  8. If u buy it correctly then u don't have to worry about anything i guess....Otherwise once u wanna sell it quickly you have to keep your vehicle in car sales for loooong time...
  9. what about nissan N17 1.5cc?? How is the fuel consumption of that?
  10. hahaha im messed up again....What is the best model of Nissan sunny which does more fuel according to my budget?
  11. Ya thank u for your comments....but im thinking abouth the second hand market of lancer? Does it have a good demand?
  12. Thank u sathyajith...I think your opinion helped me....I will keep in touch with u when I found a good 121
  13. Thank u sathyajith....by the way do u rate wagonr ahead of 121?
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