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  1. malinrocks

    peugeot genuine al4 oil help

    freind can u tell me peugeot genuine gearbox oil name is al4 oil maching caltex gearbox oil.
  2. malinrocks

    peugeot 407 help

    thank u freind
  3. malinrocks

    peugeot 407 help

    freind i have error on peugeot 407 my gear code is-4hp20 it says speed control system faulty and prnd after that display gearbox faulty why is that.but gear shift is very good still.
  4. malinrocks

    i bought a peugeot 407 is it value for money

    u right freind.i will put euro producs.tnx.
  5. i bought a peugeot 407 is it value for money.its cost me 28 lacks and petrol 2230.and it is 2007.