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  1. Registration Charge is Rs. 18,800. If its 11 months old penalty of Rs. 6,000 extra. Personal imported vehicles you have to registered under the personal importer's name first and after the CR get printed you can transfer it to your name. Transfer charge based on the way you choose one day service or Normal.
  2. Is this Honda vehicle? I know one place in Kiribathgoda. Mostly they are handling European vehicles. Anyway I'll message you the contact details you just call them and see.
  3. Customs FOB value for the S-T grade is JPY 1,880,000.00 (Approx Rs. 3.1 mil). For the G-T grade customs value is JPY 2,080,000. (Approx Rs. 3,5 mil). Hence if the vehicle buying price is less than 3.5 mil, then there is no luxury tax. Lets say your vehicle CIF is JPY 2.2 mil (Approx Rs. 3,650,000), Then you have to pay Rs. 150,000 as luxury tax. According to the current exchange rate any vehicle CIF above JPY 2.1 mil subject to luxury tax. This is applicable for Allion Premio also.
  4. Steering spiral is now available at most car audio shops. Price starting from Rs. 7,500.00. Some places give 1 year warranty.
  5. I found this on the internet.
  6. This is the real auction sheet and the auction photos. Actually it's not an Auction grade 5 vehicle. When they are selling they can say any grade.
  7. This is just to get an idea about how it's going to be implemented. AFAIK this will come into effect after the next election. What they did was make the road clear. Now they can implement it at any time. Because this is related to the amendment of Finance act.
  8. If LC and Customs Declaration says "Brand New" and the vehicle mileage is less than 200 km, now there is a possibility to register it as "New". To get it done you need to obtain weight measurements certificate from Werahera. Otherwise they will register it as "Reconditioned". However if the vehicle is an uncommon model (Probably the first vehicle to the country), then you must obtain weight measurements certificate from werahara before proceed with the registration.
  9. From which country did you import it? Japan or some other country?
  10. No. You need to submit two photographs of your vehicle. Yes. 1-2 days. Following documents need to be submitted in order to proceed with the registrations at the RMV. * MTA 2 - Application for Registration of Motor Vehicle. * CUSDEC form exchange copy * Assessment Notice * Export Certificate and its English translation. * Certificate of Inspection (JEVIC, JAAI, BV, etc) * Original Permit ( If vehicle imported under a permit) * NIC or Driving licence copy * If the Address in the NIC and the Address to be registered is different, Address confirmation letter from "Grama Sewaka" certified by the AGA's office.
  11. This was the my experience I had about these inspection reports. Before I purchased my vehicle I took an inspection report from the same place. My main concern was an accident free vehicle. Hence I proceeded with the purchase. But before start using, I wanted to send it for service and have an idea about urgent repairs. This was the report I received from TL There were few things needs to be repaired urgently as per their report. (written in handwriting). Did all excluding brake pads thing and still using the vehicle without any issues. But it doesn't mean that earlier report was inaccurate. That's their inspection standards and better to be prepared for other repairs too.
  12. Mercedes Japan has launched the new E-Class powered by 1.5 L gasoline engine. The new GLB is powered by 1.3 L engine. According to the present tax structure it will be cheaper than the new Corolla.
  13. Prangi

    Axio warning

    Your are in "Meter Setting Mode". You can change it by using UP DOWN keys on your steering.
  14. I tried this app but it needs to make some payment to get a code. But you gave it for free.😀 Thanks... @Hyaenidae👍
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