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  1. Mahinda123

    Emission test report CO high.

    Hi, Thank you for reply again. I just attached carburetor picture for your review. According to report, for 2260RPM hydrocarbon (HC) values is 278, so I guess engine condition is good. One more thing I forgot to mention, year 2017 they had done some changes with CO and HC standard. New standard is, CO below 4 and HC below 6000 (before 2017 CO is 6 and HC is 9000) Regards, Mahinda
  2. Mahinda123

    Emission test report CO high.

    Dear all, Thank you for your prompt reply. I really appreciate your suggestions. Normally I don't give my motorbike to anyone for repairing, all repair and maintenance done by myself. Today I just removed the carburetor for cleaning but carb condition is good. This carburetor with a small petrol pump with a diaphragm. For a fast accelerate more petrol injecting to engine and fuel mixture is too rich (For a slow accelerate this petrol injecting diaphragm doesn't work). Today I just removed this mechanism (after removing small spring). And taken back to emission test and PASSED… CO value is 2.19 I saw previous day that guy accelerated very quickly more than 20 or 40 times. I guess, that was the reason for high CO rate. But some guys at testing centers do this job professionally. Spark plug not tested few years. I have to check spark plug too. One more thing, I removed all petrol too.. because bad smell like kerosene mix and filled 7 months before. Thanks, Mahinda.
  3. Mahinda123

    Emission test report CO high.

    Hi Experts, Please advice and share your suggestions regarding emission test report failure. I have aJapanese made Honda 250 motorbike. Past few years emission test passed without any failure but in this time Emission test was failed and showing CO rate as 4.35 for 2500 RPM. I don't use this motorbike frequently and from last emission test to this time done only 330 km Last time emission test report showing CO 1.73 and this time showing 4.35, I cannot understand why such considerable change for 330 km. Air filter condition is good and replaced around one year before. Thanks, Mahinda
  4. Dear Friends, I have 2 doubts that relate with Photos certify and vehicle number sticker. 1) To transfer vehicle papers to my name, I need to give 2 certified photos through Grama Niladhari of the area, a Justice of Peace or a staff grade government officer. Can I certify my photos through another province All Island JP , Is that valid ? 2) First owner not given motorbike number plate sticker to me. I am at another province and number plates need to be replacing after papers transfer. Without handover old sticker they will give new number plates to me , If they request old sticker what i have to do ? 3 ) Another small issue there no square block space to fill previous owner name and address with MTA6, can use extra space ? Please advice to me, Appreciate your help. Thanks. Mahinda.
  5. Mahinda123

    Vehicle transfer fees 2016

    Dear Crosswind, your reply with lot of information. Thank you very much for help. Jayanathkarunarathna , Gayanath and LancerL thank you very much. Really appreciate your knowledge sharing and your valuable time. I will go to Colombo that is the best solution. Thanks.
  6. Mahinda123

    Vehicle transfer fees 2016

    Dear friends, I need some help I am in UVA province, 2 years before I bought a used motorbike from Central province and he was the second owner. I kept documents as open papers and document transfer process still not done, Now I need to transfer motorbike ownership to my name. RMV web showing year 2013 fees, I guess in 2016 chargers are not same. If you are experience please help me on below Q 1) I need to know how much i have to pay for motorbike ownership transfer. ( Not one day service ) 2) 2 years I kept without transfer to my name, is there any penalty charges for that ?( but Insurance and revenue license taken using first owners name). 3) Number plates need to be replaced because I am in another providence, what is the procedure and fees for that. 4) DS office saying, now they not handle Vehicle Ownership Transfer Process and I have to go RMV office at Nrahenpita. Is there any options without go to Narahenpita office ? I try to call few days to Narahenpita office but phone always engage If can please share your experience. Thanks. Mahinda