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  1. Turboholic?

    Off Roading For Beginner

    Bro.. It's not good having a petrol engine jeep for offroading cuz .. it has spark plugs and a ecu.. if mud water leaks to your ecu that's it. If u go with a diesel engine those problems would not occour .. you can get a landcruiser or a petrol y60 or a y61. Those are beasts .. Turboholic.
  2. Turboholic?

    Toyota Passo (kgc30) Transmission "D" blinks.

    Yeh I too think that it could be some electrical fault cuz of mud..
  3. Turboholic?

    Toyota Passo

    Yeh I couldn't check it before I reply ..
  4. Turboholic?

    Toyota Passo

    Toyota passo is a very good car. The dihatsu engine on it was the best engine in 2009. But there our some issues in engine .. the main thing is that the engine wires, cuz of the vibration of the engine it disconnectes with components. The other thing is that the sound comming from the steering rack when you take curves in a high velocity. I myself use a Toyota passo for about 5 years now, yet it didn't have any major repair.