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  1. AJ84

    BMW 318i 2017 M Sport vs BMW 520D/520i

    if you think Audi Q2 is smaller, go for BMW 5 series. 3 series feels smaller when you sit inside.
  2. AJ84

    My first car

    8-10 max
  3. AJ84

    My first car

    Forget both and buy a WagonR considering your daily figures. You won't regret. I myself drove a N 16 and it would cost u more. FB 15 is too old. If you don't care about fuel economy, my first recommendation is an EU.
  4. Plan one trip to Kurunegala area and do some canvasing. You will definitely find one. Some individuals in Kurunegala area does this.
  5. AJ84

    Aqua won’t start

    Looks like immobilizer system malfunction. Check the battery of smart key. It might solve the problem. Also try disconnect and rr connecting 12V battery.
  6. AJ84

    Mobile tire repair service/guy

    Thanks. I have decided to do that actually. But it would be convenient as I am stuck in office with meetings. Thanks anyway for the suggestion.
  7. Guys Appreciate if you can let me know a mobile tire repair contact. Got a flat and unfortunately my spare also damaged when I checked. So need on site repair. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Cheers AJ
  8. AJ84

    Peugeot 406 2000 Automatic

    2.0L auto Colombo mixed max cons you can expect is 7.5Km/L. Highway it will go upto 12Km/L. 2002 model gearbox is better than 2000 I guess. no legit supporting statement though.
  9. AJ84

    Peugeot 406 2000 Automatic

    Search in forums for peugeot 406. you have all the information there.
  10. AJ84

    Buying a new car

    Buy a Kia Picanto. u will save some bucks too.
  11. File a complaint in Insurance Board and they will help to get you justice, I remember reading a similar thing here before. More info can be obtained from our fellow auto lankans as I do not know the exact info such as address and procedure.
  12. Does it have a rear wiper? Best is to turn it on. Consider changing the tint to more transparent level Drive with rear Defroster on
  13. Did you check the idle adjuster? I had the same issue and got rid of the same by fine tuning. Tech said it had something to do with Aircon and some kinda signal it sends through. Try accelarating to max and release it on P and see if engine stalls. If it is the case I guess u r having the same prob (most probably )
  14. AJ84

    Super diesel quality

    Hey bro, that's rude man. Let's give him some hints
  15. AJ84

    Importing a Dual Purpose Ute

    Hi Hermano Welcome to SL. If you are so reluctant on importing the vehicle yourself just ignore my suggestion. 1) a brand new Hilux can be bought here from a reputed seller (would rather not mention names here) for around LKR 10mil (may be lesser) without the hassle of considering duty. (If you are OK with a 15-20k Km on the clock used one, it will cost you only 50% of your budget) 2) Toyota agent support is available even you have bought it from another party. But most of repairs/services are paid. 3) Other than Hilux, with the routes you have mentioned, I suggest a Land Rover Defender which can be bought under LKR 10mil. Hope above helped you making a decision.
  16. AJ84

    Suggestions for a new car

    I assume few things from your reply above. 1) You are trying to grab attention of people by just posting here without true knowledge. 2) You have not maintained your N16 car regularly. As a result you got the false impression that all N16s are bad. 3) Your neighbour who own a Peugeot (these are my assumptions) does not know where is the right place to go for resonably priced spares and correct repairs. On top he might not be maintaining his car regularly (Neighbours are alike I guess ) Good luck with your future car usage and suggest to be more educated/experienced before putting comments in a place like this where lot of people with knowledge/experience. Hope you got the idea...
  17. AJ84

    Suggestions for a new car

    Can you elaborate your reasons for saying both N16 & Peugeot suck. Reason is my previous car was a N16 and present car is a Peugeot 406 which I love too much and doesn't give trouble except bad fuel economy. Personal experience of mine makes me challenge your opinion on both N16 & Peugeot.
  18. AJ84

    Hybrid battery cell replacement

    ***Admins pls remove if displaying names/numbers makes an issue*** Battery Can be replaced Cell by Cell 1) Call these numbers and get your 2&3 details expected Kaveen - Kohuwala - 0773781255 Marawila (I forgot the name- just call) - 0777792370
  19. AJ84

    Buy first car

    Hi Kal-El I do not recommend a 406 to a person who is looking at a 2mil budget. Even though it is priced under 2mil, maintenance will be challenging
  20. AJ84

    Buy first car

    Viva Elite is fine. But it is not comfortable in comparison to Japs. Honda City is also in your bracket but it is too considered not very good on fuel.
  21. AJ84

    Buy first car

    N16, Nissan March AK12 used options Kia Picanto, Perodua Axia, Micro Panda Cross new ones.
  22. Jag to Beemer never would be a downgrade in my views. However it is totally upto you to decide.
  23. I knew But this serves the purpose as what he expects from a E38. However higher px tag may chase him away.
  24. AJ84

    What is the best model of Toyota 121?

    sounds to me like, research on fuel economy and resell value rather than intending to buy.