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  1. Hellow Everyone, Can somebody tell me what the procedure for changing the registration of a car after converting from petrol to diesel. and the approximate cost of doing it. I know i should go to RMV but want to get an idea from any one before going. and by the way the car YOM is 94. new engine is a "2.4 3C turbo diesel". thanks in advance.
  2. no. its a engine swap for a toyota 94 car. (4VZFE)
  3. Hi. can someone please send me few places to buy a Toyota 3C turbo diesel engine with gearbox. i went to few but they dont have it. Im doing a conversion and in a bit of a hurry. thanks in advance
  4. yup. windom 2.5
  5. Thank you very much. Ill call him and see.
  6. Dear All, can somebody recommend me a genuine garage or a mechanic (who will not loot me ) for me to carry out some engine repairs and a good tune up. my car has a 2.5 V6 4VZ toyota 4-cam engine and lot of mechanics are not familiar with the setup. i searched the AL treads and couldn't find any. pls pm me if names cannot be published here. thanks in advance
  7. Oh. Ma bad. I ment manual.
  8. it is a windom. imported from japan. but the manual is from a lexus es 300. may be somewhere down the road original book was lost.
  9. Guys. I got the original book from the previous owner. And guess what. Its a lexuses es 300. minor diffrences. No cruse ctrl and no sky roof in my windom. Thanks for the help peeps.
  10. thanks mate. i will pm them. thanks again for the tip.
  11. cheers mate. ad is no longer there. i asked the previous owner to remove it. and there are no more windoms for sale. i heard that there are only 3 windoms in sl. have to verify the facts.
  12. yup. thats the one. it is a good old dog. people dont buy this coz of fuel. well I dont really care about that. it was my dream car from the childhood. saw one of those in a embassy when i was in school. saw this and bought it without second thoughts. does like 5 km per ltr. ya. i downloaded the repair service manual for es 300. but some of the specifications and diagrams are not matching. i'm trying to replace all the bad parts my self. hope it will work out. thanks for the info.
  13. will do today after i go home..
  14. Hello Everyone, please send me a link to download the manual of TOYOTA Windom sedan (1994 2.5 V6). engine is 4VZ-FE 2.5 V6 . i searched but couldn't find any. thanks
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