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  1. It's not a major issue as compared to the noise. I had it checked, it's the column that rubs against its housing. There is no issue with the rack end. The noise comes and goes every once in a while in mine. Nothing much to worry about! Cheers.
  2. Hey Prasad, I took it to Sterling Aftercare as one of the other members had recommended. They took a look at it, and the actual noise is coming from the steering column than the rack itself. They removed the column from inside the driver's side, and what they could make of it was that it needs replacing, and what they understood is when the column turns it grinds a little with the steering column covering. They lubricated the column, and told that it might fix it, or it might come again, and probably with time it'll wear off the area that it grinds and it'll stop making the noise. However after they put together the whole thing back, it didn't make any noise until a week or so, and now I rarely hear it sometimes. Bottomline is I chose to ignore it as I don't see replacing the part isn't going to fix it if it's a dimensional issue on the steering column they make. I've uploaded a pic of the part (steering column) i'm referring to. Regards.
  3. Hi, I also have started experiencing the same problem. The noise started at around 4600+ Kms. Was anybody able to find what causes this and what the repair is like?
  4. Hi all, For all who might find the below helpful. Cheers! Instrument cluster translation from Japanese to English: Download - user manual: http://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/owners_manual/files/2_99011-52R02_20170906035005.pdf
  5. It's a mild hybrid. It has idling stop which turns off the engine when you're in traffic and not moving. And when you cruise at a constant speed. But if you step lightly on the gas it does around 12-15 km/pl in city.
  6. Hi, I don't have much understanding on the RST model, but the Swift RS hybrid gives a really good driving pleasure for its kind. And if you step lightly, you can get around a 12-15 km/pl in the city if you're concerned on the fuel economy.
  7. Hi, I would also like to know the experience from anyone here who uses it.
  8. @sathyajithj99 Yes I am the first owner here in SL although the car had close to 30k mileage when I got it in 2010. I've been changing the fluid every 35-40k. Never ran it without changing it past 40. Tough luck.
  9. @Twin Turbo I couldn't take it to Toyota yet, but I spoke to one of their engineers through a friend of mine who works there, and I was told the same story that it is most likely the CVT tranny that fails which needs to be replaced. According to him the reason why CVT fails is that the type of stop-and-go traffic that the gearbox experiences in SL causes much damage to the system over time which then fails the gearbox after some time. :/
  10. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="hrm" data-cid="292539" data-time="1463730217"><p> Did you do a diagnostic scan to find any DTCs? seems like car is running on limp mode.</p></blockquote> Yes I did. No errors are prompting.
  11. Hi All, Need some advice from the experts here regarding a possible gearbox failure in my NZT260 Toyota Allion (1NZ-FE). Couple of days back when I was on the way and fortunately closer to my home the car started to rev high up when accelerating and started experiencing a huge power loss to the wheels. I got home and I have kept the car in place till today without moving it to prevent any further damage. So basically the car engages the Drive mode and when accelerating the car barely moves (does not get past 20 km/h) but the engine revs high up. Only reverse is working without any loss of power. No noise or any cranking is heard from the tranny. Mechanics suggest that it is a common failure in CVT type transmissions in Toyotas' and it cannot be repaired, but replaced the whole transmission in full. All the maintenance have been done through Toyota Lanka and CVT transmission oil was replaced at the recommended intervals right throughout (CVT oil was changed in the last service as well). Toyota Lanka says the part is more than 900k, but recons are around 175k the least. The car has close to 186k mileage. Has anyone else running similar transmission experienced this? Is it possible to repair? If it has to be replaced, any tips on buying the part, replacement? Value all your ideas regarding this Regards.
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