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  1. TBN86

    Low idle in allion 260

    I did emission test and here is the result. 2nd testvresult is 2017 one.when compare to the 2017 one idle rpm is low in recent one Sent from my SM-G955F using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  2. TBN86

    Low idle in allion 260

    Hi Last week i went to the TL and they after the check they said no issue with can.600 is normal and better to change the fuel filter.Normaly after 120k kms they recommend to change it.If rpm is getiing lower than 600 and engine is going to stop need to check and change air fuel sensor
  3. TBN86

    Low idle in allion 260

    Thanks davy.vibration is comung when N position also. What can be the reason for car stoped in traffic at that time idle come to around 200 and stopped engine.This happens only one time.is there any thing related to selenoid valve. Sent from my SM-G955F using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  4. TBN86

    Low idle in allion 260

    Thatnks davy Yes.currently there no errors and check engine lights. Aftrr the tune up.ran around 1500km.after the change i did not drive the car.change throttle body.then start and keep some time (around 15mins) . Currently also cold start start like you said.start around 1500 and few minute drop to to 600 with warmup the engine Sent from my SM-G955F using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  5. Hi. Im using allion 260 2011 model and it done around 136000 km. Im experience some low vibration and idle RPM is 600 with and without AC. Recently I have done the engine tune-up in ASNU LANKA(Ultrasonic injector clean).Before tune-up there was a rough idle error in scanning report. After the tune-up it was ok.But still idle RPM is same.After one month I went to same place and scan the car and no errors in report. Technician suggest to check the throttle body. (Use testing throttle body.) Still RPM same with new throttle body. After that they suggest to go to agent and check the AC solenoid valve. Next week I plan to go there. Any suggestion for this problem? Before 1 year earlier I have replace the battery and battery remove without providing supply to car. With AC- Without AC -
  6. TBN86

    Engine tune up for allion 260 2011

    Normally i do service at auto miraj for every 4500km.last time i did not changed the air filter.
  7. TBN86

    Engine tune up for allion 260 2011

    Thanks.but with AC on some rpm remain 600.i will check engine mounts because still use orginal mounts
  8. TBN86

    Engine tune up for allion 260 2011

    I went to auto miraj and changed the plugs and done the EFI tune up because plugs has to change.but still RPM is 600 when P and srop in the D.still very small vibration.when car stop (break) in traffic after 10 - 15s rpm come to 600.at that time start the small vibration.there is no jerk when drive the car.fuel consumption 9-10 in traffic and 17 - 20 in highway.current millage is 130k.i want to know is this normal or any other problem?
  9. TBN86

    Engine tune up for allion 260 2011

    Sorry.mistake.600 Sent from my [device_name] using http://AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  10. I want to do the engine tune up for allion 260 2011 model.Currently idle RPM is 6000 of my car and also have small vibration on idle mode. Can you suggest good place for do the engine tune up and average cost for this?
  11. TBN86

    AC warning in Allion 260

    Ok.can inknow good AC service centre contact details
  12. TBN86

    AC warning in Allion 260

    I have allion 260 2011 model . currently it dome 120k kilometres.recently i have scanned my car and got one AC system warning .That peraon told me that there might be solar sensor problem in car.but when running i dont feel any problem in AC system.it is working fine.Plz explain me what could be the issue? What is the solar sensor And also how frequently need to service AC compressor?
  13. TBN86

    Buy Allion 260 2011 models.

    Thank Davy And IRage for your comments.But i heard that CVT gear box failure in allion 260 models.Is it common for all allion 260 models?
  14. Hi guys. Im going to buy Toyota Allion 2011 model.Total millage is around 110k genuine millage because all the records available with owner.It is first owner permit imported car without multi-function. Price around 4.9 million.My only concern is the millage. Appreciate if can you share your suggestion.
  15. TBN86

    Allion 240

    Thank. Im also consider that.What is worth sedan model for that kind of price?