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    Carina 212 Ti

    Currently I'm using a carina ( AT212 1997 ) for more than 3 years. Never had an issue in the middle of the road up to now. Once overheated due to a bad radiator hose. Whatever the car you buy, you have to maintain and repair on time. Had to overhaul engine, replaced steering rack, changed the radiator, replaced some suspension parts. Car is now is a great condition and worth the money.
  2. Hi All, I just need to clarify following fact. According to some guys, engine bay color and body color is different in original factory paint. I have personally seen this difference. I have also seen some cars with same color in engine bay and body, but owners strongly claim that the paint is factory original. Can someone please explain me what is this color difference in engine bay and body ? Is this something depend on manufacturer and model or body color in engine bay cars are re-painted ? One of my friend told me not to buy a car with engine bay painted in body color. Is this a myth or true. Any advice would be helpful as i'm planning to buy a used car. Thanks a lot.
  3. dev89

    Toyota carina idle rpm issue

    Update... Found that TPS is bad and replaced it with a reconditioned one. No rpm issues anymore. Thanks everyone for the help.
  4. dev89

    Toyota carina idle rpm issue

    1300 RPM with AC off. If I start when hot without AC, rpm is around 800. If I turn on the AC, RPM settles around 850. Actually a very small difference. Now it's more than 750km after the tuneup.
  5. dev89

    Toyota carina idle rpm issue

    Yes, cleaned the throttle body, injectors, fuel pump etc. That's why I was thinking about an ECU issue. Even if the throttle is stuck, how come the issue get fixed after restarting the car ( when hot).
  6. dev89

    Toyota carina idle rpm issue

    Performed an engine tuneup a week ago. Changed the air filter and the plugs as well.
  7. Hi All, My car is having a strange idling issue and the exact problem is as follows. After starting the car (when it is cold), rpm settles around 1300 and rpm doesn't get lower after engine got to the operating temperature. No matter how long the car runs, it stays around 1300. Few weeks ago this system was working fine. cold start rpm was around 1300 and after few mins it settles around 800-700. Now it doesn't work like that, but if I turn off the car and start it again when hot, then rpm settles around 800. If I leave the car for few hours to cool down and then start it, again rpm get stuck around 1300. So the issue is cold start rpm get stuck around 1300 and it doesn't get lower unless restart the car. If I restart the car when it is hot, then rpm settles around 800. Is this could be a possible ECU failure ? Any expert ideas ? Toyota Carina Ti 1997 MT ( 220000 kms ) Thanks in advance.
  8. From Asgiriya.. And car is Carina AT212
  9. Hi,, Does anyone know any good place to check all the suspension parts and repair those in Kandy area ? A reliable mechanic with good knowledge ? Thanks